Nullmage Shepherd

Nullmage Shepherd

Creature — Elf Shaman

Tap four untapped creatures you control: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Nullmage Shepherd Discussion

BPWyndon on Army of the Night

4 months ago

This seems like a cool deck, I might try something like this myself. Nullmage Shepherd I think would be a nice removal card for this.

Ste3u on Dark elves of the north (Lathril)

4 months ago

Thanks BPWyndon for your suggestions! Skyshroud Poacher looks really cool and I didn't even know him! For the other cards I have to test the deck with my group first (until now we have never played after I put this deck together, due to the covid-19 situation). I need to figure out if I need more single target removals (such as: Glissa Sunseeker and Nullmage Shepherd ) and more life-gaining cards (such as: Nissa Revane and Wellwisher )

BPWyndon on Dark elves of the north (Lathril)

4 months ago

Glissa Sunseeker and Nullmage Shepherd were two of the most important cards in my elf decks. I also had a lot of fun with Skyshroud Poacher . Nissa Revane and/or Wellwisher could really boost your life total and help you use that Bolas's Citadel .

One of the main issues I always ran into with playing elves, was getting my board wiped constantly. Elves have a pretty hard time recovering from that if you don't have some way of getting them back out of the graveyard.

carpecanum on Lathril larpers

6 months ago

I LOVE Nullmage Shepherd but you have to cut something. Anything that you think "is a good blocker" if thats all it does. Add Jagged-Scar Archers to block and kill things. Try getting rid of everything thats not an Elf AND gives tokens, ramp or destroys something. Maybe add Unstoppable Ash ? Cut more than you need then figure out what to put back.

BiggRedd54 on Lathril larpers

6 months ago

-1 Pride of the Perfect -1 Nullmage Shepherd +1 Krosan Grip -1 Nightshade Harvester

Add in some two CMCs, maybe a one drop dork. Should be at 15 or lower 4 drops, not many you play over your cmdr.

FounderX on Lathril's Dark Elfball

6 months ago

Hi, Nice deck! I would give Nullmage Shepherd a try, it did wonders for me because it is repeatable with untappers, it is not fun to play against cards like Ghostly Prison , Propaganda , etc. with your Elf army if Lathril isn't there to tap them.

Romer on Lathril's Dark Elfball

6 months ago

Thanks multimedia! Everything you're saying makes sense about Immaculate Magistrate , Timberwatch Elf , Birchlore Rangers and Nullmage Shepherd , I just struggled to find room in the deck to keep them. Their effects all feel a bit conditional based on having a lot of elves on the field, at which point I'm already doing well and ready to swing in for big beats so they almost feel like win-more cards. I'm going to keep them in mind though, if I can find things that aren't performing as well that I want to take out.

Smart thinking on your tutor and Elves of Deep Shadow suggestions. Adding them!

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