Ipnu Rivulet


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Ipnu Rivulet

Land — Desert

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Ipnu Rivulet Discussion

KazicGreyhelm on Budget U/B control - Ixalan

1 day ago

I have many things to say about this.

First, If you don't want to buy Drowned Catacomb and Fetid Pools then you should at least invest in some Submerged Boneyard because duallands are better than basics; especially if there are color intensive spells such as Walk the Plank. Also, utility lands such as Ipnu Rivulet, Ifnir Deadlands or Field of Ruin would not be bad.

Second, on the subject of walk the plank, I am not a fan of the card. Instant speed removal will always be superior in my eyes. Fatal Push is clearly good and Essence Extraction is decent to throw into the mainboard despite not being hard-removal. I understand that walk the plank is basically unconditional removal, but i would rather have Hour of Glory than Walk the Plank. There is a consideration for cards such as Never / Return to deal with the likes of planeswalkers. The main problem I have with sorcery removal is that it conflicts with holding up counterspells.

Third, I am not a fan of Censor as it is not a great counterspell. I still play a couple of them, but not 4. Supreme Will is not expensive and is a nice flexible card. Commit / Memory is not exactly a counterspell, but it is a very flexible card that would not be a bad inclusion. And you can assume I wouldn't leave the point on counterspells without mentioning that Disallow is amazing and expensive.

Forth, there are to many creatures in the deck for my tastes. Kitesail Freebooter is a nice card in the control mirror, but it is more of a sideboard card unless you are playing a tempo deck. I don't see the point of Siren Stormtamer putting the opponent in a tough spot early on, it provides about as little pressure as possible and is generally ignorable for majority of the game.

Fifth, Hieroglyphic Illumination is a good card and Glimmer of Genius is better. I play both in my deck as 3 of glimmer and 2 of illumination. You could also sneak in a copy of Pull from Tomorrow into the deck, it is great in the late-game.

Lastly, take out One With the Wind. I understand it might work with the creatures in the deck, but it would be better for you to have more removal in the deck.

I have played control for years and have won many fnms and gamedays with it, so I feel entitled to say I have an idea of what I'm talking about. My deck runs 25 lands, 8 card draw spells, 9 removal spells, 12 counterspells and 6 threats. Keep in mind my deck is expensive and has Torrential Gearhulk and The Scarab God as threats.

PickleNutz on Mill by JaeHoshii

1 week ago

Heres a list of modern legal Mill spells that I dont think you have listed in your deck.

(Archive Trap pairs well against enemies who are using fetch lands or tutors, you can also control the effect with cards like Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin)

To make a decent mill deck youll definitely need to splash black as the most efficient cards for mill are Dimir cards.

Youll also want to use Fetch and Shock lands like Watery Grave and Polluted Delta if you want to attempt competitive level play. I would recommend not doing that though because mill is very inefficient against the meta decks in modern and is considered by most to be too slow.

Hope that helps!

Galaad on Sanity Mill (Help Wanted)

1 week ago

Brother of Primal Amulet,

+2 Ipnu Rivulet

Switch desert of mindfuyl for Fetid Pools

Not sure, since you dun mention it, but I guess you want to keep this budget, so no Drowned Catacomb ?


Maybe try Cryptic Serpent since you have a lot of instant / sorcery and, sometimes Minister of Inquiries can mill you if you need just one card more in graveyard.

Switch Pirate's prize for Glimmer of Genius because energy


backinajiffy on A Wurm Surprise

1 week ago

Also, Ipnu Rivulet feels super useless here. I don't see any situation in which you'll ever actually use it.

Whereas, you might actually use Hashep Oasis

garden379 on BANT Approach

3 weeks ago

xXxGIJOELxXx i actually ran this deck at my lgs standard show down last week before i changed some of the lands up and it lost to a similar deck, because i didnt have the Ipnu Rivulet and the double color lands. ended placing second overall

garden379 on The Search for Treasure - ULTRA BUDGET

3 weeks ago

my only concern is that you might need to scry faster against some decks. for instance ive been running this deck against my bant approach deck and its beaten me 1/6 times but there were a couple of instances where had the deck had drawn faster to get the Revel in Riches it would have won at like turn 6. also id recommend running two Ipnu Rivulet as the last two cards because milling 8 cards can be a huge turn of events in a game where some one is constantly scrying and digging.


3 weeks ago

Rex_JB24 Beneath the Sands and Spring are very similar, but Mind is much worse than the cycle ability of Beneath the Sands paying 4 extra mana for only one extra card in my opinion is not worth it, especially when you want to get to your Approach of the Second Sun with Ipnu Rivulet and you don't have all the mana in the world


3 weeks ago

JeppeTheJappe You need speed much more than you need card draw, cards like Pull from Tomorrow are too slow especially when we are trying to resolve a seven mana spell twice. Hour of Promise gives us chump blockers and a way to get Ipnu Rivulet consistently. Card draw is great in the late game but we have a good enough late game anyways, we need help against aggro more and Hour of Promise is our second best card behind Fumigate against mono-red

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