Please make sure you understand the Guidelines to Trading

TheRealSpecialK's Binder

These are the Rares and Mythics I have that aren't being used. If there is a specific Rare or Mythic you don't see but are interested in, just ask - I might have it in a deck or sideboard I'm not using.

I didn't list my uncommons because I have so many. Again, if there are any uncommons you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask if I have it.

I collect Planeswalkers, so if you have one I don't have listed in my wants, I still might be interested. The ones in my wants list are the ones I'd like to pick up now, but there are still quite a few I don't have.

Shoutout to golgarigirl, philktoken8998,orzhov_is_relatively_okay819, and KillDatBUG for great trading experiences.

I have purchased cards from SamCre1993 and had a great experience. They excelled at communication through some mix-ups, and I was very happy with their responsiveness. Highly recommended!