Anarchy burger! Hold the government, please! Torbran is pissed about SOMETHING and he's not gunna take it.

I want to write a primer for this one, but Torbran isn't exactly nuanced or subtle. I went hard into sorceries and instants because enchantments and actual Group Slug tactics are for the cowards who let the status remain quo. Working at some legit burn from commander.

The deck ain't gunna win a tournament, but when you have a turn dealing 36 damage to a player, you lose knowing you lit a fire and will not be forgotten.

The trick with this deck is praying and wheeling for a good setup, not seeming dangerous, then setting off some bombs of storm and little pingers who are suddenly awful if we can untap four times in a turn. Much refining can be done here, but I'm not dropping the spell sling feel of red burn. As long as Torbran can stay alive...


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