Merfolk Secretkeeper

Merfolk Secretkeeper

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

(You may cast Merfolk Secretkeeper from exile if you sent it on an adventure.)

Venture Deeper

Sorcery — Adventure

Target player puts the top four cards of their library into their graveyard.

(You may cast Venture Deeper for from anywhere that you have the permission to cast this, then exile it on an adventure instead of putting it into your graveyard. When you have not chosen to cast Venture Deeper, this card is treated only as Merfolk Secretkeeper in whatever zone it is in.)

(Example scenarios for Venture Deeper: You may cast this off of Melek, Izzet Paragon. You may not target this with Snapcaster Mage. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben increases the cost of this. Electrodominance requires X=1. You may cast this from a cascade spell if the spell has a cost greater than Merfolk Secretkeeper's cost. If you cast a Venture Deeper that another player owns, only you may cast the Merfolk Secretkeeper that gets sent on an adventure, not the owner.)

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Merfolk Secretkeeper Discussion

TheVectornaut on High Alert Hijinks

4 months ago

Aegis Turtle is strictly better than Merfolk Secretkeeper or Yoked Ox here. I'm also a big fan of Wall of Omens for High Alert decks. Having played with Wall of Blossoms in Assault Formation for many years, I can say that the ability for a creature to replace itself is invaluable for this kind of deck that doesn't get a lot of card advantage elsewhere. On the more experimental side, I think The Birth of Meletis could be an interesting choice where you delay the wall entry in order to gain a land.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on

5 months ago

A couple of deck philosophy problems with this deck.

  1. Why so many counterspells? If you're going for a control mill plan, you'll want either white for boardwipes or black for solid removal.

  2. 66 cards? Believe me, I used to have this problem a lot. Finding the last few cards to take out when deckbuilding is a huge problem for me because they all seem so useful! The argument that persuaded me to always have the strength to cut something was this. You have 66 cards. Logically, some cards are going to be weaker than others. You have a strongest card and a weakest card. Why are you letting yourself draw your weakest (66th best) card when you could have drawn anything else in your deck that's just better? The same logic applies to anything outside of your 60 best cards. You just have to find which are the 60 strongest.

  3. There are a lot of 1x and 2x cards in here. Consistency is a very big part of building a deck. That's why >60 card decks are considered bad, and it's why you want as many copies of your good cards as possible. Similar argument to the >60 card argument. Why draw your weaker cards when you could've used that space in the deck for your stronger cards?

  4. 22 lands. Most 60-card decks run 24, higher for decks with lots of high CMC cards and lower for more aggro decks with low-cost spells. 24 is about right for this deck, more like 28 if you have the 6 extra nonland cards. I don't do the math on this one, but people who have say that 22 lands isn't enough to consistently make a deck of average average CMC work.

Okay, now on to specific cards. I think there are a lot of cards that don't fit with your gameplan here, so I'll just focus on what I think you should be trying to do. You said this is a turbo mill deck, so let's focus on milling as much as possible. Didn't Say Please is a good one to give you a little bit of control (usually you'll use this to stop a crab from dying). More Maddening Cacophony is probably good, as it's just better than Merfolk Secretkeeper (which I don't think is good enough for the deck) and one of the best straight mill spells around. Vantress Gargoyle is good to have not for the mill but for the utility as a blocker and alternate win (unlikely). If you're really centered around Teferi's Tutelage (which is not a bad idea, it's strong mill), have more card draw. Frantic Inventory is a good one, as are Thirst for Meaning and Opt , which you already have. Fabled Passage is strictly better than Evolving Wilds if you have them. I crafted the full playset because I use them in so many decks.

Unenlightened on Landfall mill

7 months ago

I just copied this and modified it. I took out the handful of green cards and the expensive lands and replaced them with Burnished Hart s and Evolving Wilds . Evolving Wilds gives you two landfall triggers for one land play at the cost of slow mana, but as long as you've got crabs (ba-dum-tsh) you're basically paying 1 for an extra landfall trigger. I also ditched the snow lands and ice crabs in favor of Merfolk Secretkeeper and Mind Sculpt . Also added a couple of Counterspell s because, really, it's blue.

Take a look

eli2 on Song of Creation Self Mill

9 months ago

rjife Thanks a lot for yor recommendations! I constructed the deck to mill my own library in one turn (as soon as I play Song of Creation), to avoid the discard effect of Song of Creation and getting stuck with drawing lands afterwards. Therefore I had to limit all cards which wouldn't help milling myself to a minimum. Because of this, mana ramp like Llanowar Elves or Arboreal Grazer could damage my consistency more than helping me to play Song of Creation earlier.

Because I plan to mill myself straight after playing Song of Creation, I usaly have no mana left except for the additional land drop allowed by Song of Creation, which I need to play the legendary creature (Zurgo Bellstriker). So Merfolk Secretkeeper would not help me in this deck much, because it costs mana.

Lastly Rosethorn Acolyte, the reason I chose not to play this card is a little bit more complex. Without going into depth, Rosethorn Acolyte would have pretty much the same fuctionality in this deck as Skirk Prospector. Both ramp (if i have a land to less), both draw more cards for net zero mana. Unfortunately i am not able to play both, because of potential mana issues while milling. I have chosen Skirk Prospector in this deck, because it still can help me playing Song of Creation on turn 4 with just 3 Lands and an Idyllic Tutor in hand. I know that Rosethorn Acolyte could fix potential mana issues for playing Song of Creation or Idyllic Tutor, but I rarely experienced any, while testing this deck.

Mabey trying to mill the own library in just a single turn is not the best approach, but it makes this deck fast. Mabey I'll create a more consistent and slower strategy one time, then you recommendations will be great for me, especially the adventure cards could help to start milling again after discarding the own hand.

TheRoaringRegisaur on Troubled Waters

9 months ago

Cool! Two comments: First, idk about Merfolk Secretkeeper. You don't need mill and it can't do damage without help. There are other cmc 1 merfolk. Mist-Cloaked Herald to attack before you get islandwalk, Benthic Biomancer, Cursecatcher, Merfolk Spy, etc. Comment two: I think you'll empty your hand quickly. For card draw, consider Curiosity and/or Seafloor Oracle. Also: make a sideboard, maybe with Merfolk Trickster or Triton Tactics

aholder7 on Is my pet card good

9 months ago

even in modern, CA doesn't really fit mill decks as they usually go all out for the mill kill. CA doesn't have evasion of any kind either which really hinders him. if you want to make a deck that allows them to do well, i'd suggest a dimir control deck with lots of cheap hand disruption and counter spells with a few nice finishers with this as one. your discard spells are no longer blanks against empty enemy hands because of the mill option. admittedly there are probably better options but i feel that he is more reasonable in this build than a straight mill deck.

vague list assuming you want budget.

4x Raven's Crime

2x Harsh Scrutiny

2x Duress

4x Mana Leak

2x Negate

4x Drown in the Loch

4x Merfolk Secretkeeper

3x Blizzard Specter

3x Consuming Aberration

24x land

that leaves a few cards to add and you can fill them out to fit your style

Heavy into mill 4x Mind Funeral 4x Maddening Cacophony

more dudes on the field 4x Thing in the Ice  Flip 4x Aegis Turtle

bigger spells are cooler 4x Devastation Tide 4x Set Adrift

if you didn't want this to be budget obviously add snapcasters and fetches and feel free to add more cards like Remand.

ConsumingKiribo on Mill 3000

9 months ago

Checking back again, all I really have to say for now is remove Guard Gomazoa and add either Merfolk Secretkeeper to MILL MORE or Drown in the Loch.

I also have Phenax's Wallapalooza ft. Millipede which will have some cards you might want to put in your deck. It's not quite burn mill as I limit myself to focusing around Phenax, God of Deception x Consuming Aberration but try looking around the deck to see if there's anything you'd like in the deck.

AdamThePig on Rush Format-Milling Fast!

9 months ago

Any reason not to play Underground Sea?

Also, Merfolk Secretkeeper seems better than Wall of Lost Thoughts to me if you aren't running many/any swamps. Also worth considering Gemstone Mine. Not a huge fan of Darkwater Catacombs instead of just like a fetch land, but I might be wrong.

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