Boros deck based around Mila, Crafty Companion  .

It utilizes a suite of superfriends as what will most likely get us to the point of winning the game as well as providing value and protection of the board state and life total.

A secondary theme of the deck for value is utilizing the Lorehold School's mechanic of graveyard manipulation to pull us ahead. Quintorius, Field Historian, Stonebound Mentor, and Fuming Effigy are the main outlets for capitalizing on already good effects. We can filter through our deck and fill the graveyard with cards like Faithless Looting, Thrill of Possibility, etc. Mistveil Plains, Bag of Holding, Shenanigans, Late to Dinner, Reconstruct History, and Triumphant Reckoning all are ways to have cards leave the graveyard. My personal favorite, however, is Abiding Grace; this is supported by the array of 1-drops which both power the Lorehold Engine as well as accruing their own personal value. The ability to recur Kami of False Hope, Children of Korlis, Soul Warden, Dragon's Rage Channeler, and Insolent Neonate is super useful in protecting our Planeswalkers/life total as well as winning the fight for value in a 100 card singleton format. The 1-drops also serve as lightning rod permanents in case they become the target of an opponent's spell or ability via Mila's second ability.

We also pull more value from Mila, Crafty Companion  's first ability by using cards that force our opponents to attack in their combat steps. Not only does this make the game more action-packed and fun, it also helps our Planeswalkers grow closer to their powerful ultimate abilities. Trove of Temptation, Gideon Jura and Fumiko the Lowblood are ways to ensure this happens. We run "fog" spells and Kami of False Hope to protect our life total and loyalty counters while still accruing value.

Moon-Blessed Cleric is a one-card value engine, and I LOVE IT! Tutor first for Teleportation Circle, and then next turn, you're set up to draw any of the relevant enchantments in the deck, primarily Goblin Bombardment for a winning combo, Trove of Temptation for Mila value and ramp, or Abiding Grace for value and blockers from beyond the grave, or just to get ETB triggers off other creatures. It also blinks artifacts, so there exists a neat synergy with Cursed Mirror to become a copy of a creature with haste for a split second. More generally, it can untap any artifact you control should you need the mana for an instant or for an activation of Sunforger.

I really worked hard on getting this deck into a usable and interesting state because Boros is hard to build, so please upvote and enjoy!


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