Sanctum of All

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Sanctum of All

Legendary Enchantment — Shrine

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may search your library and/or graveyard for a Shrine card and put it onto the battlefield. If you search your library this way, shuffle it.

If an ability of another Shrine you control triggers while you control six or more Shrines, that ability triggers an additional time.

Jakejeckle on Shrines

9 months ago

So just to reiterate, the fetch/shock lands were not working for me in this format. The hit to my life points was forcing me to play more defensively and retarding my wincon. My mana base has not been the issue in any single game I have played thus far except those outliers where sometimes you just get screwed. No I don't have any 1 drops but honestly(in casual deck/games) it isn't really a detriment. I havent been reliant on Chromatic Lantern at all. In fact, I'm thinking about pulling them since, more often than not, I don't usually need them and just use them for mana. I just happened to have a Chromatic Orrery so I thru it in for the card draw. Which in a deck like this is five cards. Azusa, Lost but Seeking + The Reality Chip has provided me with massive amounts of ramp, in all facets of the game. I have a Umori, the Collector version of this deck that runs almost of the cards you suggested but when it comes to actually playing the decks, I still like how this one plays more. That is because, all the cards you suggested don't often stay on the board for more than a turn or two and end up just being removed quickly. As stated above, keeping two mana in the wings is not an issue. Losing my Sanctum of All is an issue tho. I'm not sure what your beef with Negate is but it has been doing exactly what I need it to do which is to prevent the removal of my Sanctum of All. You are right about the removal and wipes tho. That is why I added The Kami War  Flip to the deck already and why I(even tho it's not reflected in the current list) main boarded Farewell.

Kazierts on Pioneer or Modern for a …

9 months ago

Just by looking at the title, you're probably thinking I'm a madman. If you are doing so, you're not wrong but I have my reasons.

I like building decks based around stupid ideas, more so if they sound fun. Shrines are cool, but a bit too mainstream for me. I could incorporate a random arbitrary restriction but that doesn't seem fun to me. So, I thought to myself, why not choose a companion to force a restriction? I'm not gonna go over why I didn't choose any of the otters (get it?), I'll just exlpain why Lutri, the Spellchaser was my choice. From what I've seen, most decks run singleton copies of every shrine, except for Sanctum of All. As such, Lutri immediately came to my mind. I would just have to find a way to make a 5 color deck on a budget with single copies of each nonland card. That's where the choice of formats come in.

Modern has the benefit of having a bigger pool of cards but I'm not sure if this deck would be as strong (or playable) as other casual decks. Pioneer, on the other hand, seems to be more receptive of this idea, seeing as there have been a few decks that have topped while playing the Guildgates, which is one of the packages I'm considering. Also, Lutri, has seen niche success in Pioneer.

Basically, this alongside which package to run, guildgates or snowduals with the subtypes, are my main struggles right again. I'm very interested to see what other people think about this.

Because I already know someone is probably gonna comment it, I know there's no reason to run Lutri. I just want to have fun building a dumb deck.

Jakejeckle on Shrines

9 months ago

RDWDTR I'm running multiples of those shrines now since your last suggestion. I'm not sure about main boarding the Idyllic Tutor. Its a good idea and would help with consistency but the deck is already getting a bit big and Sterling Grove does help fill that role. Umori is only 4 mana and I have a second version of this deck running Umori that I thought was a cool idea. Link is in the description. On paper I still like Negate more as protection from exile cards for my Sanctum of All. Eventually I will get a set of all the fetch and shock lands for this deck and a full set of City of Brass to replace Uncharted Haven. I like your idea for Courser of Kruphix but i think i like The Reality Chip to fill that slot instead. I will look at the Dryad of the Ilysian Grove for increasing my land drops. I appreciate your suggestions and you have some good ideas.

PirateCptAstera on Go-shintai adding tribal interaction with …

9 months ago

Now that the Go-shintai have been introduced and given us commander options for shrine tribal. I'm wondering about some interactions.

For instance now that "Shrine" is now shared between enchantment and creature types, does that allow cards that focus on creature types but then fail to specify that creature type later trigger on the enchantment only shrines?

For example: Morophon, the Boundless (with shrines named), would I then be able to cast Sanctum of All for free?

Or do non-creature spells with subtypes need the tribal tag in order for this to happen?

TypicalTimmy on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

10 months ago

I think it's cool that we now have a legitimate Commander for 5c Shrine Tribal with Go-Shintai of Life's Origin, instead of using Sanctum of All since Golos is banned.

Shrine Tribal is a pretty flimsy deck, having built it myself. You primarily win via burn from the few red Shrines. The rest don't really help out much other then slightly delaying the inevitable. The deck is so paper thin that one well-timed wrath decimates the deck and you can't function for the rest of the game.

Golos was beautiful in that you could wheel into random Shrines but he's gone now so that sucks. Sanctum of All works beautifully because you get that direct tutor, but what happens is you either play the deck one of two ways:

  • Always find the best possible Shrine for that specific moment in the game to try and inch closer toward winning, which feels highly mechanical and lackluster in my opinion
  • Shuffle the library and whatever you find first is what you get, no exceptions. Chaos style, which usually causes you to lose the game as you have no strategy or anything to fall back on

Go-Shintai is nice because you can return not just a Shrine but any sort of enchantment, so that makes it really useful to bring back your prisons to slow the game down enough to where you stand a chance.

The 1/1 Shrine creature tokens are also awesome because it expands your potential by a lot, since each Shrine will view these tokens and trigger off them as well.

Honestly, I sort of feel like a self-mill deck is worth it. Once you get the mana available and Go-Shintai is protected, you can dump your library into your graveyard. Now it's a free tutor. So rather than cramming a dozen tutors and draw into your deck, replace all of it with mill and sift the yard like a pro. It'll be a lot faster and a lot easier.

Add in Muldrotha for extra kick and you'll be cooking with gas in no time. The deck likely won't work well at all, more of a mid-tier casual deck, though.

Honestly, for a 5c deck, that's kind of sad. But, it's Shrine Tribal, baby! Still. Difficult to justify a deck that would be that expensive just to win only like 12% of the time... probably not worth buying, but could be fun to build as a challenge.

TypicalTimmy on New Format for EDH: Rule …

1 year ago

Rule 0 began as a hub idea, but quickly became it's own sub-format within the EDH community.

When you build a new deck, or update an existing deck, you can now select Commander: Rule 0 as an option for the format.

Rule 0 is important to EDH, because it allows the players to gauge their decks against one-another. You don't want to sit down with a cEDH deck when the rest of the table had precons, after all. Rule 0 is when players normally talk about the goals of their decks, what their assessed power levels are, whether or not their decks can combo off and go infinite and a variety of other things. However, occasionally a player will mention that they want to run a card or two that technically is illegal, per the Rules Committee. While it technically is against the rules, we must understand that EDH is a social format first and foremost. The social contract allows players to express their creativity and develop new deck constructions.

With that said, Commander: Rule 0 allows players to build decks here on Tappedout and have them recognized as "technically legal", as long as their table agrees to it. After all, it is important to recognize that we likely are not at each other's tables or LGS, and we should be respectful of other user's designs.

A Rule 0 deck is one that employs any of the following, in isolation or combination.

  • Your Commander is a silver-bordered Commander, such as Alexander Clamilton.
  • You Commanders do not have Partner or Partners With together, but you would like to still use them in tandem. For example, Stitcher Geralf and Ghoulcaller Gisa.
  • Your Commander is banned in the format, such as Iona, Shield of Emeria.
  • Your Commander isn't a Legendary Creature. Examples may be a Legendary Enchantment, a Legendary Artifact, a Legendary Planeswalker or perhaps even a Legendary Sorcery. An example could be Sanctum of All or Parhelion II.
  • You wish to run a Commander who isn't actually Legendary, such as Dune-Brood Nephilim.
  • In fact, it doesn't even have to be a "real" MTG card! Want to run Sliv-Mizzet, Hivemind? Go for it!

Rule 0 doesn't just account for what's in your Command Zone. It could also be, to a much less extent, what's in the library. Perhaps you wish to run a silvered border card or a banned card. Or perhaps more than just one as a silly theme set, such as a deck exclusively made out of the Unsanctioned Augment mechanic.

Technically, yes. But if you wish to employ such powerful cards, you may want to simply consider playing Canadian Highlander instead.

The purpose of Rule 0, as a format, is to breathe new life into janky decks. To reinvigorate your playgroup. To have hilarious antics, memorable plays and laughs with friends.

Rule 0 is EDH for those who want to put having a fun and hilarious time above winning. It's for those players who have a creative itch that the Rules Committee won't scratch.

Rule 0 is about finding those roots of Magic again, where it's a game meant to be played by those you enjoy spending time with. :)

Unfortunately, no. First and foremost, a land isn't cast. So it couldn't be cast from the Command Zone, regardless. Secondly, it's not very fair to open with a T1 Gaea's Cradle every single game.

Even if the entire table ran land destruction, mana to get your Cradle back is nothing and unfairly unbalances the game.

Furthermore, fetch lands extrapolate this issue even more, as now every single turn you are guaranteed a land of your choice.

The same can apply to any modal card that flips or transforms into lands, such as Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip. Permanents like these essentially put lands in your Command Zone, which just creates the same problem again.

So, unfortunately lands in the Command Zone are banned. Sorry.

TypicalTimmy on New Format: Rule 0

1 year ago

I'm actually building a Sanctum of All Shrine Tribal. It'll have all 11 Shrines plus Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx because while the Shrines are important and beautiful, a Shrine is worthless if you don't have a God to answer your prayers... ;)

RelinquishedAttempts on Sisay and the Legends

1 year ago

A lot of your lands enter tapped, so even though it's expensive, you should possibly interest yourself with an Amulet of Vigor. And maybe more synergistic with your deck, an Archelos, Lagoon Mystic. A lot of your legendary permanents are also mono colored, so you should try and find more multicolored cards. I would have suggested Defiler of Souls if Sisay herself wasn't mono white. Also, it's any legendary permanent, so you could even run the cycle of shrines (Honden and Sanctum cycles), or just the rainbow one, Sanctum of All, since that would give you all the colors. On the note of rainbow dudes, Child of Alara, O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami, and Cromat (who is hilarious), or something like them would be good maybe.

A card that you really should have though is Spirit of Resistance (once you get some more rainbow permanents). The only problem with rainbow permanents is that they cost at least five each, though you will already be open to paying that since you are going to activate Sisay's ability.

Skip casting costs with Dragon Arch.

Since you really want to activate Sisay's ability, maybe something like Chromatic Orrery or Chromatic Lantern would be good. Faeburrow Elder is perfect for this deck too.

Watch out for aggro strats and anything that's efficient, this deck seems really slow.

Finally, sorry about this, but you should take all these suggestions with a grain of salt because I am also not the best at magic.

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