Disclaimer!! Golos, Tireless Pilgrim was recently banned, but seeing as the majority of reasoning behind The Rules Committee's banning of the card comes from it being the commander of an EDH deck, and my playgroup being fine with it, I'm not updating this deck in order to satisfy the ban list's newest change, although technically you could use Ulvenwald Hydra in Golos's place to appease the new banlist. Come to think of it, running the hydra in place of the scout would be much cooler, so who knows? I might change it in the future, but for now, I spent too much time and money putting this perfect deck together that I cannot, in good heart, take it apart. There is really no other way for me personally to build this deck and be satisfied with it without Golos, Tireless Pilgrim barring a complete overhaul of the spells, lands, playstyle, and win conditions, so please keep that in mind as you view my list and enjoy!

Esika, God of the Tree   deck that focuses on ramping to The Prismatic Bridge as fast as possible, cheating one or both of the only two creatures in our deck, and a lot of shrines/enchantments/lands with the purpose of mounting value from upkeep triggers and taking advantage of possibly getting land tutors 3 or 4 times a turn from shuffling Golos, Tireless Pilgrim back into the deck. Since we only have two creatures, we can have a lot of fun by putting either one of them back into the deck to pull back out with the Bridge.

-The idea of the deck is enchantment-based gameplay to allow for The Prismatic Bridge to pull Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and/or Sphinx of the Second Sun. Shrines get extra value from the Sphinx and Golos powers the engine. I'm not saying that Golos is a secret commander here, but I could understand if you guys might think that. Whenever you pull Golos the first time, the main choices for the land tutor are The World Tree for mana fixing, Field of the Dead to start generating tokens/blockers per our singleton mana base, or Maze's End to begin our Guildgate plan, whic is the for-sure win condition of the deck. Outside of Maze's End, we can win by value from our token generators, Sanctum of All + Shrines, or the new outlets for burn that I've included in the deck: Crackling Perimeter to take advantage of Guildgates that aren't tapped for mana and Impact Tremors to take advantage of just how many Zombie, Soldier, and Spirit tokens this deck can create.

-The removal and interaction pieces serve double duty here: Chaos Warp/Oblation/Terminus/Hallowed Burial/Bant Charm/Hide / Seek/Reito Lantern/Noxious Revival/Submerge are geared to return Golos and/or Sphinx back to the deck so they can pull them back out and get more land fetches and protect our value pieces, as well as deal with threats on the board or in the graveyard. Pull from Eternity is in the deck for a similar effect to hopefully never be without Golos if he happens to get exiled. All in all, there are about 9 ways to get Golos back into the deck if he ends up in the graveyard, and one way to get him back from Exile. Homeward Path is a bit of a personal meta call-out. A friend of mine has a Thassa, Deep-Dwelling deck based around stealing permanents, so I side-board it in against that or if I suspect thievery is afoot. In general, it wouldn't be a terrible card to include since it's the only way that Golos can be put out of reach of most of our spicy recursion tech cards, especially if they have ways of giving hexproof, shroud, or other nasty effects that may fizzle our attempts to get him back.

-Our anti-aggro and stabilization effects like Propaganda/Sphere of Safety protect us from attackers, and Authority of the Consuls/Honden of Cleansing Fire/Sanctum of Stone Fangs are useful for gaining life. In addition to these, we have several token generators that serve to create blockers in case the other outlets aren't online yet: Field of the Dead/Endless Ranks of the Dead make us zombies, Honden of Life's Web produces 1/1 Spirit tokens that are good for chumping or sacrifice fodder for Goblin Bombardment, and last but not least, Assemble the Legion generates increasingly more tokens useful for defense, or offense. Starfield of Nyx is good recursion for a third of our deck as well as turning our enchantments into creatures to attack/block. Other ways to police the board include Honden of Infinite Rage/Goblin Bombardment to shoot down creatures and Sanctum of Tranquil Light can tap down Commanders and/or Scary Threats.

-Wheel of Sun and Moon is a card I discovered while building this deck, and I've gotta say, it's destined to be one of my new pet cards. Enchanting yourself means any one-time-use cards get put back on the bottom to be shuffled back in if The Prismatic Bridge has no targets to pull out. It also ensures Golos sticks around as long as he isn't exiled. Goblin Bombardment is featured as a sac outlet if I need or want to do so at instant speed which can fizzle peskier effects that might exile or steal my creatures. And on the converse, Wheel of Sun and Moon is a cute way to hose graveyard, self-mill, or mill decks that can be recycled with Chaos Warp, Oblation, or effects like Starfield of Nyx and Open the Vaults. Very flexible card. I love it. Also makes room for Energy Field if I ever decide to take the deck that direction.

-Wild Research is a bonkers card for this deck. Gambling for an enchantment, most importantly Wheel of Sun and Moon and Goblin Bombardment, or an instant, such as our interaction/recursion pieces or Nexus of Fate, is so much value. And, if we already have Wheel of Sun and Moon on the battlefield and enchanting ourselves, then discarding the tutored card/other important cards puts them back in the deck to be gambled for again or to be shuffled back from the bottom after any shuffle effect or Prismatic Bridge trigger. Keep in mind that Nexus of Fate gets around needing the Wheel to be recycled due to its replacement effect when it would be sent to the graveyard. If we layer triggers correctly, we can draw the card we discarded for turn if we really wanted to by putting the card on the bottom of our library right below one of the creatures the Bridge pulls out, as long as we don't shuffle afterwards. This would mean saying no to a land tutor with Golos which would be very situational. I really enjoy the choices and the intricate decisions this deck and its value engine(s) allow!

-There's room for putting in a Proteus Staff for stacking the top of your deck to be perfect for Golos's activation. Nexus of Fate/Reshape the Earth/Arcane Denial is a good choice for a pile sure to get a win in the next turn with one counterspell on tap in case of interaction. Goblin Charbelcher would also complement the Proteus Staff for an instant nuke of one player, but my sights are generally set higher, although the line of using a stacked Golos activation to get Nexus of Fate for turns also solves this problem. I'm still partial to using Maze's End as our main win-condition as it is a little harder to interact with to my mind; it's also a little cooler.

Full description coming soon, but from the times I've gotten to play this I've had so much fun, especially if you're looking for a departure from infinite combo/"I have these two cards so I win" gameplay! If you love innovative deck-building, upkeep triggers, and VALUE, this is a sweet deck to try out. Leave a like if you enjoy! and check out some of my other builds!


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