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Yet another take on 5c planeswalkers, with focus on planeswalkers-good-stuff sprinkled with good stuff and control.

Highlights and synergies

Why the chosen planeswalkers

I don't have a formula for how to select planeswalkers. I use common sense and identified combos. Even though Narset Transcendent's +1 is sort of meh, and -2 is almost useless in this deck, I'll play her for the off-chance of playing her with Doubling Season and -9 her straight away... because it is that good.

Why Sliver Queen

I am not really impressed with any of the 5C legendary creatures, so I'm trying to make the most with what I can get.

Sliver Queen is a nice token producer with Doubling Season and Rings of Brighthearth, but that is it. She can spit out a lot of tokens (i.e., a lot of blockers).

Sliver Hivelord is indestructible which is good defence for the planeswalkers, and combos nicely with Spreading Plague. His main drawback is that he can only block one creature.

Child of Alara has poor synergy with the deck, as it will destroy my precious planeswalkers. It will most likely work aginst me.

Progenitus is slightly better than Sliver Hivelord but he costs 10 chroma! That is ! He practically demands that I include Fist of Suns, which I really don't want to make room for (including tutors).


  • I don't want to spend money on dual lands for this deck, as I mainly see it as a gimmic. If it turns out to be more than that, I'll do the dual+shock+fetches+5c lands combo.
  • Unfortunately I don't own a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, so he is not in the deck. If I ever acquire one, it will be for this deck.

Thoughts on Maybe board

Known weaknesses

  • Mainly relies on tokens for defense

All suggestions are welcome

  • Can choice of walkers be improved?
  • How I should improve my defense, and what should I cut?
  • Please always suggest cuts when you make a suggestion

Please +1 Upvote if you like where the deck is going!


Updates Add

I have reviewed the last years addition to the planeswalker suite and support cards, and come up with the following minor adjustments


Candidates for replacement

  • Liliana Vess: She is not pulling her weight and her usefullness depends on the decks I am playing against.

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