who is this fine gentleman you ask, why he is


Flava flave is well known for 2 things, being a hype man/rapper and wearing gigantic clocks around his neck with gold chains


Naturally, mishra is one of the oldest characters in magic, and thus has some serious FLAVAA! He also looooves clocks, he has many in his collection, such as Unwinding Clock and Clock of Omens, and if played right, it works like clockwork!

he even has books written about him! His color wedge and artifact-themed ability on his card just was a flavor win for magic, and although the ability was quite obviously bad in singleton, i knew that it could be broken and my research confirmed my suspicion

The deck Wins via artifact-central storm in conjunction with storm spells to win via Mind's Desire, Tendrils of Agony, Aetherflux Reservoirand Brain Freeze, as well as Disciple of the Vault and Reckless Fireweaver

this is done though making the plethora of 1cmc artifacts targetable by Salvaging Station cost zero, and through multiple cantrip artifacts to draw multiple cards, cards like Vedalken Archmage, Future Sight or Null Profusion to cast as many free artifacts per turn as possible while looting though the deck

Mishra doesnt need that many lands due to his ability to cast more than half of the deck for 0-1 using cost reduction like Etherium Sculptor, Cloud Key and Blood Funnel to make the quarter of the deck that is a 1cmc artifact cost 0, and stacking these can even make cards like Mycosynth Lattice cost zero

So now you see he can cast lots of spells with not even a drop of mana, imagine what he could do with all of that free mana, especially when you have even more mana by untapping lands with Clock of Omens or Unwinding Clock, or maybe use an activated artifact ability that draws you cards, gives you mana, or does all sorts of things!

The possibilities are endless, and the clockwork automaton mishra commands is a bit hard to be in tbe cockpit of, but dang if it aint fun, and its my favorite FLAVAAAAA BOYYY


Mmm, death, now thats a flavor

His ability can also be broken with countermagic, and he can ignore the downsides to cards such as Possibility Storm in which you use mishra to search for the artifact shuffled by pstorm and get 2 for 1 artifacts. Casting a Sol Ring and get a free Darksteel Forge? Yes please!

It also makes your artifact spells uncounterable, so you can enjoy the benefits of Blood Funnel,Planar Chaos, ice caves or Nether Void if i could afford one :( lol


sometimes infinite/high spike storm damage just doesnt finish games reliably, for this, mishra has Altar of the BroodF, Brain Freeze, and Ghoulcaller's Bell to mill opponents. Alternatively, i can win via library exile/infect with Bitter Ordeal and Blightsteel Colossus respectively

Note: I used to run colossus in mainboard, and I still would if were not banned in my playgroup, i won with it a few times and we agreed that we would much rather actually play fun edh games where I win with finesse rather than cheating in colossus with a tutor and winning the game before my friends get a chance to play, but I always slide him and the black tutors in versus competitive circles

Anyways according to sources like edhrec, tappedout, mtgsalvation and other magic based web communities, mishra has 2 builds, stax and storm. After testing stax without free counterspells like Force of Will, and goodstuff like Yawgmoth's Will Nether Void, The Abyss, and all my tutors in other decks, i found it to be oppressive yet fragile and when i switched to storm, i enjoyed it way more, and this is what clocks FLAVA FLAAAAAVE has gotten so far!

The deck is certainly not easy to pilot effectively, and so the gameplan may be invisible without testing out the deck and assembling artifact combos, and I still need to trim the decklist so any help is appreciated!


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Storm the Vault  Flip in maybeboard until i find an opening for it, because Tolarian Academy is pretty strong in an artifact deck such as this


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