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Esika, God of the Tree   deck that focuses on ramping to The Prismatic Bridge   as fast as possible, cheating one or both of the only two creatures in our deck, and a lot of shrines/enchantments/lands with the purpose of mounting value from upkeep triggers and taking advantage of possibly getting land tutors 3 or 4 times a turn from shuffling Ulvenwald Hydra back into the deck. Since we only have two creatures, we can have a lot of fun by putting either one of them back into the deck to pull back out with the Bridge.

Disclaimer!! Golos, Tireless Pilgrim was recently banned, and in order to appease this change as well as promote a (hopefully) more fun playstyle for the deck, I've swapped out the scout for Ulvenwald Hydra. I plan on changing out some cards that took advantage of Golos's unique attributes in order to play some cards that play better to the Hydra's strengths. I hope this new gameplan will be more fun for me, my opponents, and whoever sees this list and wants to give it a try. Thanks! Leave a like if you enjoy!

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-The idea of the deck is non-creature/enchantment-based gameplay to allow for The Prismatic Bridge   to pull Hydra and/or Sphinx of the Second Sun the upkeep after it hits the field. Shrines get extra value from the Sphinx and Hydra is a house. Whenever you pull Hydra the first time, the main choices for the land tutor are The World Tree for mana fixing, Field of the Dead to start generating tokens/blockers per our singleton mana base, or Maze's End to begin our Guildgate plan, which is the for-sure win condition of the deck. Outside of Maze's End, we can win by value from our token generators, Sanctum of All + Shrines, or the new outlets for burn that I've included in the deck: Bastion of Remembrance and Impact Tremors to take advantage of just how many Zombie, Angel, and Spirit tokens this deck can create. Wild Research is a house and can tutor for nearly everything we would want to; Wild Research + Deflecting Swat can be used to protect our gameplan. The latest addition is the addition of cheap enchantments that can be recycled to our hand to take advantage of Hallowed Haunting/Sigil of the Empty Throne and Enchantress's Presence/Whirlwind of Thought.

A five-color deck like this one, especially one geared to tutor up lands as its win condition, naturally comes with a full swath of ramp in all forms at multiple Converted Mana Costs (Mana Values). I'll break it down in increasing order:

  • 0 cmc: Apart from guildgates, shock lands, two triomes (both searchable with Windswept Heath), and the Command Tower freebie, a good number of our lands are not very useful for mana fixing. The utility lands and basics are not efficient at covering the WUBRG spread to cast our commander, but The World Tree fixes our mana for us. Lotus Petal is a recent addition to the deck to get us to our Commander as fast as possible. It probably won't be fixing necessarily since we can get The World Tree very reliably, but Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth can help us cover black mana if we get bottlenecked.

  • 1 cmc: For fixing we have Abundant Growth that turns any land to a rainbow land as well as cantrips on ETB. Curse of Opulence was recently slotted in since it was sitting around doing nothing; it serves double uses here to give us Gold tokens as well as rewarding opponents for attacking someone other than us, hopefully giving us some longevity to pull off our shenanigans.

  • 2 cmc: The bulk of our ramp sits at this bit of our curve. Prismatic Omen and Fertile Ground work to get us our precious WUBRG. Farseek, Nature's Lore, Three Visits, and Arcane Signet push us one step closer to getting our engine online. Mana Bloom is not exactly 2 cmc ramp solely, but it exists as a flexible option to ramp us into our preparatory turns as well the turn we commit to taking it to THE BRIDGE  .

  • 3 cmc: Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest and Cultivate are both ramp and fixing. I included one basic land of each type for searching with Cultivate to fill any gaps left by our land draw. Sanctum can get us the one color we might be missing to cast our Prismatic Bridge. Chromatic Lantern gets us from 3 mana of any color to the WUBRG spread we need as long as we have enough lands.

  • 4 cmc: At this slot, we only have one of my favorite pet cards to rely on. Tempt with Discovery is one of my favorite ramp spells as it allows to tutor up at least one of the 37 different lands in my deck to suit my fancy and set me ahead, all while giving me practice at utilizing my political skills (easily the weakest muscle I have to flex at a commander table).

  • 6 cmc: Ulvenwald Hydra is one big ramp spell that we aim to utilize and accrue game-winning value out of through our deck construction.

  • 9 cmc: Last but not least, Reshape the Earth is the biggest ramp spell in our deck that can offer us up an instant win if it resolves with an extra uptap step or turn on deck behind its resolution. With Golos, Tireless Pilgrim as the commander, it served well to manipulate it to the top and cast it for the cost of a Golos activation, but in this iteration of the deck, it is a bit more fair as we can't cheat it out for less than it's actual cost. 9 mana, win the game is fair, right?

-The removal and interaction pieces serve double duty here: Chaos Warp/Oblation/Unexpectedly Absent/Terminus/Hallowed Burial/Quest for Ancient Secrets/Noxious Revival are geared to return Hydra and/or Sphinx back to the deck so they can pull them back out and get more land fetches and protect our value pieces, as well as deal with threats on the board or in the graveyard. Pull from Eternity is in the deck for a similar effect to hopefully never be without Hydra if he happens to get exiled. All in all, there are about 13 ways to get Hydra back into the deck if he ends up in the graveyard, and one way to get him back from Exile. Homeward Path is a bit of a personal meta call-out. A friend of mine has a Thassa, Deep-Dwelling deck based around stealing permanents, so I side-board it in against that or if I suspect thievery is afoot. In general, it wouldn't be a terrible card to include since it's the only way that Hydra can be put out of reach of most of our spicy recursion tech cards, especially if they have ways of giving hexproof, shroud, or other nasty effects that may fizzle our attempts to get our boy back.

-Our anti-aggro and stabilization effects like Authority of the Consuls/Honden of Cleansing Fire/Sanctum of Stone Fangs/Bastion of Remembrance are useful for gaining life. In addition to these, we have several token generators that serve to create blockers in case the other outlets aren't online yet: Field of the Dead makes us zombies, Honden of Life's Web produces 1/1 Spirit tokens that are good for chumping or sacrifice fodder for Goblin Bombardment, and last but not least, Hallowed Haunting/Sigil of the Empty Throne generates tokens based off of our enchantment casts. Other ways to police the board include Honden of Infinite Rage/Goblin Bombardment to shoot down creatures (or players).

  • Wheel of Sun and Moon is a card I discovered while building this deck, and I've gotta say, it's destined to be one of my new pet cards. Enchanting yourself means any one-time-use cards get put back on the bottom to be shuffled back in if The Prismatic Bridge   has no targets to pull out. It also ensures Hydra sticks around as long as he isn't exiled. Goblin Bombardment is featured as a sac outlet if I need or want to do so at instant speed which can fizzle peskier effects that might exile or steal my creatures. And on the converse, Wheel of Sun and Moon is a cute way to hose graveyard, self-mill, or mill decks that can be recycled with Chaos Warp, Oblation, etc. Very flexible card. I love it.

  • Wild Research is a bonkers card for this deck. Gambling for an enchantment, most importantly the combo Wheel of Sun and Moon and Goblin Bombardment to start our engine, or an instant, such as our interaction/recursion pieces like Deflecting Swat, is so much value. And, if we already have Wheel of Sun and Moon on the battlefield and attached to ourselves, then discarding the tutored card/other important cards puts them back in the deck to be gambled for again or to be shuffled back from the bottom after any shuffle effect or Prismatic Bridge trigger. If we layer triggers correctly, we can draw the card we discarded for turn if we really wanted to by putting the card on the bottom of our library right below one of the creatures the Bridge   pulls out, as long as we don't shuffle afterwards. This would mean saying no to a land tutor with Hydra which would be very situational. I really enjoy the choices and the intricate decisions this deck and its value engine(s) allow!

  • Tempt with Discovery is a funny card that I love. "You can go get a land to pay for my Rhystic Study" is a good way to tempt people lol

  • Mana Bloom gives me flexible ramp and fixing up to The Prismatic Bridge   which is better the faster we can achieve it. Its clause that returns it to your hand at the beginning of your upkeep allows us to recast it to either draw off of an effect like Enchantress's Presence/Whirlwind of Thought or create tokens with a new card in the deck: Hallowed Haunting.

Please enjoy and leave a like!


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