You heard it here first! In before all the posers try and say THEY were the first ones to realize Kalemne was absolutely insane!

Artifact voltron!

My goal when playing this deck is to target the strongest / most difficult to deal with opponent at the table and eliminate that player before he/she can take control of the game. After that, stabilize, protect Kalemne, and try to win! Boros can be a difficult color combo in EDH because you may end up spending most of your resources before everyone else does, but that's why we're running Wheel of Fortune effects and Ghirapur Orrery!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)

(Maybeboard is a list of things I either want or am testing or are things I've taken out for the moment)

Current flex spot: Dreadhorde Arcanist?

Current boardwipe flex spot: Hallowed Burial

Current land flex spot: Mishra's Factory


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