Dissenter's Deliverance


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Dissenter's Deliverance


Destroy target artifact.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Dissenter's Deliverance Discussion

BonVoyYawg on I'm Invincible!

4 days ago

ACDAMAN - it's been weird honestly. Manglehorn has seen some play from me still, the biggest threats that validate Manglehorn are Gearhulks and Vehicles like Heart of Kiran. Additionally, it was essential for a matchup against a B/W Aristocrat deck using Hidden Stockpile as all those servos lose a bit of their value coming in tapped. And to a much lesser extent, it may force your opponents hand with Walking Ballistas in that they'll have to prefire their counters before WB gets destroyed, or you'll at least force it to come in tapped.

Either way, I think the Gearhulks and Vehicles are still enough of a threat to justify Manglehorn and the main reason to keep Manglehorn over Dissenter's Deliverance is to keep a 2/2 creature on the board that can be pumped by and in return activate our Rhonas the Indomitable in a pinch.

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

1 week ago

Also, Dissenter's Deliverance seems like a great choice, since artifact destruction spells can sometimes be dead cards, but it's hard for me to get behind Harmonize.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Uril's Revenge

1 week ago

@theindigoeffect: I assume your directing this at me.

I'd guess Braids of Fire is for storm, but I don't really see it in any cEDH decks probably because it's too slow.

Ya...I misread a lot of cards. Both Reap and Braids of Fire are no go in your deck, as Emzed correctly pointed out.

It depends on my opener, but Sigarda is usually faster than most decks in my meta. I have not really had any issues with wrath effects aside from Cyclonic Rift and Toxic Deluge. I can usually kill at least one player before someone finds an answer. I get that our meta's are different, but I'm pretty confused about the amount of variance you're experiencing. Are you just keeping hands with a bunch of ramp and no action or running out Uril recklessly? The only other major difference that I can think of is that you're only going to run 2 hate effects - Teeg & Abolisher - compared to my 7 (Null Rod, Stony Silence, Hushwing Gryff, Torpor Orb, Gaddock Teeg, Grand Abolisher, and Nevermore). Not only do these slow my opponents down, but also require an answer which now can't be used on Sigarda or her respective auras. You may to consider rebalancing your hate and ramp.

You may also want to include Harmonize, even at 4 cmc maintaining card advantage is vital. This is why I'm even testing Dissenter's Deliverance too.

I've been happy with Fertile Ground. It's always been reasonable to cast and more difficult to remove than a creature, but I agree Utopia Sprawl shouldn't be in your deck.

The issue with Serra's Sanctum is that a majority of your enchants are aura's, so the card is dead unless you have an established Uril. I tested Sanctum twice and cut it both times. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx has worked out much better. It shouldn't be that different for you since your deck is pretty much W/G with a red splash.

Keep in mind that it took me 6 months to get to a point at which Sigarda was consistently performing in my meta. It's all about testing cards and finding what works best. My deck should be a good template, but there will always be meta dependent choices to make. For example, Choke sounds like it would work better than Nevermore for your particular meta since blue is such an issue.

EpicFreddi on Nissa's Fort - NO BOYS ALLOWED

1 week ago

With Marvel out of the Format, I think you could go down on Dissenter's Deliverance. Still a good card against Vehicles, but I think a 4-off is too much.

StriderHaryu on How to kill your opponent in 1/1 easy step!

1 week ago

Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately, the mana base problems seem to be here to stay; Blooming Marsh is $7.00+ at my LGS, and Concealed Courtyard is $8.00+, and I can't seem to get anyone to hire me. :P

Your comment about Dissenter's Deliverance is one I hadn't considered, but I think I will now. I think I'll try to keep Forsake the Worldly, however, because it deals with Always Watching . There are, sadly, 2 Exert decks in the FNM meta where I live, and both of them are way too fast for me, usually.

If possible, do you still consider Fortified Village to be worth it? Or would I need to add more green spells, sich as the Nissa, Voice of Zendikar you suggested?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Cragon18 on How to kill your opponent in 1/1 easy step!

1 week ago

Nice deck! I love Tokens so this deck is right up my alley. I think your list is pretty good overall, but needs some tweaking. When I did sole playtesting on here I had a terrible time getting an untapped source to cast your one drops. Could just be bad draws on tappedout, but it seemed to be a problem. If you can spring for it I'd invest in some Blooming Marsh or even some Fortified Village. I personally think 2 Blighted Fen is too many in a 3 color deck. Trim that to one and add an additional plains or forest.

Unless your meta has a lot of enchantments, I'd swap Forsake the Worldly for Dissenter's Deliverance. It hits many of the relevant cards, aetherworks marvel, torrential gearhulk etc..and cycles for only 1 many when it isn't needed. Graveyard recursion isn't very prevalent for artifacts so that benefit isn't worth the additional mana.

I am personally not a big fan of the Lost Legacy type cards. Your deck should be focused on one thing, making Tokens and putting pressure on your opponent. Your turn 3 should not be spent naming a card, but putting out more threats that affect the board. It's ok to have 1 or two in the board, but you have 5 such effects between your main board and your sideboard. I'd rather see something like a Nissa, Voice of Zendikar or some additional token generators. In the 3 drop slot. I hope this helps and Happy Brewing!

No2rious on Selesnya Stomp

1 week ago

bellz76, thanks for the comment. I will deffinatally have to look into those and where I can fit them.

I am on the fence about Unbridled Growth, but it would have helped out when I was top decking.

I did find out this weekend that I was weak against tokens. I was able to go to my side board and use Dissenter's Deliverance to slow them down enough for me to get a win.

I am thinking of adding in something to blink my cards. I had some times when I could have really used Renegade Rallier or Hidden Herbalists revolt to finish the game.

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