Null Brooch

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Null Brooch


, , Discard your hand: Counter target noncreature spell.

Asgeren on Damia Dredge

2 weeks ago

Cards that work nicely with Damia and with your dredge theme might be: Null Brooch, Null Profusion, Awaken the Erstwhile, Cabal Conditioning, Recycle, Manabond, Demonic Collusion, Splendid Reclamation, Empty the Pits.

SufferFromEDHD on Vohar - Reanimator

1 month ago

Nice deck. A bit heavy on creatures? You need a few more Dimir tricks.

Ideas Unbound, Windfall and/or Dark Deal big card draw

Deep Analysis little card draw

Increasing Ambition big tutor

Mystical Teachings little tutor

Dark Withering great removal

Circular Logic great counterspell

Forbid and/or Demonic Collusion forever

Null Brooch > Negate

RiotRunner789 on Favorite EDH Cards

1 month ago

My favorite card is Grave Pact but that isn't quite niche. I don't seem to have as many oddball fun cards that I tend to play but there are a few oddball or less played ones at least.

Black: Koskun Falls is a favorite of mine. I prefer decks that do not attack, so the tapping is not a big downside. Tainted Remedy because it makes opponent's creatures with lifelink funny. Gift of Doom which doesn't use the stack when morphing which has come in handy more than once. Pestilence is one of my favorite black board wipes which typically is on my board with an indestructible creature. Dystopia since at least someone is playing Selesnya.

White: Peacekeeper because no means no. Aura of Silence use to be more niche but has seen some prominent reprints. Solid removal with a tax effect has tripped up more than one opponent. Mandate of Peace is a great fog and a counter spell in some situations. Underplayed.

Green: Hall of Gemstone for any monogreen deck. Had a blue player try to win on my endstep and about 5 minutes into their combo, I asked where there blue mana was coming from.

Orzhov: Batwing Brume has killed a few Kranko players for me and saved me several times.

Colorless: Null Brooch is just Isochron Scepter with Negate already attached. Arena of the Ancients is great for when my commander doesn't need to tap, or attack, or is played after this and has vigilance. Great card no one expects.

Red: Apocalypse or Jokulhaups for the hard reset. Stranglehold because blue players are the worst and tutoring takes too long.

Blue: Mana Vortex for the slow decent into hell.

SufferFromEDHD on Garden of Damia

1 month ago

Null Brooch for sure one of my favorite EDH cards. Auto include with this commander. Manabond out of budget?

Elfhame Sanctuary neat tech alongside Damia.

Infernal Sovereign potential.

Deathrite Shaman always good.

Forbid and/or Demonic Collusion Buyback doesn't get the respect it deserves in this format plus Damia loves it.

Bazzul on Belzenlok, Godo's Ugly Cousin

3 months ago

I’m back after a long break. I guess I’ll answer months after the questions I did not reply to… Sorry to everyone.

igorforkst I am not a fan of Null Brooch the 2-mana price tag is not really viable as we rarely have 2 extra mana to spare when Belzenlok is cast. After Belzenlok ETBs, counterspells are not that much of an issue. We have hand disruption through Grief to remove them and if one goes through, we can still threaten a win next turn.

Nempek I added your suggestions. Specially Grief is the single best card that has been printed in the recent years for this deck. Hand disruption during the turn we combo off is huge. It also has a very effective interaction with Sibsig Muckdraggers giving us and additional cheap discard effect. Regarding your second question, I am almost certain that the deck list you linked has a typo. I believe the player used Dread instead of Dread Presence.

xenca Awesome line, honestly, I like the fact that it uses more efficient combo pieces (artifacts that tap for mana). If you don’t have artifact hate in your meta I would 100% try running this line instead of the regular ooze. Despite the more efficient components of this robot ooze, I still believe Necrotic Ooze should be used by default to avoid being shut down by Stony Silence and Null Rod. The other issue I have with it is that it doesn’t gain Skirge Familiar’s activated ability, thus if an opponent attempts to remove Trazyn the Infinite when Argivian Avenger’s haste ability is on the stack with say Path to Exile and you are out of mana you can’t add by discarding and redo the loop.

SufferFromEDHD on S U P E R F R ! E N D S (Yawgmoth)

4 months ago

Tangle Wire very necessary. Definitely worth considering. Proliferation will break it.

Ensnaring Bridge great card. Run it often especially with Null Brooch. This is not a hellbent strategy but that "can't" is the kind of tax this strategy needs. I'll sleep on it.

SufferFromEDHD on Dragons At A Rivcount *PRIMER*

5 months ago

Avaricious Dragon might be worth a spot.

Valakut Awakening  Flip could be upgraded to discard like Change of Fortune, Dangerous Wager or Dragon Mage.

Gamble great tutor to begin with by the random discard is an upside in this deck.

Null Brooch grants Negate to colors that can't Negate.

Geier Reach Sanitarium > Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

SufferFromEDHD on All Roads Lead To Hellbent

5 months ago

Ever piloted Lyzolda before? I think her ideal competitive direction would be tokens for endless fodder. I wanted to highlight Hellbent since she was the legend from Dissension.

Lion's Eye Diamond + Rakdos Pit Dragon a simple synergy I have never utilized before.

Rakdos Augermage ever played with this jank? Was a first for me. I think this has potential in EDH. Treat it like Cursed Scroll and use it when you have 1 card. Don't give your opponents a choice (madness, flashback, reanimator, etc) mana cost is funky but first strike is nice.

Null Brooch is the MVP, of course.

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