Shaman tribal. Get out Sachi and ramp up.

Wincons/killcons include pumping creatures, swarming, and Shaman of Forgotten Ways .

Some light non-dork stax in the form of Winter Orb & Collector Ouphe . Note that the Ouphe unfortunately also prevents Sylvok Replica from tapping with Sachi.

Leyline of Abundance works with Dryad Arbor .

Chameleon Colossus is a Snake too so don't forget that +0/+1. (Also Maskwood Nexus , even when it's destroyed.)

The deck has some trouble rebuilding after a board wipe (and has a tendency to barf out the contents of the hand onto the battlefield). If you got a token creating card out you can try to hold back on casting things and instead spending mana on that until the wrath hits. Warping Wail is primarily meant as an answer to wipes, especially ones that bypass Heroic Intervention / Wrap in Vigor / Whisperwood Elemental by not destroying creatures, e.g. Merciless Eviction and Terminus .

Face-down creatures from Whisperwood Elemental trigger Guardian Project even if they're not actually creatures.

Slight trick: If you find yourself really needing to remove something with Wickerbough Elder while lacking the -1/-1 counter, you can have it fight Viridian Corrupter using Ulvenwald Tracker . This kills the Corrupter.

(And no, you can't really hissss the first "S" in "Shamans".)


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