Volcanic Fallout

Volcanic Fallout


Volcanic Fallout can't be countered.

Volcanic Fallout deals 2 damage to each creature and each player.

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Volcanic Fallout Discussion

Gleeock on [EDH] Bacon and Eggs - Atla Breakfast Club

3 months ago

I have a different experience with Atla, I run 0 true combos with her & I am usually a target (often rightfully so), probably is meta dependent. I typically don't need haste or even a combat step, which I love. I just play all the red stuff that you never get to see stick. A few alternatives to the usual sac outlets: Pyrohemia , Dragon Broodmother - eats eggs on upkeep if you want, Miren, the Moaning Well , Volcanic Fallout - sneaky good instant egg death when no one suspects. Indomitable Creativity for double triggers & control, Gruul Ragebeast is sweet control... though it makes timing those eggs more restrictive. Then I just run a bunch of direct damage & doublers/triplers. Best feeling in the world when you make them pay for cyc rift with 24 dmg with Ruric Thar, the Unbowed or they just die for casting that stupid spell :)

RNR_Gaming on Lose Condition Becomes Win Condition, …

7 months ago
  1. Against aggro decks play sweepers Anger of the Gods/Volcanic Fallout/Pyroclasm and spot removal like Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt

  2. There are but you should stick to just running pact and a bunch of interaction. Lich cards typically are what you should be looking for but it's very hard to assemble the 7+ mana to play and donate on the turn they hit the field.

  3. No.

  4. I mean my favorite deck is lantern control and it would probably just be two ships passing in the night. In it's current form I don't think I'd lose very often to it.

  5. Blim and Zedru EDH are the only things I can think of but they're super fringe and I don't think many people enjoy playing the commanders due to the power creep.

aholder7 on Razor Burn

8 months ago

In my previous comment I accidentally called out Volcanic Fallout when I meant to say Sulfuric Vortex. Thank you shadow63

aholder7 on Razor Burn

8 months ago

Killing yourself in order to kill the opponent is primarily a black thing. Not knowing who is going to die as a result of your actions is red.

Back to the main topic. Razor isn’t really a good card for burn mostly because it’s very slow. Best case it’s conditional more expensive Volcanic Fallout. Worst case it never procs. If you are looking to add some longevity to your burn game I think you’ll find Risk Factor to be more useful if you aren’t a fan of Volcanic Fallout.

aholder7 on A possible new legendary artifact: …

8 months ago

similar to how tzeflick said it. do you want a politics card where you are giving people an advantage at a cost, or is this meant to be a damage card with the draw back in terms of ramp? because at the moment the most likely case for this is that you are giving people mana that they can't really use. the person getting the mana will lose it at the next step change unless the wording is amended to allow it to stick around longer. they could use it on some instants or some activated abilities but that requires that your colors are similar enough to theirs to be useful. case 2 is where you use it as a burn spell. lets assume you have Sol Ring, Mana Crypt or some other double mana producer which i think is a reasonable assumption. you are now paying 5 mana to deal 2 damage to 1 player on each of your turns. that seems like a really over costed Volcanic Fallout that only hits 1 player. we could talk about Nyx Lotusing someone for 10 a turn, but if you are spending several turns tapping nyx lotus for 10 and not already winning i'm not really sure what the game plan is. case 3, you use it as self ramp. as of the wording presented you can choose yourself, and it effectively becomes a copy of your best mana rock with some life loss. at 5 mana it would be a terrible Sculpting Steel.

my suggestion if you want to improve the card: have it tap to give someone treasure and deal damage to them. this allows them to use the mana whenever they want. you can also give it an X cost to allow them to charge the cannon with multiple artifacts or benefit things like Ashnod's Altar. or you could go with a flat cost like 4 and tap to give 2 treasures. these both allow for the card to be optional where as the card as presented is mandatory and very inefficient which means most people won't want to play it. the treasure to damage ratio is what will decide if this is a politics card or a burn card. x <= 1 means theres no real benefit to the user and it won't be played. 1 <= x <= 2 is probably safe for politics, 2 < x is when burn gets to be happy. the actual cost of the card will depend on which combination of decisions you make above.

ellie-is on Ellie's Dragons

10 months ago

Peoyogon Thanks for the comment! I used to have Geosurge in early builds of this deck, and tried Desperate Ritual as well, but found that it's better to "ramp" by adding removal and gaining more turns to draw lands, because unlike the proper ramp spells they're never dead cards in hand if you only have them and no creatures or if you already have enough mana, since they slow down the opponent. That said, I'd love to run Seething Song and Rite of Flame as they're a lot stronger than the ramp spells I've tried, but they're both banned in Modern, haha.

Anger of the Gods is not a bad idea, but I like my cost-reducing creatures too much to run it, I think. That said, you did get me thinking about Pyroclasm or maybe Volcanic Fallout! They don't kill my creatures but are still enough to deal with quite a number of opposing creatures (and gets through hexproof and such too). I'm going to replace Wild Slash with pyroclasm for a while and see how I feel about it in testing before deciding to add more or try another board wipe.

HelixSnapHelix on Jeskai Control (Ruhan)

1 year ago

That's great to hear, orangedriver! I had no idea anyone was actually following the deck. It's a passion deck of mine, and I love it. You're more than welcome to post your results here. I haven't been able to play in roughly half a year, and I've been considering selling the deck, unfortunately. $4k sitting around collecting dust with no one playing DC in my area. I'd be interested in watching a list update with the new cards and meta changes. This one wont change much I'm afraid.

The red wipes are so strong in this meta it's insane. I think Volcanic Fallout is slept on way too hard.

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