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First Is The Best! (An EDH First Sliver Deck)

Commander / EDH Aggro Cascade Counters Sliver



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Do you want a fun deck that roles the dice on lady luck? Well, then this is for you! This budget Sliver deck focuses on the commander, First Sliver on abusing the cascade mechanic. It specializes in going wide, slapping many abilities onto all of your slivers, to make them scary threats.

This deck would be stronger in a mostly casual format, as it focuses on a fun way to play when the cascading is always random (most of the time). This deck does take advantage of the cascade by placing strong spells with CMC of 1 or 0, meaning when you play one of the many 2 CMC slivers in this deck (when the First Sliver is out) your library always goes to them for casting. In a more competitive setting, the deck utilizes several wincons, to move your board state from strong to overwhelming.

The deck is created to deal with the enemy of sliver decks, board wipes, with multiple regeneration cards and the First Sliver itself can resurrect your board state. As well, the deck contains acceptable amounts of ramp from default cards like Cultivate to special slivers such as Gemhide Sliver to make your slivers mana-dorks.

Overall, by focusing on a Sliver synergy, the deck allows any creature drawn to become an important piece, and I continually work to make sure that the slivers within the deck are the ones that can make a difference at any point in a game.

Comments, suggestions, criticisms, and ratings are all welcome!

This deck is inspired by and dedicated to my MTG buddy Ed.


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