Finale of Eternity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Mythic Rare

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Finale of Eternity


Destroy up to three target creatures with toughness X or less. If X is 10 or more, return all creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Finale of Eternity Discussion

googol87 on Chandra's Burning Control

1 month ago

moxxem yeah it seems to be much removal, but this is also the core of the deckidea, so I don't think that I will reduce them. Finale of Eternity worked quite well for me, like removing 3 small creatures, or something comparable. Most of the time I got the mana to do so and Cry of the Carnarium did not work, because most decks I see, use creatures with thoughness 1 or 3+ and I can cover that with other cards, while Cry of the Carnarium is dead in my hand. And as I don't focus on faceburn, I can on only trigger spectacle with Ill-Gotten Inheritance and Chandra, Awakened Inferno most of the time. So Drill Bit etc. seem to be nice, but won't work smooth for me... |||||||||||||||||||||||||--------------> The biggest problem of this deck seems to be, that I can't do anything about enchantments. Maybe I will have to change that after including Theater of Horrors .

moxxem on Chandra's Burning Control

1 month ago

googol87, with such amount of removal (26 cards) I suggest you to replace a couple of them with Theater of Horrors . Does Finale of Eternity really work good in this deck, so you'll never use its "X is 10 or more" ability and toghness is very often a bad criteria, because you will need to pay around 7 mana to deal with creatures which are not afraid of Ritual of Soot . I would also put 2 copies of Lava Coil and 1 copy of Lightning Strike to a sideboard, because you won't actually need them each match-up. Also I recommend you to put 2-3 copies of Drill Bit and 2 copies of Cry of the Carnarium in your sideboard (first one do very well against control decks). By the way, you could also try Rix Maadi Reveler for some draw.

dragonstryke58 on "finale of eternity" was used ...

2 months ago

Please link all cards in your question using double brackets.

Finale of Eternity

Cabal Paladin

Finale of Eternity is not affected by Cabal Paladin 's triggered ability. The trigger ability cares if a historic spell is cast. A historic spell is any artifact, legendary, or saga spell. Finale of Eternity is not historic.

700.6. The term historic refers to an object that has the legendary supertype, the artifact card type, or the Saga subtype.

Even if Finale of Eternity was a historic spell, you are correct in assuming that it would not cause Cabal Paladin to trigger because the spell was already cast and is in the process of resolution.

701.4. Cast

  • 701.4a To cast a spell is to take it from the zone it’s in (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect. A player may cast a spell if they have priority. See rule 601, “Casting Spells.”
  • 701.4b To cast a card is to cast it as a spell.

Enral on The Fateshifter | **PRIMER**

3 months ago

InutilisVisEst: I've pre-ordered most of the cards I needed to make the update. There will be more trimming and streamlining since both sets provide a ton of new toys. I'm trying not to dabble much into planeswalkers as I already have a superfriends deck and wanna keep this as more of a etb-creature valuetown deck. Cards I'm looking at are:

I will be updating the list as soon as I'm done brainstorming and playtesting with the new cards.

bula on

4 months ago

RobsJourney not yet, the deck is still sorta developing, I reckon it's about 90% finished, still considering what cards to add. It's either more flavour, more proliferate and/or more planeswalkers and planeswalker protection. Cards I can see removing are Thief of Sanity , Murderous Cut , Mana Geode and Finale of Eternity . I'm still thinking of what to add though.

Langass on No Pain No Gain - Vilis, Griselbrand's Brother

4 months ago

so excited about War of the Spark, I am definitely going to be putting some of them in the deck. Definite inclusions are:

Liliana's Triumph for its amazing value and obvious increased value with the two Liliana planeswalkers I run.. and I LOVE THE ARTWORK

Ob Nixilis's Cruelty as a poor man's Dismember

Aid the Fallen for more recursion

Kaya's Ghostform to get more value out of my planeswalkers or protect my creature mana doublers

Command the Dreadhorde cause how couldn't I run it?!

Dreadhorde Invasion very akin to Bitterblossom, thanks for the chump blocker or big boi!

Finale of Eternity triple creature destruction + with the mana this deck gets me I will often hit the X=10 to get any creatures from my graveyard back, I think sooooooooo!

Bolas's Citadel I really like this card, though I am unsure how it will perform in this deck

Davriel's Shadowfugue I also really like this card, though the 4 mana isn't amazing value

Liliana, Dreadhorde General hmm, she is very good, clearly - but I am unsure. She can pair well with a lot of my cards and at least always gives me a 2/2 each turn with passive card draw, but I can't help but feel I won't get her maximum potential without running a more creature heavy deck.

Massacre Girl amazing commander in my opinion, also a 5 mana potential creature wipe depending on the board state, I think I will include her, but I am more excited about other cards.

Toll of the Invasion another interesting card. Can definitely perform well once an opponent is tutoring for wincons, and the amass is a nice inclusion.

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