Sphinx of the Second Sun

Sphinx of the Second Sun

Creature — Sphinx


At the beginning of your postcombat main phase, you get an additional beginning phase after this phase. (The beginning phase includes the untap, upkeep and draw steps.)

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Sphinx of the Second Sun Discussion

Davinoth on Urza's Gamble [Stax EDH]

1 month ago

     DawnsRayofLight: Thank you, great suggestions!

     I am running Counterspell, so I'm not quite sure what you mean about running Stoic Rebuttal over it. I've considered cutting SR a few times for Negate, but I always end up deciding against it, as it's nearly always another Counterspell. This slot is more likely to become Disallow and eventually Force of Will. =)

     Absolutely love AEtherize! Used it a lot in standard back in the RTR block; I should definitely find a home for it here! I think I'll definitely consider Aetherspouts as well. Propaganda is really good with the land control, but I always feel like without running a whole Pillow Fort package, it's an enchantment I can't tap for mana. Same kind of feelings for Dissipation Field, despite the strength of the card.

     Manascape Refractor is an awesome suggestion that I hadn't considered! Definitely going to look to make room for it. Field and Vale, though, I feel would just slow me down more than they would be beneficial in the face of some of my stax effects. I'd be more inclined to add Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx back into the deck, I think.

     This deck honestly doesn't need more win-more cards. I used to have it very full of big value creatures like Darksteel Colossus and Sphinx of the Second Sun that I could turn up with Urza's active, which was fine - but I'd frequently find myself stuck with too many in my early hand, and was way more susceptible to being mana-screwed. At this point I'm down to one big fatty in Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur. All that being said, I am planning to eventually cut God-Pharaoh's Statue for Blightsteel Colossus haha. =P

     Metalworker would be a great pickup too, but I'd definitely be more inclined to trade for than buy, and finding someone willing to trade one is easier said than done lol

     Thanks again! =)

Coco910 on Lynde's Cursed Evening

1 month ago

Also noticed that if add Followed Footsteps back in alongside adding Aggravated Assault to the list, you can get infinite phases with Sphinx of the Second Sun. Along with infinite sphinxes. I just wanted to move all our curses but this happened lol.

Neotrup on Can Mirage Mirror copy Celestial …

2 months ago

You could manage this with a second upkeep, using either Paradox Haze or Sphinx of the Second Sun. Or in silver boarder magic use Topsy Turvy to take you upkeep late in the turn.

xSean on Braids, Conjurer Adept

3 months ago

She was my first commander. Consider Caged Sun, Kederekt Leviathan, Sphinx of the Second Sun and a Paradox Haze on a stick, Ixidron, Clever Impersonator and Whelming Wave. Have fun!

Ghool on Prismatic Superfriends

3 months ago

I like that Paradox Haze. My Esika deck is currently using Sphinx of the Second Sun for the extra upkeep step. May have to add the Haze also.

Lokust on Mr. Steal your girl

4 months ago

DoomNoodle, thanks for checking my list out. Yeah I considered Sphinx of the Second Sun , at first I stayed away because I was trying to keep a low curve and I also play in a boardwipe heavy group. Now I just haven't tried to figure out what I could remove for it. For now I will put it in my maybe list since I do want to try it out eventually.

DoomNoodle on Mr. Steal your girl

4 months ago

I love this and been brewing around this guy for a while now and is the dimir commander Ive been waiting for. have you considered Sphinx of the Second Sun for that extra upkeep at post combat main phase?

mlequesne on Riku of Many Biovisionaries

4 months ago

I find that Sphinx of the Second Sun has a lot of synergy with Biovisionary since it gives you more mana, and more cards in a single turn that can help you combo. Also you can win in your 2nd begining phase.

See you!

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