Dread Summons


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) None
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare

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Dread Summons


Each player puts the top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard. For each creature card put into a graveyard this way, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

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Dread Summons Discussion

GaryofAshpodel on Kill,Mill,and Steal

1 month ago

Disclaimer from someone who has built Mill decks for EDH before: It is very difficult to do. It is harder to assault every person's deck than it is to assault there life. This is because bringing someone's life total to zero is something that everyone is trying to do, and so you do not have to do that alone. But when it comes to mill, you are the only person doing it. It doesn't make you many (if any) allies because you're playing a completely different win strategy than everyone else.

All of this being said, there are some great cards for Mill that can let you accomplish this goal. Since almost everyone will be losing life anyways, play Mindcrank. This card goes infinite with Duskmantle Guildmage (if going infinite is the sort of thing you're into). Want to make sure you hit everyone with a mill effect? Play Mind Grind. Want to make sure you keep your opponents on their toes as you do all of this, as well as make some friends from time to time? Play wheel effects (cards that make everyone discard their hand and draw new cards).

Other good cards to mill everyone are Shared Trauma, Dread Summons, and Consuming Aberration.

When looking for helpful cards, two sites I go to frequently are EDHRec and SmileyLich. The first website lets you know what most people will typically play with your commander. In your case, I recommend looking at commanders under the Dimir section as well as your commander, since Dimir typically wins with mill. Also, Nekusar's page has a lot of those wheel effects I mentioned. The second website has a table with a bunch of keywords, and when you click on one of those keywords a bunch of Magic cards show up that are related to the effect you are looking for.

Good luck with the mill deck!

bigblue32123 on Phenax's Milling Machine

1 month ago

Sorry I had thought I saw you mention a combo between Bitter Ordeal and Traumatize but that was somebody else. There are a lot more combos that intruder alarm works with than just alchemist though, but most of them work much better with at least the elixir. For example it performs very well with Rise of the Dark Realms, Dread Summons, and other such cards that animate lots of minions at once. It also has some nice synergy with King Macar, the Gold-Cursed if you can get some creatures out. I'd also advise against running cards like Increasing Confusion that mill as a single use spell. You can get a lot more use out of creatures that like Hover Barrier that can function as a early blocker and as mill later in the game. They are also a lot more mana efficient with Hover Barrier milling for six the first time with the option to use it again for only 3 mana, compared to the one to one mill to mana use of x cost mill spells and the limitation of only milling once. Another upside of the creature alternative is the synergy with Intruder Alarm. One thing to keep in mind if you do end up running Undead Alchemist is that he will only exile eldrazi titans if they are put into the graveyard on your opponent's turn. Let me know if you end up trying any of these out and how they worked for you, I've been finding them pretty effective in my Phenax deck so I'm curious what other people think.

SlavicGhaespar on Liliana, A discarding Disgrace

2 months ago

One great card came to mind. I used to run it, but my deck is a bit different, and since you run lots of zombies it could be great. Dread Summons. Oh, and Lord of the Accursed and Ammit Eternal could come in handy :)

mikeintosh on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

2 months ago

Funny thing, Torment of Hailfire turned out to be that strong so our playgroup banned it within lower Tier commanders. Do I guess I am back at Dread Summons

MegaMatt13 on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

2 months ago

man1ac: totally agree with you on your assessment of Endless Ranks of the Dead. My experience has been it's extremely slow. It's a shame because it certainly is on theme.

I'm not sure I agree about Dread Summons though. Even in the example you gave it performed quite well. The point of it isn't just to create zombie tokens, but also to put more creatures in graveyards for reanimation. In your example it gave you 4 zombie tokens and 4 more creatures in graves that could be reanimated with Scarab God. Not bad.

mikeintosh on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

2 months ago

Hey guys

@baddkaarma here's the link: thingverse

@man1ac Totally agree about Endless Ranks of the Dead, very underwhelming card in the deck. Also Dread Summons underperformed. If you play against spell decks, it's pretty dead card. I'll run Rewind instead. 5-6 counterspells feel about right. Also Torment of Hailfire might be a good card in the spot. You either kill your opponents or make them discard and sacrifice permanents, hopefuly creatures you can eternelize later.

PeacePidgey on

2 months ago

you removed Pathbreaker Ibex? it's such an awesome card, especially with avenger of zendikar. you should rather remove Tribute to the Wild , Altar's Reap , Dread Summons , Barter in Blood

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