Settle the Score


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Settle the Score


Exile target creature. Put two loyalty counters on a planeswalker you control.

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Settle the Score Discussion

zAzen7977 on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies M19)

1 week ago

SirChris39 and Zazmage, thanks for your comments and +1!

Zazmage, sounds like you and I are on the same page. I think this self-mill variant is is both more resilient and mana-efficient than a straightforward lord-based zombie build.

I'm still not sold on Phylactery Lich. Losing an artifact and Lich to a single artifact-hate spell is pretty rough.

You're right about Lost Legacy, I'm actually already running two on the sideboard for the reasons you mentioned.

OldScarecrow, regarding matchups, I haven't played Standard in a long time, so I'm out of the loop. I've tried to design the sideboard to help against general deck types. Against control, Duress and Desecrated Tomb, and Liliana's Mastery if you go up against heavy removal. Against weenie/ramp/mirror, bring in Yahenni's Expertise and Settle the Score. Against burn, bring in Battle at the Bridge.

Enral on Mach ₱ⱤØⱠł₣ɆⱤ₳₮Ɇ Wieder Großartig (ṩüṗệŕḟŕïệńďṩ)

1 month ago

HighOnBuffs: I only had one game with this deck since my update. Settle the Score surprised me a lot. I'm able to surprise the table by ultimating Tamiyo, Field Researcher when she was at 5 loyalty and everyone thought they have several turns to deal with her. This eventually won me that game. I haven't had the chance to draw the other new cards yet to come to any conclusion. But settle is definitely a good card when you're able to stick a walker in play, if not its just an overcosted removal.

zAzen7977 on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies M19)

1 month ago

Thanks cdogdakilla! I appreciate your comments. It's been years since I've played Standard and I do not have a grasp of the entire meta yet.

You bring up great points about exiling creatures. I'm going to swap some stuff around to mainboard Never and sideboard Settle the Score.

My conflict is whether to mainboard Desecrated Tomb. It helps in the long run, but in the short run removal may be more useful. I'll think about it.

cdogdakilla on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies M19)

1 month ago

I don't know how your LGS meta is, but if I were you I would put Settle the Score in just because it exiles instead of destroys. Exiling gets rid of a plethora of tricky threats like Rekindling Phoenix and The Scarab God.

I would also consider mainboarding more hard removal. Fatal Push is great, but it's not gonna save you from late game bombs if the zombies don't curve out early game. So no matter if you decide on Never or Settle the Score I think either one could find a place in the mainboard. Possibly consider moving Desecrated Tomb to the sideboard for the midrange matchups?

Of course I don't know how your testing is going, so maybe you don't need any of this advice, but these are just my thoughts.

zAzen7977 on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies M19)

1 month ago

Thanks Morthius! Stitcher's Supplier can be risky because it discards lands and Lilianas, and its really up to you whether you think the risk is worth it. Also the Suppliers should be played and sac'd when the time is right. Ultimately Bone Dragon is there to use up any useless cards in the graveyard.

Apocalypse Demon is interesting but I'm trying to stick to zombies and skeletons only.

Settle the Score is also interesting with Liliana, but I'm keeping it as a maybe for now. Never and Return are a better fit because of Return's Aftermath ability.

Morthius on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies M19)

1 month ago

Nice deck +1! I think Stitcher's Supplier is very "risky" card. You can also lose your Liliana, Untouched By Death easily with this card. Do you thought about Apocalypse Demon? You can use the cards in your graveyard and you can easily sacrifice Reassembling Skeleton or Dread Wanderer every turn. Settle the Score is also a nice remover and can push your liliana, death's majesty easily to 7 or 8 and clear the board.

Rhadamanthus on Monoblack reanimator

1 month ago

I haven't played Standard in well over a year, but I'll do my best:

  • If you're concerned with Approach, more hand disruption might help, as well as more early plays to get some extra damage in. 1-2 copies of Unburden could be useful, and Miasmic Mummy pulls double duty
  • Against aggro, more early plays will help. I recommend Miasmic Mummy again since it can block an early creature and pre-emptively stop a future play. I also recommend upping the count of Fatal Push
  • Adding more cheap creatures also provides more ammo for Whisper, Blood Liturgist if you decide you want to have another copy of her for more consistency
  • Settle the Score doesn't do enough to help your plan to justify how slow it is. Replace it with more copies of Fatal Push and/or Vraska's Contempt
  • Gilded Lotus doesn't seem to help your plan at all. I think you'd be much better off replacing them with more Swamps. That will help you hit your land drops more consistently and makes Cabal Stronghold slightly better
  • Replace Soul Salvage with Wander in Death as a straight upgrade, just in case you get into a situation where you need some other card more than the normal effect
  • Taking out The Eldest Reborn and Duress will weaken your options against Teferi decks and other control decks, so consider that issue before doing it
  • Morbid Curiosity and Fortuitous Find don't do anything for you. Take them out of the sideboard
  • Is there a specific deck that makes you want to include Dispossess in the board? If not, consider taking it out

magicsheep on grixis amulet

2 months ago

Great deck and sideboard...

Have you considered Baral, Chief of Compliance? Frankly, I think it would be a great card to make all of your instant/sorcery spells cheaper and would be a great addition.

Vraska's Contempt is generally better than Settle the Score, and in an aggressive meta like yours the lifegain is probably better than the ability to place two loyalty counters on Jaya (if you have her).

Disallow might be an interesting replacement/substituion to the Supreme Will, for countering pesky Goblin Chainwhirlers (once again, in an aggressive meta).

I really like the lack of creatures here, as that could actually be a benefit against aggressive decks that use cards like Goblin Chainwhirler to make your board literal hell.

Creative deck, I'm curious to see how it evolves over time!


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