Tainted Remedy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare

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Tainted Remedy


If an opponent would gain life, that player loses that much life instead.

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Tainted Remedy Discussion

skinnyminny123 on Healer's Revenge

1 day ago

Alms Beast is an ok card. With it costing 4 mana and it being a 6/6, it does grant the player the ability to have it's creatures gain lifelink. Which is something you don't want. I would say to replace it with something else but it has the capability to do a great combo with Tainted Remedy. Here's some suggestions. Cliffhaven Vampire Drana's Emissary Archangel of Thune and Felidar Sovereign

Rowsdower on ~They'll Bend the Knee or I'll Destroy Them~

3 days ago

I feel like Tainted Remedy could have a place here.

Skywatch on Prototype - Black Life Matters

3 days ago

Umm, IAMtheBW Tainted Remedy doesnt effect its controller.

IAMtheBW on Prototype - Black Life Matters

4 days ago

I like the deck! Here are a few things I would change

1: If your heart is set on Knight tribal with Haakon, consider a way to get Haakon into your graveyard to utilize him to his maximum effectiveness! Command Beacon is a wonderful card to do this. Vanquisher's Banner also provides a nice buff to your whole team

2: If you're maybe not feeling Knight tribal and want to focus purely on life-gain/loss, Erebos, God of the Dead is definitely the one you want. Shuts off your opponents' lifegain and allows you to turn life into cards!

3: Greed is your friend, as is Tainted Remedy if you remove the life-gain effects.

Hope this helps!

ClockworkSwordfish on Kambal EDH

1 week ago

You should probably aim for Tainted Remedy rather than False Cure. It can be tricky leaving the mana open rather than being able to just fire and forget.

Since your deck's aiming for a long, grindy game, you might be interested in cards like Treasury Thrull, Phyrexian Reclamation, Phyrexian Arena, Debtors' Knell, Emeria Shepherd, Blind Obedience and the like.

Philoctetes on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

4 weeks ago

Hey Emensmansera - thanks for the suggestions! I think that Tainted Remedy, while certainly an interesting card, isn't necessarily what this iteration of Licia is trying to do. Temporal Extortion I do find interesting, but it is somewhat difficult to cast and oftentimes just domes someone for a bunch of damage which feels just OK. Kambal, Consul of Allocation would be totally sweet if it was a spells matters effect that let us trigger it, but I think as is it is a little more incremental than this particular list wants to be. Sorin Markov is super sweet, and definitely makes killing our foes trivial, but the deck has limited room for high drops. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hey SurpriZe! That's an excellent question, and a well put question that really got me thinking. I think the mana base is probably the furthest off from the ideal case - I would of course include ABRU Duals if I owned them, for one thing, and likewise would include probably 5 total fetches if I had access to Marsh Flats and Arid Mesa. Most importantly, I would include Fetid Heath and Rugged Prairie filter lands that can filter black or red into white, because they would significantly improve our combo turns with that capability. I would also consider adding a Maze of Ith, as I've always felt that defensive "spells" in land slots is a powerful way to hold down the fort.

I think that most would make the argument that this deck needs more tutors. Diabolic Intent might fit, although the creature count is low which can be challenging. The one tutor I would strongly consider is Imperial Seal, otherwise I personally like playing somewhat tutor light.

Lion's Eye Diamond also comes to mind as an obvious inclusion now that Yawgmoth's Will is in the deck. I suppose that at it's very worst it can enable a turn 4 Licia at the cost of our hand.

Ultimately, this deck is evolving pretty much every week. I've never had a more challenging deck building experience than trying to tune this storm list. I'm sure that in a month there will be another 10 cards coming in and out of the deck.

Emensmansera on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

1 month ago

Think about putting in a Tainted Remedy or a Temporal Extortion? Also Kambal, Consul of Allocation, and, hehe, Sorin Markov would br a fun addition.

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