There are no fingerprints deep under water.

Cue Whale Song and Metal Intro

The idea of this deck actually sort of came to me in a dream. I woke up and said "Mermaider!" Knowing an EDH deck must be born. Sort of a Vorthos deck based on one evil merMAN (father!) Finding an awful eldritch blade and causing death from the deep.

Despite the low creature count, the unblockable and card draw keeps the board filled with little threats until we can start hitting our "leviathans." Hard to miss the curve with so many little dorks and a stupid amount of card draw.

I always want to keep the feel of the deck. I have a custom category for "Sea Monster" because it's really all about merfolk summoning something terrible. More often than not, though, I end up with merfolk anthems busting in unblocked.

The deck is weirdly consistent because its primary mechanic is card draw. Though I've tried to include some mill and value-from-mill too. The only rule is I need to keep it aquatic-focused. Floods and torrents and Walk the Plank can never leave.

Obviously needed to keep a good suite of removal in the deck. Can't have Mermaider without murder! Big check for this one.

"Hold your breath and swim and strain Smell of death can't escape Blood will cloud, drift away Attract the murders of mermaids"


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