DJ Atla

Shuffle Panini ft. DJ Atla and her Yeeteggs

Entity Shuffle

Atla + buff + Mirror Entity (Ulamog in deck):

  1. Put an arbitrarily large number of Mirror Entity activations (X=0) on the stack
  2. Mirror Entity is 0/0 Egg and dies, triggering Atla Palani, Nest Tender (who lives, as Mirror Entity sets base power/toughness)
  3. Atla triggers, polymorphing for a creature
  4. Mirror Entity's next ability resolves, new creature becomes 0/0, dies
  5. Atla triggers, polymorphing for the next creature
  6. Repeat until Ulamog dies, then shuffle back your graveyard into your deck
  7. Execute the loop until the stack is empty of Mirror Entity Activations

Step 4 can generate:

You can also add bodies into the loop with Atla after untapping her with Village Bellringer using mana from Dockside. When you have as many eggs as creatures in your deck the combo will "stop" and you'll just end up with all your creatures in play, with Haste from Academy Rector->Rhythm of the Wild, then simply use Mirror Entity to make them all infinitely large.

Backup lines:

Kiki-Jiki + Village Bell-Ringer

Splinter Twin + Village Bell-Ringer

Sharpshooter + Twin + any x/1:

  • Twin on Sharpshooter #1.
  • Tap #1 to create #2.
  • Tap #2 to kill a dork. #1 and #2 untap.


  • Tap #1 to create #3.
  • Tap #2 to damage face.
  • Tap #3 to kill itself. #1 and #2 untap.

Big thanks to firerif for ideas and lines!


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