Emergent Ultimatum

Emergent Ultimatum


Search your library for up to three monocolored cards with different names and exile them. An opponent chooses one of those cards. Shuffle that card into your library. You may cast the other cards without paying their mana costs. Exile Emergent Ultimatum.

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Set Rarity
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Emergent Ultimatum Discussion

SynergyBuild on shadow63

2 weeks ago

Also, Emergent Ultimatum is a new Tooth and Nail, and Warp World is also super legal xD

It's a weird banlist, also Shaman of Forgotten Ways is a better Biorhythm pretty much always xD

slashdotdash on 5 color no theme deck

1 month ago

Dear Kronhamilton

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is my favorite commander, and I've been brewing around him ever since he was teased. Let me just say you've chosen an excellent commander.

(I’ve written quite a lot in an attempt to make a sort of guide for you, so if you want the short version, check out the Suggestions panel)

Golos can be tricky to build around since he can do literally anything pretty well. The easiest way to make an effective Golos deck is to lean into Golos's 7 Mana Rainbow Wheel Of Death. Before getting into that though, we need to cover some EDH deckbuilding basics.

I think the most useful advice I can give someone who is just beginning to explore the deck-building territory of EDH is to structure your deck and mind your Ratios. By this I mean it is useful to categorize the cards in your deck according to the role they fulfill.

We’ll begin by looking at some core categories that you’ll want to make your deck function effectively. Then I’ll present the Ratios (how many of each category of card) you will want to make a generic Golos deck function effectively. Next, I’ll include a detailed (but not totally complete, because I’d be here all day) catalogue of cards within some of those categories. I’ll also offer up some suggestions and input about some of your specific card choices. Lastly, since I’m about to unpack a lot of information, I will include a brief list of suggestions (see the bottom) for a generically good Golos ‘Shell’ that should be able to support most Golos strategies.


  • Draw

  • Ramp

  • Removal

  • Sweepers

  • Threats

  • Support

  • Land

Draw Show

Ramp Show

Removal Show

Sweepers Show

Threats Show

Support Show

Land Show

The art of Ratios is all about determining what combination of cards from each category makes your deck run the most smoothly.

Please note that these Ratios will not total to 99 cards. This is because you will invariably have extra flexibility to choose how your deck behaves even after establishing functional Ratios. Also keep in mind that although these Ratios do recommend you adhere to the minimum number of cards in each category, you still can choose which cards will fill those slots. The point is not to restrict your options, but instead to create a ‘Shell’ that is reliable enough to power your Threats cards, Support cards, and other cards. Whatever you do, make sure you have at least the minimum number of Draw and Ramp cards. THE MOST IMPORTANT CARDS IN THE DECK ARE DRAW AND RAMP!!!

While I ultimately suggest Ratios resembling the Basic Golos Shell, I will lay out the Ratios for several different Shells;

  • Template: a sort of baseline beginner’s guide which is commonly promoted as a place to start.

  • Basic Golos: a modified version of the Template that suites most Golos decks.

  • Control: a version tailored for a slower game with many Sweepers.

  • Aggro: a version designed to act quickly and deploy Threats before the opponents are prepared.

  • Big Mana: a version invested heavily into Ramp with the goal of deploying many end-game Threats.

  • Mega Mana: an even more extreme version of Big Mana with extremely expensive Threats.

Template Show

Basic Golos Show

Control Show

Aggro Show

Big Mana Show

Mega Mana Show

Draw Show

Please remember that any suggestions I make are because I am trying to help. Ultimately, the choices you make with your deck are up to you, and I can only provide constructive criticism based on my own experience and opinions.

Good luck :)

Ratio Fixing

The most effective change to your deck would probably be adjusting the Ratios, especially with regard to your Draw cards. Applying the most basic Template Shell, you want to have at least these three quantities nailed down for a smoother and reasonably powerful deck;

  • Lands – 36 --> You have 40 Lands (Cut 4 Lands)

  • Ramp – 10 --> You have 5 true Ramp cards (Add 5 to 8 Ramp cards)

  • Draw – 10 --> You have 3 true Draw cards (Add 7 to 10 Draw cards)

What I counted in your deck Show


Depending on how strong your Mutate subtheme is, some of your Mutate inclusions may act as engines. However, I must state that Mutate is a VERY risky and even fragile strategy since your Mutate ‘Pile’ of creatures will all be destroyed at once if your opponent uses a Removal spell or a Sweeper. For that reason, I recommend leaning out of the Mutate theme (unless the Mutate card is just straight-up insane, as in the example of Nethroi, Apex of Death).

With that said, playing a Mutate theme is your decision and I totally respect that and if you want to stick to a Mutate theme then by all means do so. I just want to be sure you know that Mutate is a risky strategy that you cannot depend on to fulfill your Ramp and Draw slots (so you’ll just need to supplement it with other cards).

Cut or Include?

At a glance your deck seems like something you have created using just your collection – and that’s great! However, if you want to incrementally upgrade your deck, then I recommend replacing most of the cards in your deck with more powerful options over time.

Here is a list of cards you should probably keep playing: - Barrier Breach (Removal, because exiling 3 enchantments is helpful in some situations)

In my opinion, there are other, better options for all of the other nonland cards in the deck, however it is up to you to decide on how you would like to proceed so I won’t intrude.

I strongly recommend cutting the Planeswalkers though – Calix, Destiny's Hand doesn’t seem to synergize much with the deck and I feel that Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast is not very potent.


Just as a recommendation, I would suggest the following spread of Basic Lands;

  • 8 Basic Forests

  • 3 of each other Basic Land

The remainder of your lands could be either more basics (which is really, really, risky if you don’t have tons of Ramp – think like 15 Ramp cards and about 12 Basic Forests) or Color Fixing Lands (see the Catalogue for more options). It is rough to have your lands enter the battlefield tapped, but unless you want to either lean into Green or spend a lot of money on lands, you will just have to live with it (I play around 5-10 tapped lands in a normal Golos deck and it isn’t really that bad).

In this section, I will list out an example of the Basic Golos Shell complete with the necessary Ratios and some examples of good/fun cards in each category. I’ll try to keep it relatively Budget sensitive and most of these cards will be relatively random – this won’t be based on any particular theme so don’t expect it to be optimal.

As a reminder:

Basic Golos Show

The Shell

Ramp – 12

Draw – 13

Removal – 7

Sweepers – 2

Threats – 12

Support – 7

Land – 36

Good Luck :)


Kodiak1137 on Brokkos, The Bog Boss (Mutate EDH)

1 month ago
  • A fun little situational play with Emergent Ultimatum: Threaten Predator Ooze & Slippery Bogbonder backed by Toxic Deluge- follow up with Brokkos on top (Assuming deluge was exiled)- profit.

  • Side notes about mutate: They give your initial creature an additional mutate effect and often times a keyword. It acts as a second "mode" to the possible creature you could have cast. Instead of casting Pouncing Shoreshark as an additional creature on my board, if I have a Dirge Bat out the turn before, I can mutate him instead- netting me the destruction of a creature/planeswalker and bouncing another creature. This becomes a repeatable effect that will gain more effects as I mutate, the downside being I lose a creature and the one on the board becomes a priority. Makes for fun interactions for sure.

  • Stronger than you might think, probably not something to sleep on, definitely not broken.

xixyz on The persistocrats

2 months ago

chillbologna, glad you like the deck hope you try it out. when it comes to Emergent Ultimatum I haven't really decided on a pile yet. I'm not sure if a pile exists that will win without something already being on the field. If you got a sac outlet( mikaeus, [glen elendra/river kelpie], sidisi ) they'll probably put mikaeus back in allowing sidisi to exploit them self tutoring melira to stop -1/-1 counters get infinite sacrifice, if they put sidisi away you go infinite, or they put glen away, sac sidisi to them self and grab a persist creature, and mike will trigger letting you tutor again if you need a rock or something to cast the persist creature you're grabbing. Any pile with it I think is going to require some finagling to work, I haven't played it as much as I would like since I made Ikoria based changes so it's still an experimental include

chillbologna on The persistocrats

2 months ago

love the one less infect player bit. Cool deck, looks fun to play. What would you look to grab with the Emergent Ultimatum?

Tylord2894 on Sultai Ground Seal graveyard

2 months ago

The Sidisi pile seems a little convoluted for my tastes, but if it works for your playstyle, go for it. I don't think that Phyrexian Tower will increase your consistency all that much, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. If you don't have a spare, I would wait to get one. You might not like that line and decide to go a different route.

This is the really nice thing about Tasigur, though. You can take the deck in just about any direction, and Sultai has a lot of great game-ending combos.

Pattern of Rebirth is a workable card, but I prefer Natural Order. Order is more restrictive, but it doesn't require as much setup. If you want to go the Hulk route, Order is a good way to get Hulk out.

As for your Emergent Ultimatum question, my first pile does work, but there are a few more steps involved that I didn't go over. If you get to keep oracle, you stack the cast so that Consultation/Pact resolve first. You exile your library and win if Oracle hits the field. If you don't keep Oracle, you resolve Pact first to find Oracle. You then resolve Consultation and exile your library. You then play Oracle. As you might have picked up, both of these require that your opponents don't counter the Oracle.

Mortlocke on Emergent Ultimatum Vs. Defense of ...

2 months ago

TacticM, so...I guess you're not going to tag your cards and just make me manually look up each and every one of your additional suggestions. Just a little bit of consideration towards others goes a long way. Especially since I took the time to give you a nice example on how to tag your cards on TappedOut and everything >:(

So, like I said before - the two previously mentioned cards are being considered within the context of a Vorthos Atraxa Infect deck with various Soft Locks (or stax-like) effects on the battlefield and +1/+1 counters.

None of the additional cards you mentioned are going to be considered as i'm looking to incorporate Emergent Ultimatum and/or Defense of the Heart into my deck, The Song of Phyresis. Between the two, I want to find what would be the best fit for the deck as it is.

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