Note: this version was abandoned 11/23 Please see the interaction heavy variant instead Sisay Waifu deck Waifu supremacy.

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain is a five color deck that leverages her as a value engine to tutor for an infinite combo. Sisay herself doesn't get too big, but her value is making a powerful crew of creature that can go wide or combo off.

This version was more or less a year in the making after netdecking and toying with different combos. I finally got too frustrated and needed to write my thoughts out to configure the deck to its competitive form. In laying out Sisay, I was finally able to see weakspots, see missing pieces, and write generalized thoughts about Sisay, Weatherlight Captain.

personal reference mostly

10/22: I netdecked a Sisay deck a month after Jodah the Unifier was released. Jodah seemed like a cool pseudo legendary cascade commander. I was in the mood to toy with a new cEDH deck, so I gave it a try. Unfortunately, this opened the floodgates to realizing 1. there are way too options for legendaries 2. Sisay and Jodah decks have very different builds - Jodah cascading into a land or 0 drop is very sad 3. a lot of the decks online have the wrong ratios and are fragile/bricky.

Credit to u/riledupwhitekid for the Sisay tutor chains cEDH deck that acted as one of the original bases for this deck back in 2022. The deck noticeably leverages fast mana, which I didn't really enjoy but made me realize it's one valid way to try sisay.

1/23: I finished my first variant. I concluded that Sisay needs 20+ legendary nonland permanents to synergize well, but even then it's fragile. Considered taking the deck apart.

5/23: Sisay was reborn into a lecherous monstrosity of a deck legendary breasts with only art of only big breasted women. (I wish I did not have these needs.) Unfortunately, the Waifu deck accidentally became enar cEDH even without fast mana and became fine tuned after a few months. You can see the decklist here. (The cEDH version replaces 5-8 lands with fast mana: Mana crypt, jewled lotus, etc.) Sisay Waifu deck

9/23: After a few months of playing my waifu Sisay deck and this version, I slowly realized that the Waifu deck won more games than this variant so something was seriously wrong. As it turns out, the cEDH version was filled with too many fast cards but not enough protections, draw, and engines as the waifu deck. As such, the waifu deck played to the Commander's weaknesses, and the cEDH version fortified its strengths which it has too many of. This is first revamp of the deck. 10/23: A solid draft was finally built by upgrading the waifu version. -Card draw improved with proxies. $1 card draw is replaced with staples like Necropotence, Timetwister, etc. -All relevant fast mana and lands in deck accounted for. cannot go under 29 lands. -My waifu variant ran about 19 interaction, so I wanted to match that somehow. Running a rule of law card is very tempting.

11/23: ABANDONED THIS IDEA. It's not working. The waifu version keeps working better, although this works better for Jodah. Focusing solely on that build over this one. Waifu supremacy.

Sisay pops in and out of the cEDH meta. Her biggest issue is being locked out of the game once any 5 color hate pieces like Back to Basics, Blood Moon, or search negation hits board like Opposition Agent and Aven Mindcensor, and to an extent Archivist of Oghma.

However, Sisay makes up for her problems by being a relatively fast toolbox, able to tutor up any solution to a problem and often being able to play under rule of law or mystic remora once enough resources are built and Sisay can simply activate her ability.

My personal opinion is that it's on the lower end of the cEDH. Sisay is slow, requiring WUBRG mana to trigger her, and it's tough that to ramp up to all 5 colors consistently. Sisay also is inherently fragile if your opponents know how to play against it or are shotgunning removal. However, Sisay's largest strength is her rogue status and ability to tutor anytime, winning with a combo out of left field that can take people who have never played against her by surprise. In addition, she's an excellent toolbox commander, with an optimized version able to tutor for any answer, such as Ertai Resurrected.

Many variants of cEDH Sisay exist. Here is a brief list of ones I've played against or seen online. - Pure tutor chains (this version) exist to leverage sisay to search a few times to win through infinite mana. - pod lines exist to use Sisay or Blood Pod to search for the final piece to a combo. e.g. Felidar Sovereign Saheeli Raj, Chain of Vapor + Magecraft. They can be bricky but are stronger under stax and are less threatening for removal. Kiki-Jiki is usually the line as the untap stuff synergizes well. - 5 color goodstuff versions use the barebones Sisay package and leverage goodstuff - Jegantha companion is pretty good. Honestly, the only legendaries you need are in a Sisay deck with more than one of the same color symbol are Linvala, Emiel the Blessed and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. If you find a line without those, more power to you. The problem is that you will spend a total of 8 mana for that payoff. - Najeela + Derevi Lines: Only works in cEDH, as other power levels generally have creatures able to block Najeela. But it's a possibility!

This section is exclusively my findings, strategies, and findings about Sisay Decks.

I specifically built this as a proactive deck rather than a reactive one, as the deck can leverage combos quickly. Once you have a critical mass of WUBRG mana, you basically can go on autopilot and, if left uninterrupted, can win in 2 turns.

In terms of Legendary matters, you want to have a good repository of Legendary creatures in a Sisay deck. Your usual game plan will involve ramping up mana, Once you hit 5 mana sources and Sisay on board, your plan is good to go. Once Sisay gets up to a 4/4 (2 buffs) you are usually able to get most of the combos in your deck.

A lot of decks online use 16 legends at most, which I think is a mistake. The problem of thinning a Sisay package to less cards is that it becomes difficult to buff up Sisay, so you will waste more turns buffing up Sisay rather than activating for wincons. My decks use at least 21 legendary nonlands to be consistent enough while ramping up power.

In choosing legendaries, any legendary that is part of a toolbox, helps your game plan, or is a net 1 cost is great. Ertai resurrected acts as a counter/removal, Derevi is essential to the gameplan, Kalain//Dihada//Ruby immediately get mana. At the same time, they all buff up Sisay, which is fantastic.

Colors matter a lot in Sisay. As such, I've avoided a lot of fast mana that produces generic stuff like Grim Monolith or Mana Vault. In its place even lotus petal and spirit guides are better. I've opted not to use Chrome mox and it doesn't necessarily get the right colors, and in a vacuum, Lotus Petal or Mox Diamond is just better.

Lands also matter in Sisay, and often you need to activate Sisay using lands. For this, I have included 30+ lands to stay on the healthy side.

Sisay appears difficult and confusing to people who have never played her before but actually has relatively linear lines and has choke points of removal, search stax, and creature stax. Nonetheless, that does mean you'll have to be able to explain the lines/stack interactions.

Sisay decks can be annoying with the number of times they tutor in addition to being a five color deck that warrants fetchlands.
However, Sisay makes up for her problems by being a relatively fast toolbox, able to tutor up any solution to a problem and often being able to play under rule of law or mystic remora once enough resources are built and Sisay can simply activate her ability.

_It's worth noting that Sisay is a convuluted deck. The deck has weak spots, but unless your opponents have played against it multiple times, they really won't know how to stop the deck outside of the usual removal, opposition agent, Linvala, etc. Keep these in your mind rather than something to be expected. _

Sisay is a very fragile deck. From my playtests, simply removing 2 or more legendary nonland permanents is enough to slow down Sisay enough to lose momentum. This includes Sisay. The worst is removing a legendary on activation, as Sisay looks at the last available board state.

If Sisay is removed on activation, the game checks her on the last available game state (so she still gets her buffs). I've had to explain this a few times more than I'd like.

5 color weaknesses: Blood Moon Magus of the Moon Back to Basics

Search Hate: Aven Mindcensor Opposition Agent.

Creature Hate: Linvala, Keeper of Silence Drana and Linvala Cursed Totem

Warrants running more creature removal such as Swords to Plowshares and Dismember.

Derevi//Emiel//Mount Doom

This is the main Win condition of the deck. It requires 1-2 tutor turns. It usually goes as follows: 1. Sisay at 4+ power. Tutor for Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. Skip this step if you have a single mana source that can get at least four mana (Bloom Tender, Faeburrow, Gaea's Cradle, etc.) 2. Next Turn, Tutor for Derevi. Derevi Enters to Untap Selvala for at least 4 mana. 3. Use mana to tutor for Emiel the Blessed. 4. Activate Emiel for 3 to Blink Derevi. Derevi enters to Untap Mana Dork for 4. Repeat Ad Infitum for Infinite Mana. 5. Activate Sisay to Search for Mount Doom. Use Derevi to Untap Mount Doom infinite times and drain your opponents for game. (for what it's worth mentioning, before the LOTR set, you had to Shivan Gorge instead of Mount Doom).

FREED FROM THE REAL//PEMMIN'S AURA Inf Mana: Enchant onto a mana dork producing 2+ mana e.g. Selvala, Heronblade Elite, Sanctum Weaver, Ilysian Caryatid. Bloom Tender and Faeburrow elder don't win immediately but provide enough value

This line might get cut at a later date. It works in my cEDH Kenrith deck but only because you have sufficient stax pieces. The idea is that this is a way to win within the first 4 turns, is not reliant on Sisay, and forces your opponents to use their counterspells/removal. However, they're mildly bricky as they don't do anything by themselves.


Every cEDH player's favorite topdeck wincon, Thassa's oracle is an auto include in most decks running at least 4 colors. Thoracle and Jace win immediately with Demonic Consultstion and Tainted Pact. She's an auto win the game, and there's enough counterspells that it can work. Just pray for no Angel's Grace.

Jace might be included at a later date as he's a four drop that's not a bad draw engine.

Green Sun's Zenith Extort Blind Obedience The idea behind this is line is that Green Sun's Zenith is an autoinclude in the deck, so you add in a stax piece to win the game. Once you have infinite mana and can draw your entire library, you Extort your opponents using Blind Obedience for game. Safer than Thassa's Oracle.

Thrasios Use to find any of the above Also Works as a great mana sink if you don't have the right colors

Here are some notes for the niche card breakdown and some general notes for a Sisay deck.

One Drops: Oath of Nissa: actually good value engine. Its just as viable in Sisay cEDH as it is in Pioneer. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer or Cultist of the Absolute or Skrelv, Defector Mite

Gaea's Cradle. Sisay's Greatest Advantage is to find Gaea's cradle for free. You can use it to find the Derevi Emiel Mount Doom Line Above.

Relic of Legends//Esika, God of the Tree Only useful if your deck has enough legendary creatures. Do not use if you run less than 20 or are more planeswalker heavy. Esika might get cut.

Chrome Mox Chrome mox is great, but the issue with Sisay is that she needs the exact 5 colors. It's simply unlikely to get the exact colors necessary. Pitching a multicolor card to Sisay is not ideal as it's more than likely a card that's more ideal to buff up sisay anyways.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben The best innistrad waifu has no place in this deck. You need your mana for counterpspells and interaction. Meta call at best.

Chromatic Orrery Somewhat of a brick. High cost but high payoff. Requires a build using exclusively fast mana as with many cEDH decks e.g. mana vault, dark ritual. Cannot be searched off Sisay unless you use Cultist of the Absolute (Turns Sisay's base 2/2 into 6/6), and even then Sisay must be 8 with 2 legendary pips (she maxes out at 7 with 5 color pips).

Gemstone Caverns Delighted Halfling Sisay decks really care about color pips. As such, you want to be able to start with colors ASAP regardless of cost. Gemstone Caverns only has a 7/99 chance of being in opening hand and a 5% chance of getting lucky and not going first in a four-person pod. Otherwise, it's a dead colorless card. Similiarly, Delighted Halfling only gives colorless mana. Yes your legends can't be countered, but you'll more likely be sinking mana into Sisay rather than casting legendary spells. Sisay is usually not the active threat in cEDH anyways. Use Vexing Shusher or Destiny Spinner or Veil of Autumn if you're that paranoid

Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy It does too little too late. The big issue with Kinnan is that it doesn't funnel the colors in the right ways. The most value I've got out of Kinnan is a few mana more for a counterspell I could have already cast. Kinnan is a great value engine, but You really have to build a deck specifically for Kinnan or with less colors. Kinnan is often used as a final piece. I've replaced Kinnan with Thrasios for consistency. Thrasios is also easier to trigger when holding up instant spells.

Opposition Agent and Aven Mindcensor These are not inherently bad, but they can end your game if someone uses Praetor's Grasp, Mneomic Betrayal, or Phantasmal Image on you, you've cost yourself the game. Use a different stax piece if you want.


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