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13 Cards Are Not Land

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Whoops I slipped, all of my deck is in my hand. Butterfingers.

Ok, so like imagine a machine gun- And you can like, just keep reloading it. Forever. But it's a shitty machine gun so sometimes it gets jammed. That's this deck. This is the best metaphor I could come up with. This deck is my trash meme child, my cherished mad-science creation.

Win Conditions are the following:

Seismic Assault with a metric ton of land cards in your hand, generally caused by a good Treasure Hunt , or from the combo of Fateful Showdown or Windfall with Thought Reflection .

Milling out opponents with Windfall by making your hand huge through the same methods described above.

Winning turn four with Countryside Crusher (this requires luck).

Feedback is loved and cherished.

UPDATE: OCT 22 Thank you to Ethanzerker for the suggestion of Throes of Chaos .

Also I am not counting the commander as part of the 13 nonlands, for those wondering.


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