Tainted Remedy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare

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Tainted Remedy


If an opponent would gain life, that player loses that much life instead.

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Tainted Remedy Discussion

YellaFeva on You Have How Much Life?!?!?!

3 weeks ago

Nice deck! I would suggest Tainted Remedy because it combos with Beacon of Immortality for a one shot kill and it also shuts down any life gain opponents have.

Redace878 on If I have Rain of ...

3 weeks ago

TheRedMage is right, but if you want to do that, I would use Tainted Remedy.

kamarupa on Listerine

1 month ago

cool skywatcher! I actually stumbled across the idea in a three player game in which an opponent put a Tainted Remedy out and I was able to use my lifegain to strike the other opponent. That said, I'm not the first to explore this concept. I think people usually run more black.

munky702 on You have HOW much life? I don't think so.

1 month ago

I think as a sideboard idea Tainted Remedy would fit comfortably somewhere in here.. Suggestion only

Snickles@EDH_only on Mogis Trigger

1 month ago

recommend Smoke and Crawlspace. pretty cheap for massive payoff. Subversion or other extort cards work pretty well with this type of deck - I would cut out some of the anti-life gain though, as it hits you. erebos and Tainted Remedy would be enough in most decks. lastly, since you seem to run alot of artifacts, could I reccomend Underhanded Designs? it's a drain source that triggers off artifacts, and doubles as a kill spell mid to late game.

Barberini85 on Death by pain

1 month ago

venok I have thought about Palace Siege and after seen how effect Tainted Remedy is against my Pain & Life i think it might be a good idea, though very few players in the group i noramlly play with gain life in that high a quatity but i will keep it in mind and see how the decks i play against do with the life gain.

NV_1980 thank you for comment. its the type of comment i find usful as i stuggle to find cards to take out for the ones that have been sudjested. i definalty like the idea of Pariah's Shield. With Waste Not i can see where it has its uses but as im not primeraly making players discard cards i belive it will have a limited effect. Bloodchief Ascension on the other hand can be very effective early on thanks for the idea.

Bou on EDH Licia, Gladii, Sanguis, Valeria Victrix

1 month ago

I've been trying to cut cards for the past +-4 hours now, and I just now realized.. this deck would be so much better if I focused on soldiers instead of vampires. Maybe even a hybrid deck where we sacrifice soldier tokens to make vampires stronger. I still want to keep the life gain in there though.

@PaulaTicks That wording bothered me though, if it still work then it would be nice, especially in a more voltron-ey deck with more activiated abilities. But, as it is now, I don't have enough to make copy cards worth the inclusion. Also, Chandra's Ignition is going to be a game-winning card, what the hell.. the potential on that is insane, coupled with lifelink even more so.

@greatgoofini: Oh I was typing this up as you posted, good timing :D.

I took Congregate out earlier! but if I do switch to a soldier-vampire hybrid like I'm thinking of.. I'll definitely take it back in because it's going to be just way too good. if so, War Report can join in as well , nice find :)

Tainted Remedy is something I'll have to watch out for as well.. could totally break this deck.

greatgoofini on EDH Licia, Gladii, Sanguis, Valeria Victrix

1 month ago

Tainted Remedy group hug lifegain cards immediately become one-sided, plus Swords to Plowshares is excessivley better as well

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