I can hear it now... The groans of other players when they see the commander. The rolling eyes when you start tutoring and finding all those wonderful combo pieces. That look of resignation when they realise its already happened, and the Hive can't be stopped. Such a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

So this is my Sliver Deck. Lets have a look at whats going on:

The main focus of this deck is to swing wide and swing big. Making use of the synergy of Slivers, and their ability to have a truly ridiculous amount of abilities, this should cause a lot of problems for other players.

There is also the combo win with Intruder Alarm , haste and mana enabling Slivers (various versions) and Sliver Overlord , which should enable me to tutor every sliver in the deck for the attack. Should someone essentially lock mem out of combat damage, I figured including Spiteful Sliver and Blasphemous Act gives me an alternate wincon through Spiteful's effect. Just Lovely :)

I have chosen Sliver Overlord as my commander because of his tutor ability. The main win con's and combos in this deck rely on creatures, so being able to tutor for them just makes sense. Also, with Training Grounds I should be able to do this at a cheaper cost.

Sliver Queen combines with Mana Echoes to enable me to make an infinite amount of 1/1 sliver tokens. Again, hopefully i should be able to do this for one with the cost reducers. If these have haste from Heart Sliver or Cloudshredder Sliver and I have either Gemhide Sliver or Manaweft Sliver out, then I am good for mana of pretty much any colour.

For the damage, well, there is Sliver Legion , Shared Animosity , Sliver Hivelord , Magma Sliver and Bonescythe Sliver . This should all add up to a fairly tasty amount of punch to face. With a Shifting Sliver out, and providing i'm not playing another sliver deck (yes, that would be more problematic :(), then that damage is not being blocked.

I have got utility and draw in creatures and enchantments as well. Aura Shards , Harmonic Sliver and Necrotic Sliver for removal, Synapse Sliver , Rhystic Study (Did you pay the 1???) and Phyrexian Arena for draw. I also have The Great Henge which pays for itself if I have one of the WUBRG lot out and lets me draw a card when I play a creature spell.

Root Sliver to stop that pesky blue control nonsense, and, of course, Crystalline Sliver for shroudy, hexproofy shenanigans.

I have put some control in there of my own as well, because nobody likes a premature board wipe or cyc rift when your not quite ready to throw down.

Also put in some land/creature wipes of my own. Theory is, if I have indestructable Slivers which can tap for mana, why wouldn't I screw over my opponents. Cyclonic Rift Supreme Verdict and Jokulhaups ... For when you just want to be that guy. Jokulhaups is a particular favourite, especially if you have the indestructible thing going on. I have things... You all have no things... YAY ME!

Please let me know what you think. I am working really hard to make this as good as I can. I already get plenty of hate at the table (as to be expected as a Sliver player right?), but I want to really earn that table hate lol.

I also want to say a big thanks to Mortlocke, whose sliver deck (The Queen's Egg) was a MASSIVE influence on my deck, and has been super helpful when I have badgered them with questions. YOU ARE ACE!

Comments and, if you like it, +1's are always greatly appreciated.

Anyway, back to the hive for me. Laters


Updates Add

So I have got some changes coming up to the deck in the future. Firstly:

The Aesthetics: I have bought the Jund Shocklands and the "Our Show is on Friday, can you make it?" Secret Lairs. This is a purely artistic preference things so I will be replacing the existing versions of these in the deck with the pictured art: - Nature's Lore - Blood Crypt - Overgrown Tomb - Stomping Ground

Functional changes: Now, what I have also done is "Popped my OG Dual Land Cherry" and bought my first revised dual land. I will be adding a Signed Savannah to the deck. And I think now that I have bought my first, I am going to look at buying 1 every month or so. Not only are these lands crazy good, they are also an investment. So I would expect the manabase of the deck to change as we carry on through building this deck. Appears this journey is far from over

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