Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider

Legendary Creature — Human Knight

Vigilance, trample

Whenever Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider attacks, all other attacking creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn. Other red attacking creatures you control gain trample until end of turn. Untap each other white attacking creature you control.

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Crow_Umbra on A Plane of Knights & Dragons

2 months ago

No prob! I figured the Fallout knights might be a bit more "off theme" based off their appearances more than anything.

If you swap out some dragons, one of those slots could maybe go to Shanid, Sleepers' Scourge, and some of those other dragon slots could go to other Legendary Knights that are on-color, and would be supported by Shanid's Menace anthem and draw. Some of them are kinda specific, but others are a bit more generically good:

  • Inti, Seneschal of the Sun - An interesting draw piece that creates impulse draw whenever you discard

  • Adeline, Resplendent Cathar - She's a bit pricier, but with good reason. She can hang back while you attack with other creatures and she spits out tokens to quickly build up board presence.

  • Skyhunter Strike Force - Not a legend from the link above, but still a great card. Essentially a mini Adriana, Captain of the Guard.

  • Eowyn, Fearless Knight - Removal on a stick that gives your Legendary creatures protection from the colors of the creature she exiles.

  • Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider - She gives some pseudo-Vigilance, trample, and +1/+1 antheming when she attacks.

  • Adriana, Captain of the Guard - Another keyword anthem that can get you up to +3/+3 on your team if you swing at everyone.


1 year ago

Lol digging the name. I'm a sucker for puns in deck names. Zieg Zeon!

You have a fairly solid start on this Isshin deck, I would say it's better than mediocre, as you have some decent core pieces. I'd be offer some more tailored feedback if you have a budget or direction in mind. Right now it looks like you have a mix and match of a variety of attack triggers.

Personally, I've had a lot of fun with the token swarm go-wide version of Isshin, mixed in with Impact Tremors and Hellrider type effects to group slug the table. On that note, I'd recommend checking out Hellrider and Commissar Severina Raine as some potential swaps to add spice to your swings.

If you keep the extra combat effects in deck, I'd recommend adding Brave the Sands, Serra's Blessing, or Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider as Vigilance effects. Reconnaissance pulls double duty as a pseudo-Vigilance anthem, but can be pricey.

Althuran on The Ghost of Kamigawa

1 year ago

I think I have enough pingers in the deck but they're ones to consider Crow-Umbra. I've considered Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider to try and buff up my creatures some and keep them alive. I'm also surprised that not a lot of Isshin decks run reanimation considering it's a deck themed around combat. And I believe I have a copy of Skullclamp lying around that I could throw in if I don't decide to put it in Wilhelt. I was also kind of trying to run not as many popular picks to try and create a bit of a more unique to me twist on him

Crow_Umbra on The Ghost of Kamigawa

1 year ago

Fore sure. I think Wilhelt and Isshin differ enough in the token creation aspect that you could try both as token decks, and see how you like their different paces. Having played against a couple of Wilhelt decks in my meta, I feel like Wilhelt aims to go for more steady token growth, especially via the Reanimator and aristocrats effects you have in that deck.

I think Isshin's token creation tends to be in more explosive bursts, where you will create 2-4, maybe more, tokens all at once via attack triggers. I'd highly recommend Witty Roastmaster, Corpse Knight, and Impact Tremors if you go this route. The group slug damage pairs nicely with the combat damage you are pushing through anyways, and the other drain/group slug effects you already have in your deck.

Karlach, Fury of Avernus is a cool extra combat, especially because she doesn't need to attack to trigger it. She triggets whenever you attack the first time. Between Karlach and Aurelia already in your deck, I think you should be good. Brave the Sands and Serra's Blessing are affordable Vigilance anthems that can help ensure that all of your creatures swing each extra combat. Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider can also kinda help in this regard.

Some of my favorite, and affordable token creators are Hammers of Moradin and Delina, Wild Mage. Delina is especially great since the tokens she creates are not legendary. Hammers of Moradin can tap up 2 creatures per opponent with Isshin out, making your swings a bit more easy.

I'd also recommend checking out Commissar Severina Raine, as she can be both a group slug finisher, and she acts as a slightly worse Skullclamp. Transmogrant's Crown, Deadly Dispute, and Idol of Oblivion are all some options that also work with tokens.

Crow_Umbra on Shanid Zzzzz

1 year ago

No prob! Legendaries Matter is a fun flavor of Mardu with plenty of options to choose from. If you want some more Haste, Fervor is another helpful option, along with the classics like Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves.

Lastly, I think you could probably swap Josu Vess, Lich Knight, as it's pretty mana intensive to get its benefit with Kicker. Ratadrabik of Urborg could be a fun on-theme swap, or maybe even Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider if you want a bit more Aggro.

Blackheart426 on

1 year ago

Still a beast of a deck! What would you think about Alibou, Ancient Witness? His haste-giving passive will get those golems swinging, and you can scry and burn at your leisure (also includes mana rocks, which I forgot about lol)! Not to mention, if True Conviction is out, that's like a super lightning helix! As less impressive thoughts, what about Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer for protection or Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider for a little trample, punch, and pseudo-vigilance?

Boros for the flipping win!!!

Crow_Umbra on Isshin, Attacks Matter Deck

1 year ago

If you like Adriana, Captain of the Guard and the Battlecry stuff, I'd also recommend checking out Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider.

If those pillow-fort deterrents work well in your meta, you might also want to check out Revenge of Ravens & Marchesa's Decree.

Happy brewing!

Crow_Umbra on Ghost of Kamigawa

1 year ago

I think you can probably cut Raiyuu, Storm's Edge and Peerless Samurai since they're both narrow in focus compared to the rest of your deck.

If you like Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran, I'd recommend checking out Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider. Zhentarim Bandit is also a neat 2 drop option, especially since its trigger is a "may" ability, letting you opt in or out of the trigger as you'd wish.

Adriana, Captain of the Guard and Professional Face-Breaker are also both helpful if you plan on swinging at multiple opponents each combat.

I hope the suggestions are to your liking. I'd be happy to offer additional feedback if you'd like.

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