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Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Sundering)

Commander / EDH* Control G/U (Simic) Multiplayer Primer Ramp Tempo




Kruphix, God of Horizons!!!!

But why run Kruphix over something like Rashmi, Eternities Crafter?

Unlimited hand size and access to massive pools of mana.

What do you do with tons of mana? Play a ton of spells at once and/or play big spells early game

What do you do to not run out of fuel? Draw a lot or time your spells for maximum effect.

This build not only gives you 20+ cards in hand, it gives you the capability to always capitalize on a turn. You can leave counter/response mana open every turn, if nothing response worthy comes down, you just tap your mana sources in response and store it in your pool. On your next turn, you can vomit your hand or play that big fatty youve been saving up for. In this vein, my build is a creature based toolbox that feels like a pass/go style EDH control deck. Not wasting your or your opponents' turns is one thing, but being able to play most of the deck ON their turn, mana untap effects, flickering effects, utterly abusable copy effects, a synergistic army of utility dorks...all the while never running out of fuel. Its an utter bear to play against and an utter delight to play.

The Breakdown:

Archaeomancer Another Eternal Witness style effect, more narrow in scope but an instant or sorcery is usually my preferred target anyways. Mimic Vat abuse, flicker abuse, Cackling Counterpart abuse

Azusa, Lost but Seeking early game ramp, makes those lands in the 20+ cards hand actually reach the field and keep you going.

Clever Impersonator The most versatile clone variant, able to emulate anything from planewsalkers to artifacts and more. Mixes things up, gains you quite a bit of tempo early game (matching the biggest threat/problem on the board) and wins you games when played with spells late game (Glen Elendra Archmage and this copying the mage is a personal favorite)

Consecrated Sphinx A really pushed Blue card that 9/10 eats a Path to Exile the second it hits the board. If it sticks it gives me cards, which will win me the game if no one stops it. It always feels dirty to have this card in deck, but it is too strong not to.

Craterhoof Behemoth Hoofta is back and scarier than ever. Essentially just a damage win con/combat trick if I have flash that dramatically sways the game in my favor. Pair up with Deadeye Navigator for the ultimate eye rolls

Deadeye Navigator Bounce abuse/evasion/protection for whatever I decide to SB him to. Eternal Witness, Vendilion Clique, Snapcaster Mage, etc. Combos/synergy for days and he comes with a decent body as well. protects my entire field from spot removal and with my usually ridiculous mana pool, the shenanigans never cease.

Drift of Phantasms Transmute is a wonderful ability in this brew, and a 0/5 flyer for 3 early game plugs up a particular weakness I usually run into, stopping big beefy flying commanders. The transmute can hit 15+ things in deck that are pretty darn variable at any point in the game, but most importantly grabs Eternal Witness, Mimic Vat, or Cackling Counterpart which give me so much abusable synergy at any point in the game.

Duplicant Exile based removal, possibly large bodied, copy abuse/flicker abuse out the wazoo, and I pulled a masterpiece of this guy so its fate. Can't believe this never made it into any brew of this guy, it serves so many purposes for a neat 6 mana cost.

Eternal Witness always remember to treat yourself. Alongside Deadeye Navigator, a counterspell and a plethora of reserve mana, can lock down the entire board regardless of the number of opponents. Retrieval effects are extremely handy in this deck. Ghostly Flicker + Eternal Witness plus + Greenwarden of Murasa / e wit effect copy can lock down the board for negligible mana.

Faerie Artisans Gives me free etb effects to abuse or efficient bodies to round up my defenses. Cackling Counterpart lets me keep a token that I wanna keep around or provide another FA to double down on the effect. My meta tends to avoid playing creatures until this guy is removed, which is reasonable and stalled games tend to play in my favor.

Glen Elendra Archmage combos with Mimic Vat and Cackling Counterpart splendidly, stalls early game out hard, always feels good to topdeck. Alongside Spellskite protects your key pieces extremely well, soliciting them to double down if not triple down on removalwhich they can rarely scrape together. Throw in Asceticism for added sighs. Greenwarden of Murasa if you squint really hard, it looks like 2 Eternal Witness taped together. Decent beater, another great target for Deadeye Navigator, chains well (this into returning and playing Eternal Witness, into another spell). As long as you have the mana, copying this with Cackling Counterpart and returning CC with the token spawns you 5 power per 3 mana. Devastating.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Forces opponents to dump their hands, gives me repeatable card advantage, can almost guarantee at least one instance of either because it has built in flash. Nothing is saltier than an opponent that has to dump their hand when you have 20+ cards in yours. By and large my most reliable multiplayer win con.

Nimble Obstructionist Countering triggered abilities comes in handy far more often in commander than one would expect. Getting a free card while doing so is gravy.

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip Free land on etb, have often retrieved her from the graveyard multiple times a game to get the land I need. When flipped she is free draw/repatable 4/4 chump blocker, which isnt bad for a 3 drop. The ult acts as a single card army in a similar manner to Giant Adephage, but is far less reliable. The draw off of her is extremely handy and early game she is a free land.

Oracle of Mul Daya ramp, peek, just a solid card to see on your board. When it works, it works. When it doesnt, your opponents get to see all the horrible things going into your hand lol

Prime Speaker Zegana usually nets 6+ cards which leads to either copy effects, protection, more littles to bolster her, or a wincon for that or the following turn. All the cards, all the beats, and quite often Ive been able to Mimic Vat or Cackling Counterpart her just for the free etb abuse.

Progenitor Mimic Makes every game a new experience and is always followed by table wide laughter. Acidic Slime, Giant Adephage, and Duplicant pair well with this Ravnican beauty.

Reclamation Sage kills super rampy rocks early game, removes problem pillows mid-late game.

Rhonas the Indomitable I love daddy snek. A 5/5 indestructible deathtoucher who serves as a mana dump for my reservesall at the low low sum of 3 cmc. Deal. I frequently copy him with Sakashima the Impostor and just beat face with the death snakes. I have pumped a Snapcaster Mage to 44 damage with his ability before. All around a very versatile card with just enough evasion to necessitate them using their real removal on him, which paves the way for fatter fatties to be played.

Sakashima the Impostor A wonderful clone variant and acts as a mana sink when I have abundant mana and few options. Playing him with flash allows me to recur an etb on an opponents turn for 8 mana, which can arguably change everything. He can be anything you want him to be and more because he gets around legend rule. 2 Prime Speaker Zegana? Sure. 2 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur? Done. Let alone anything I steal from my opponents. Golden card, surprised I dont see in more edh builds. More often than not this is my second Eternal Witness effect on the battlefield because he can return himself for repeated etb or to come down as a more relevant body next turn.

Sakura-Tribe Elder Steve is a good guy. He gets you the colors you need, when you need them, as much as you need them (alongside Eternal Witness and Mimic Vat effects).

Scavenging Ooze because when im staring down the barrel of a reanimator deck, I wanna make sure that Sheoldred, Whispering One stays gone. Nets me some free life, can get surprisingly beefy, pretty good in slot because it remains relevant late game because it can pump itself. My GF mains an Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim edh deck that essentially ive permaslotted this in for.

Seedborn Muse more mana is ok I guess, if you are into that. Untap my dorks for more abuse or chump blocking? Well I guess so. Can be copied for multiple untap steps on opponents turns.yeah I guess it deserves the slot. Seriously busted. Usually use this the turn before playing Kruphix because I can bait out the removal and catching them with a Desertion or Ghostly Flicker usually offsets the rest of midgame in your favor.

Shaman of Forgotten Ways Alternative win con that ramps me 2 mana early game, in a neat little package. Activating his secondary ability and playing Cyclonic Rift is a pretty satisfying way to win the game. Even with just the 2 mana ramp on a 2/3 body has been far more useful than say Somberwald Sage

Snapcaster Mage Surprisingly, not many people expect to see snappy in commander. He gives me a lot of options, flickerable/copyable, I prefer to see Eternal Witness but sometimes I need that Counterspell yesterday.

Spellskite because I want to break games sometimes. Spot removal becomes pretty obsolete, especially if I have copies of him to abuse as well. Fizzling spells with Deadeye Navigator attached to him feels so right.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir here is where I would put Prophet of Kruphix but apparently a 3 dollar card was format breaking? He gets the job done while fitting my partial wizard tribe, being a body, and has flash himself (which is why I prefer him over Leyline of Anticipation). Making my spells uncounterable on my turn also turns the tide against other control decks.

Thassa, God of the Sea fixes my draws early game, forces big damage through late game. One of my favorite cards to see in an opening hand.

Thragtusk helps mitigate some of the punches that land on me early game, nets big life with Deadeye Navigator or Panharmonicon and even leaves a body when it gets removed.

Torrential Gearhulk an extremely handy card. Big body with flash and all the utility in the world. This guy into a graveyard Cackling Counterpart into any other instant gains me a ton of ground. 10/12 on 2 bodies and a free instant spell afterwards for 6 mana is golden. Got that combo off way too many times for my playgroups liking, doing all of this in response and getting an Sunder off of the last copy makes an opponent saltier than rock candy.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger exiles anything I need to late game, can mill out an opponent as an alt win con. The only useful eldrazi titan to me that doesnt shuffle my graveyard away, allowing me to recur it to hand for further abuse.

Venser, Shaper Savant repeatable Unsubstantiate on a body. Pair with Deadeye Navigator to lose friends. Fits the partial wizard tribe, therefore can be utterly abused with Riptide Laboratory. 6 mana counter/bounce slows down the game really hard, people just stop playing until they can bait it properly half the time.

Aethersnatch a 6 cmc tempo destroying instant speed MINE. A wider scope Desertion for one additional mana is amazing, it technically not being a counterspell makes it even better. I love this thing in my graveyard, surprise Snapcaster Mage and Torrential Gearhulk effects gain me pieces I didnt even know I wanted :PArachnogenesis Its a fog/token creation/combat trick/anti flyer. for 3 mana. Usually use it to stop an alpha strike and multiblock their biggest baddy with the spiders I get. Protects me early game and late game alike.

Arcane Denial Counters everything for 2 mana and gives me a card, can be used late game to counter a low cmc dead drop in my hand to draw 3 cards handily. It being 1U makes it easy to abuse early game Eternal Witness and Snapcaster Mage

Beast Within catch all removal at instant speed, whats not to love? Them getting a 3/3 is pretty darn negligible in a multiplayer game, just watch out when using against Trostani, Selesnya's Voice decks.

Cackling Counterpart Extremely underrated god card in this type of deck. Its a combat trick, its an etb abuser, its a combo piece for Torrential Gearhulk, it is so versatile. Heck even just using it to replace a key piece in response to removal is game changing. Absolutely love returning it with Eternal Witness / Greenwarden of Murasa / Archaeomancer and chaining into an army of dorks

Counterspell Essential counterspell, efficient and boring.

Curse of the Swine targeted removal that hoses gods, indestructible, etc. Pretty much a targeted/one sided wipe. Currently the only sorcery in deck.

Cryptic Command all 4 of those modes in any combination are extremely useful to me in this brew, most importantly tapping down all opponents creatures and returning Eternal Witness to my hand to keep this expensive but efficient lock going.

Cyclonic Rift Blue deck, blue win con. Gets a lot of leg work with recursion effects and very easy to play in a deck with deep pools of mana.

Desertion Nabbing a big baddy, a commander (to get it out of reach of the opponent), or nabbing say an Alhammarret's Archive or something while making your opponent waste a turn is an absolute delight. Robs all the tempo from your opponent, its one of my favorite early/midgame plays and always spices up games.

Evacuation I have a bad habit of being able to replay my entire boardstate because of my mana pool. If I replay kruphix before the end of that phase, I retain my remaining mana. I use this one because instant and Eternal Witness in tandem for an abusable combo even if I dont have tons of mana.

Fact or Fiction digs 5 cards and I get access to all of them, be it from hand or from the yard through recursion effects. New add, working extremely well early and late game thus far.

Ghostly Flicker One of the most versatile cards in the deck. Can be a combat trick, etb/mana abuser, locks down the board with 2 Eternal Witness effects (or 1 with Panharmonicon out) and abundant mana. It is only limited by your imagination and board state.

Muddle the Mixture Stops wipes and lethal fireball effects. More importantly, can be used to tutor Thought Vessel, Sylvan Library, Pull from Tomorrow, Reality Shift, Counterspell,Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Arcane Denial, Cyclonic Rift, Spellskite, and Snapcaster Mage. A tool for every season

Pact of Negation The counter we need, but the counter we dont deserve. 9/10 I grabthis with Tolaria West after playing the card/cards that will win me the game. I have played this card 4 times in the same turn and survived that 20 mana cost the following turn. It gets the job done better than Force of Will in this build.

Polymorphist's Jest One of the best ways to deal with gods, Thrun, the Last Troll, and Sigarda, Host of Herons in these colors. It also can act as fog/combo trick to regain your field advantage. Pair this with arachnogensis to decimate an opponents field presence.

Pull from Tomorrow a grave recurable Blue Sun's Zenith with a negligible downside. Can be used to grab 30 cards in a turn or multiple small grabs alongside Eternal Witness effects.

Rapid Hybridization back in for spot removal hate, extremely good recursion target early game. Pumping up the commander tax on particularly swingy opponents.

Reality Shift Exile tech in blue. The manifest rarely hits a creature, fun recursion target to remove all problem children handily.

Sunder my access to infinite hand size makes this a very one sided play since I get wont have to discard lands or pieces away in the aftermath. Playing this allows me to come back in games I had no business surviving in. Extremely useful against most strategies.

Voidslime / Disallow Same card, running VS for now because I prefer the art and have no issue playing it reliably by turn 3.

Cloudstone Curio allows me to abuse ETB effects, protect my key pieces when I play creatures at instant speed, nets me free cards when paired with Eternal Witness effects.

Defense of the Heart currently testing. Slows down opponents tempo early game. If they dont slow down/remove it I will win.

Nissa, Steward of Elements Can be played at any point in the game effectively. Early game +2 Scry 2 fixes quite a few of your problems. Her 0 can be abused with Sylvan Library, Thassa, God of the Sea, and Oracle of Mul Daya to throw out free creatures.

Mimic Vat robs the opponent of their fatty that died, their engine piece, or just allows me to spam Torrential Gearhulk, Sakura-Tribe Elder, and especially Greenwarden of Murasa. Versatile as you want it to be.

Panharmonicon double etbs seem pretty ok. If im not winning with this I use it to soak exile removal before a more relevant play. Pair with Mimic Vat and Faerie Artisans to give your opponents a headache.

Simic Signet signets are good.

Sylvan Library Allows me to fix the top of my deck, get card advantage, gets extremely out of hand with Abundance. I pay life more often than Id like to, but Im a black mage at heart.

Thaumatic Compass  Flip gives me a use for my early game mana when im bluffing a counterspell. Lets me hit my 5 needed mana extremely reliably. Getting a free Maze of Ith mid/late game is extremely welcome in stalling out against punchy commanders.

Thought Vessel Added to give me another avenue of no maximum hand size and can be tutored with Muddle the Mixture


Got a Mana Drain for Christmas

Allows for extremely reliable turn 3 Kruphix, God of Horizons, is utterly abusable when repeatedly cast and the mana stockpiled, and is another solid 2 cmc counterspell

Dropped Nimble Obstructionist for now because it is less recurable than an instant or sorcery in the current brew and cant be hit by Torrential Gearhulk or Snapcaster Mage when I really need it. Still love the card to death and it is still a very good budget piece in these colors.

After testing Illusory Ambusher I'm going to pass on it, sat in hand too often and a situation dependent 5 drop that drew me on average 2 cards didn't' feel super worth it. However, the one time I flashed it in to block a turn 5 Malignus with haste felt super worth it. Fun card, but a one trick pony in a competitive slot.

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Bababad says... #1

Illusory Ambusher

gonna test this dork against my meta for a bit, not sure it does enough to merit a permanent slot...but that's what these tests are for!

November 13, 2017 11:49 a.m.

Bababad says... #2

The stars aligned:

had Rhonas the Indomitable, a token copy of a 6/6 Prime Speaker Zegana, Oracle of Mul Daya, Kruphix, God of Horizons in play

Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Sunder in hand

Bounced everyone's lands (tapped to store about 5 unused mana on papa), went through combat, 2nd main I played a forest, played Azusa, dropped 3 more lands.

next turn 7 lands out to their 1

next turn 11 lands to their 2

Felt so good and so dirty at the same time. I ended up just using my excess mana to pump with rhonas and left counter mana open until I won 2 turns later.

November 27, 2017 11:15 a.m.

Bababad says... #3

Gonna be swapping between Search for Azcanta  Flip, Bribery, and Spitting Image in the Craterhoof Behemoth slot to see which I prefer. Hoofta has been a dead draw for awhile or a win more when he's relevant

December 3, 2017 11:52 a.m.

Bababad says... #4

Identity Thief gonna test this tricksy beauty and see if it measures up, can remove non etb problem children on the opponent's battlefield while making himself a big booty, can enable flicker abuse of my own creatures or even temporarily make himself a Cackling Counterpart abuser.

Just seems fun and wild enough to work while making games varied and reactive. Should make big booty aggro decks think twice before playing something that I could abuse and lets me punch back.

December 4, 2017 11:23 a.m.

Bababad says... #5

Identity Thief does some silly things but is a dead draw about half the time.

Gonna test Conqueror's Galleon  Flip next in slot. That land is so useful and an extremely expensive soft lock can be had with the graveyard recursion option. Let alone with Seedborn Muse out

December 9, 2017 12:09 p.m.

Bababad says... #6

Trade Secrets is proving extremely useful, need to test in multiplayer but it feels right

December 11, 2017 9:29 a.m.

Bababad says... #7

Didn't even consider that Trade Secrets could actually be banned in commander, but I know it is now.

Hoofta is back in while I screen other potential replacements or get my hands on a promo bribery

December 14, 2017 9:51 a.m.

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