Purphoros, God of the Forge

This is the deck I have worked on the most, and the one that I enjoy playing the most. In my playgroup it makes me an automatic target now when bring it out, so its usually reserved for the last game of the evening.

I may not always win now because of the instant hate, but in classic RED form, I will make sure I hurt everyone before I go down. It its current form, it wins about every about 3/4 games, which I feel is pretty good with a table of 4 players (usually).

I have strived to build this deck in a way that I never have the devotion for Purphy to reach creature status. This allows for the most part for me to avoid problems like Darksteel Mutation, Ashes to Ashes or, Humility.

I have also found that with my low CMC, I am card dead pretty quick, so have started adding card draw as I find that a new card does me better than my opponents who generally have a higher mana curve.

With Enchantment removal being a big hole in the arsenal, I have tried to offset it by adding Chaos Warp and Nevinyrral's Disk


  • Norin the Wary – depending on the players, I can do 8-10 damage every round with this guy and he is super hard to remove.
  • Grinning Ignus – I can bounce this guy multiple times a turn to generate a lot of damage. I can also save him until next turn if I need a bump in mana. Also combos with Steam-Kin to create as many ETBs as I want. If I do manage to get both and no one has a counter, I win
  • Neheb, the Eternal – after combat on the turn I play this guy I can usually play another card for free.
  • Mogg Infestation – this has allowed me to hit all opponents for 20 damage.

I am open to suggestions and welcome input.

Below is a detailed list of all cards in this deck, and my reasoning behind adding them.

Beetleback Chief - 4 Mana for 3 goblins. Good for mid-game casting

Breya's Apprentice - A fairly new add; I am not super happy with the exchange, 3 mana for 2 ETB.. but at least one is a flying blocker

Chandra's Incinerator - An absolute beast in this deck. Keeps the board clear with a couple ETBs

Dragonmaster Outcast - 1 mana creature who, if I manage to make it to turn 6-7. will generate Dragons

Dualcaster Mage - He is Reverberate with the added ETB effect from Purphy

Emrakul's Hatcher - 5 Mana for 4 ETBs, and then a 3 mana refund from the Eldrazi Spawn

Feldon of the Third Path - Can copy any of my creatures that have multiple ETBs upon entry. I have had mixed success with this guy and may be on the cutting room floor soon

Grinning Ignus - Bounceable creature for multiple ETB. Also works good for extra mana from one turn to another. Combos with Steam-Kin to give me unlimited ETB effects for the win.

Guttersnipe - With 24 Instant/Sorceries in deck, basically every 4th card I play will cause an extra 2 to everyone

Hanweir Garrison   - 3 mana for at generally 3 ETBs. Potential to Meld, but not that likely

Loyal Apprentice - 2 Mana for 2 ETB on the first turn, and a flying blocker to boot

Magus of the Wheel - I previously had Reforge the Soul but swapped out for this guy. Found that with all the extra card draw I couldn't depend on it's miracle cost. And at least Maggy damages everyone for 2 when he enters.

Mogg War Marshal - 2 Mana for 3 ETB; great exchange

Neheb, the Eternal - He costs 5 mana, but with 3 opponents he gives back 6 mana on the same turn after combat.

Norin the Wary - He is a total game winner. So hard to deal with outside of something like Pyrohemia or Rath's Edge

Pia and Kiran Nalaar - 4 Mana for 3 ETB, not the best exchange, but the thopters are great blockers

Reinforced Ronin - Just removed Tuktuk for this guy. for the same mana (over 3 turns) i can get 3 ETBs instead of 2

Rionya, Fire Dancer - My most recent addition, she has not yet seen play. Even if I do not cast an instant or sorcery, she still gives an ETB each turn.

Runaway Steam-Kin - Very nice ramp, helps me get out those bigger spells quicker. Combos with Ignus to give me unlimited ETB effects for the win.

Siege-Gang Commander - 5 Mana for 4 ETBs. Don’t usually use the sac ability

Solphim, Mayhem Dominus - Replaced Panharmonicon. Same CMC, but comes with an ETB and the ability become indestructible

Squee, the Immortal - The Squee brothers are both great for blocking and recasting. A tad expensive for 1 ETB however, but at least if I am card dead I can recast him from the grave

Young Pyromancer - 2 mana for 1 ETB, and every one of my sorcery/instants can generate an extra ETB

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame - At very least, she is 3 CMC for 2 ETB. as good an exchange as Mogg Alarm, and if she lives for a turn, she is definitely worth it.

Blasphemous Act - a handy board wipe. It usually costs 1 mana and leaves my commander alive

Descent of the Dragons - 6 mana to swap all my 1/1 dorks for flying 4/4 dorks; and all the ETB effects that come with it.

Devastating Summons - 1 mana for 2 ETB effects (effects still trigger when 0/0 creatures enter the field)

Empty the Warrens - 4 Mana for 2 ETB isnt great, but with the low casting cost in this deck, should be able to at least get 4 ever time I cast

Gleeful Demolition - 1 mana for 3 ETB, that’s amazing, generally I have to sac a thopter, or even a my Mana Vault after Purphy is in play.

Goblin Rally - 5 for 4 ETB, not bad

Goblin War Party - 4 mana for 3 ETB, not a terrible exchange. I don't ever see using the entwine, but who knows?

Hordeling Outburst - 3 for 3, that’s a great ratio

Jeska's Will - More of a late game card. We generally play 3-4 player games, so usually there is someone with a full mitt for the mana. And its essentially extra card draw with my low mana curve.

Krenko's Command - 2 for 2, that’s a great ratio

Kuldotha Rebirth - 1 mana for 3 ETB, that’s amazing, generally I have to sac a thopter, or even a my Mana Vault after Purphy is in play.

Mana Geyser - with 3-4 opponents, if played right I can generally clear my hand after this spell

Mogg Alarm - 3 mana for 2 ETB, but have the ability to force it out by sac'ing 2 mountains if needed

Mogg Infestation - Is not only good for doubling my creatures, but can potentially board wipe 1 player if needed

Shattering Spree - One of my favorite artifact destruction cards

Tempt with Vengeance - This is usually used as a game ender after a Neheb, the Eternal or Mana Geyser

Thatcher Revolt - 3 for 3, that’s a great ratio, I don’t mind that they die

Wheel of Fortune - It may look like someone took sandpaper to it, but its still playable and great.

Dwarven Mine - Almost always enters untapped, and generates a free ETB. Even counts as a mountain for Valakut

Fabled Passage – I recently added this and Prismatic Vista in an effort to filter lands out of my deck as I play. Every bit helps.

Glacial Chasm - This has allowed me to live 5 more turns than I should have.

Grixis Panorama - Fetch land, I would take them out if not for the fact that at least they still tap for mana on the first turn

Hammerheim - Its prettier than it is useful. Not many people play mountainwalk, but you never know

Hanweir Battlements   - I have yet to ever get both out at the same time, but someday I will see the Meld

Kher Keep - It doesn't often see action, but every once and a while, if I have a couple untapped lands, its good for an extra couple of damage.

Mountain - umm, they are Mountains. I kinda need them to play stuff. I did get my own proxies printed, just for flair.

Naya Panorama - Fetch land, I would take them out if not for the fact that at least they still tap for mana on the first turn

Prismatic Vista – I recently added this and Fabled Passage in an effort to filter lands out of my deck as I play. Every bit helps.

Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance – A nice land for later in the game, can exchange for 2 ETBs for cheap.

Spawning Bed - This is more of a late game Hail Mary. requires 6 untapped mana (plus the bed) to deal 6 damage to all opponents though ETBs. The good thing about the spawn though is that they can then be used as mana for further spells.

Spinerock Knoll - Hideaway, I think I have managed to play the card under it every time I see it.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle - Targetted Damage isnt really my thing, but in a game with one player gaining life, its great to be able to even things out

Arcane Signet - 2 CMC mana rock, replaced Fellwar Stone

Crawlspace - When I play this deck the entire table starts attacking me, need to slow down the hate

Endless Atlas - A cheap way to get a bit of extra card draw.

Ensnaring Bridge - Brand new to the deck, hasnt yet seen play, but dont see how it can be a bad thing. I generally am card dead a few turns after getting Purphy out

Howling Mine - By turn 7 I am generally top-decking and dead before turn 9-10. I figure with my lower casting curve, I can play 2 spells for every big beast my opponents play, so for me, it’s more of a rush to get cards in hand.

Mana Vault - Its a way to get my commander out on turn 2 if its in my hand.

Meekstone - When I play this deck the entire table starts attacking me, need to slow down the hate. And because my creatures either aren't big enough, or just don't tap, it's not really an issue for me.

Nevinyrral's Disk - When all else fails, board wipe. The bonus is that Purphy lives to do more damage

Ruby Medallion - extra mana is never a bad thing. However, the lower I get my average CMC, the more i find this less useful after about turn 6-7.

Skullclamp - card draw. I don’t care about my 1/1 dorks and getting 2 cards is super valuable with my low mana curve

Sol Ring - ummm, it's a Sol Ring. (I was tempted to remove it, because mid game I would rather see an ETB spell than a mana rock, but seeing it in my opening hand means I get Purphy out on turn 2)

Spawning Pit - My creatures are going to die. The hate I get when I play this deck, everyone will be attacking. This way I can sac them as they block, and then get extra ETBs out of them.

Temple Bell - Because my casting cost is so much lower than my opponents, the extra card draw seems to help me more than them.

Chaos Warp - One of the few ways I have to deal with enchantment removal.

Deflecting Swat - This is a new addition, removed Wild Ricochet to add it. 1 lower CMC, doesnt copy the spell, but does redirect any shenanigans opponents are firing at me.

Force of Rage - This is also a new addition to the deck. Dont know if the 2 ETBs for 3 mana is a great exchange, but the ability to discard a card to put out 2 blockers, that may be nice.

Invoke Calamity – This is another recent add, and I haven’t seen it in action yet. But with an average CMC of 2.8 and 24 other Instants and Sorceries, I figure it should be good.

Reverberate - I have used this spell to duplicate not only other peoples generation of tokens, but to also dup my own Goblin Rally, Hordeling Outburst or Krenko's Command

Tibalt's Trickery - Love this spell. There are not many options for red counters spells. and this one is better than nothing.

Valakut Awakening   - Early game, this is a land, late game it can at least filter my hand and replaces itself.



Updates Add

Today they spolied a new card: Jeska's Will 2R - Sorcery

Choose one: If you control a Commander as you cast this spell, you may choose both.

Add R for each card in target opponent's hand.

Exile the top three cards of your library. You may play them this turn.