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Roon of the Hidden Realm + Eternal Witness + Time Warp = Roonacy

Enter the Infinite + Nexus of Fate = Sufferin' Succotash

Have fun and welcome to Toon Town!

Have fun and welcome to Toon Town

Playing Roon is fun and simple enough but it takes patience and a pilot who likes looking towards the long game instead of trying to rush out a victory.

Run out etb creatures, ramp, and control the table until you have enough mana and card advantage where you can go off with Enter the Infinite or Roon with Time Warp and Eternal Witness.

Getting Roon online with an etb creature like Spellseeker and Seedborn Muse can lock out the table under a hail of counterspells while you set up your own win condition. Alternatively, for stormier metas, a similar lock can be built by cutting some counterspells and spot removal for stax backed up with Recruiter of the Guard and Renegade Rallier. These two tutor + control locks are the deck's bread and butter when grinding through games and can be specked out with all sorts of interesting tech.

Another card to take note of is Intuition. This card is extremely powerful with Roon because with the deck's plethora of eternal witness/ archaeomancer effects, worrying about things going to the yard isn't a problem. Triple tutors, extra turns, recursion cards, or just counterspell value are all solid and things can get really get out of hand with multiple Intuition casts.

These are cards that appear in many Roon lists but that you should not run.

Fiend Hunter In theory it's a repeatable way to exile things. In practice it's extremely awkward and rarely ever works.

Reflector Mage Similar to the problems with Fiend Hunter. In many ways its actually better but it does not pull its weight in grindy games.


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