Ancient Animus

Ancient Animus


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control if it's legendary. Then it fights target creature an opponent controls. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

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Ancient Animus Discussion

TheMeadiator on Fynn EDH

1 month ago

Nice deck! I had a quick look through, and you seem to have a bunch of fight cards. Normally, they'd be great, but I think for deathtouch creatures, direct damage might be even better (that way your dudes survive the exchange).

Perhaps consider replacing things like Ancient Animus , Pounce , Setessan Tactics , and Inscription of Abundance with one-sided fights like Devouring Tendrils , Nature's Way , Ram Through , Aggressive Instinct , or Rabid Bite

Spell_Slam on Deathtouch Squared

3 months ago

I am not sure if your deck is slow enough for even Viridian Longbow to be effective. Wouldn't you rather have 1-of effects that are more efficient? I thinking Ram Through and Rabid Bite . Blizzard Brawl and Ancient Animus I could also get behind.

I like where you're going with Tauting Elf. Wouldn't more Lure effects be effective at pushing through more combat damage? Lure itself is playable, but there are other potential cards that do similar things that could be effective as well. I'm thinking Tempting Licid (turn it back into a creature after blocks) and Nemesis Mask .

RNR_Gaming on Mono Green Cyanide

7 months ago

Kinkyramirez - This is a "pauper" edh deck. Harmonize and Hot Soup have not been printed as an uncommons yet. Also, Whispersilk Cloak is already in the deck.

So, I've actually included the majority of the deathtouch creatures that are available to me. Again, this is a pauper deck. The infect creatures still add to the same clock even if they have no synergy with my commander.

While I'd like more card draw my card Pool is extremely limited. Currently, Lead the Stampede and Winding Way are the best green has to offer.

Also, Ancient Animus provides the additional benefit of a counter to Fynn which makes him pass the bolt test - it's very important that he sticks around. Savage Swipe - is just amazingly mana efficient. The focus of the removal suite was more so tempo and protection. In the late game assuming we draw it Viridian Longbow solves most of our creature problems.

Lastly, while thinning is great and all but cards like Rampant Growth and Cultivate don't fit into my curve very well. The majority of the deck is 1-2 drops and there's a very small window of opportunity for a deck like this to shine. Basically, I want to be dropping a creatures not ramping/thinning.

Housegheist on LochNess-Monsters

9 months ago

I like cards with some kind of versatility... doesn‘s matter if it‘s adventure, „choose“-spells or the new MDFCs - therefore and to support the landfall theme i chose Khalni Ambush  Flip as i have some effects to bumb the land back to hand and cast it as removal if needed. I‘m aware of the fact that they are all 1 mana cheaper, therefore (and the little bonus effect in case of legendarys with no additional cost) i will list Ancient Animus to the maybeboard. Eldritch Evolution is a 1 mana morr one-time pod effect... with the upside of jumping 2cmc higher from your sacrificed target. Definitely worth to consider -> Maybeboard

MrXilas on LochNess-Monsters

9 months ago

Have you considered Ancient Animus or Pounce over Khalini Ambush? Or is Khalini Ambush there because it can be a land in a pinch? Also, if you can find a place for it, Eldritch Evolution would be pretty great card in this deck. It would go quite well with Chasm Skulker and Reef Worm.

RNR_Gaming on Lets Play Fetch

11 months ago

Invigorating Surge, Solidarity of Heroes, Hardened Scales and Branching Evolution may help to make the dog fat and happy; The Ozolith keeps him staying fat even if he's removed and Ancient Animus - is a very overlooked removal spell.

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