Hurkyl's Recall


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Tenth Edition Rare
Fifth Edition Rare
Fourth Edition Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Antiquities Rare

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Hurkyl's Recall


Return all artifacts target player owns to his or her hand.

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Hurkyl's Recall Discussion

Phayd on Tamiyo, Support Planeswalker

2 days ago

Recommended Cuts:

  • Expedition Raptor - Effect isn't strong enough for the cost.
  • Hunters' Feast - Effect isn't strong enough for the cost, I think there are other options that are recurrable or have some added value on top of the base life-gain.
  • Lead by Example - Effect isn't strong enough for the cost
  • Shoulder to Shoulder - Even this one isn't strong enough.
  • Early Harvest - If this wasn't only basics, this might be an okay card to run, but as it is, this will probably only untap 3-4 lands, while costing you about that much mana.
  • Gleam of Authority - Going deep on the +1/+1 counters? There are better cards than this for doing so. See Experimental Kraj, Plaxcaster Frogling, Vigean Graftmage - you could do a whole proliferate + graft deck.
  • Library of Leng - I don't know why you'd want this unless you are hard pressed for Trinket Mage targets or worried about discard effects. Either way, I would want to run something a little more versatile.
  • Hurkyl's Recall - Same with this. The allure of saving someone's artifacts from a vandalblast (or your own) is compelling, but until that moment arises (once every three or four games?) you got to be in the right place at the right time, with mana open. Too much work.
  • Nissa's Judgment - This card works for your deck, but there's plenty better out there for removal.
  • Magewright's Stone - This card seems like a bad Voltaic Key which is also a tough add for the deck. You are stuck on the untap shenanigans deck, which has this one split among several concepts instead of devoted entirely to one.

If you want to go deeper on the +1/+1 counters/proliferate mechanic:

  • Cultivator of Blades - I'm big on this guy right now, as he buffs all attacking creatures (including your allies')

Eiti3 on If I'm Going to Win, It's Going to be Epic

5 days ago

This deck is missing its key card: Paradox Haze.

I would also recommend Timesifter and Sensei's Divining Top / Scroll Rack to take multiple turns. Mirri's Guile and/or Sylvan Library if you want to have enchantments fix your top instead.

Other suggestions are as follows:

  • Wheel of Sun and Moon: Allows for easier recursion of your enchantments. It's also an enchantment (winky face)
  • Hive Mind: While this is generally a bad idea unless the deck is focused around it, I can safely say that if you cast Enduring Ideal with it out, then they also HAVE to cast it. That can utterly ruin your opponents.
  • Privileged Position / Sterling Grove: With Greater Auramancy, having 2+ of these will make it so only a Cyclonic Rift or Mycosynth Lattice + Hurkyl's Recall or Worldpurge or the general board wipe will truly get rid of your board.
  • Spirit of Resistance: Beats aggro and a lot of combo decks.
  • Gift of Immortality: On Child of Alara for all the fun. Could add in a Necrotic Plague to make it so you constantly board wipe and keep Child of Alara in your graveyard so they have to keep re-picking her.
  • And now, the copy spells you might've missed or didn't have room for:
  • Strionic Resonator, Fork, Twincast, and Wild Ricochet.

    (Strionic Resonator copies the trigger of "At the beginning of the upkeep".)

    As for cutting. That's the area of expertise I am unfortunately horrid. Best of luck!

    Thephelddagrif on Hey Look! A bunch of Biovisionaries

    5 days ago

    you might want a sideboard for the 2nd and 3rd games. Some classics include- Tormod's Crypt and Hurkyl's Recall. The sideboard really depends on your meta, but any sideboard is better than no sideboard- unless you just don't show it on tappedout and if so disregard this comment.

    Lilbrudder on Paradox Scepter is the

    1 week ago

    Good call and thank you :-) Yeah the deck is way stronger and more consistent than anything else I have tested. I am glad you plan on harvesting some salty tears with it lol. While I have tested the vial smasher version an unhealthy amount of time, this one is fairly untested (mostly because both builds are very similar). I actually cut reality shift in my other deck despite its ability to end the game with engine+scepter simply because Unsubstantiate and Hurkyl's Recall are more versatile and Retract makes the deck more explosive on main phase ad nauseams. Baby jace is another nice option that I have wanted to find room for. He checks alot of boxes and fits thematically so you really can't go wrong including him as once engine is in play he can pretty much end the game on his own. I am not a fan of Bob for this build since he is just draw over time and hes mostly dead weight on the combo turn.

    Sleazebag on Advertise your MODERN deck!

    1 week ago

    mavoricke: Hey, I just made Cheeri0s myself! The first thing I want to say is you don't need 4x Aetherflux Reservoir. When the deck "goes off", you will draw your entire deck in one turn. Only one Aetherflux is needed. Although Grapeshot is a superior win condition, as it will win you the game for only 1R instead of 4 colorless mana.

    Accorder's Shield is another amazing 0 cost equipment you should play, better than Bone Saw and Sigil!

    Retract is one of the best cards to run in this deck, due to its extremely cheap mana cost, that lets you draw for all your artifacts again for only 1 blue, it also has antisynergy with Aetherflux though, so I'd probably cut them entirely. If you can't run those, Hurkyl's Recall is another option.

    Okay here we go, me and a friend recently put together a deck that I have named Seismic Toad, it actually functions really well.

    Modern Seismic Toad

    Modern Sleazebag

    SCORE: 2 | 61 VIEWS | IN 1 FOLDER

    Dankey on Spire of Industry VS Mana ...

    1 week ago

    Thanks for all the input! I can only think of one situation where confluence might be better.

    confluence/Industry is untapped and my opponent plays Hurkyl's Recall into Stony Silence. I have a Spell Pierce in hand.

    If I counter Recall I could still lose to Silence depending on the artifacts I have in play. If I save my counter for Silence, then my Darksteel Citadel's would return to hand. I'd need confluence over Industry for the blue mana.

    If I had Wear/Tear in hand instead they would resolve; my follow up play would be the same regardless of the land I chose.

    KingTorg1 on free flux

    1 week ago

    Have you considered using Puresteel Paladin and 0-drop equipments? It gives you more consistency and you don't have too rely on cards like Artificer's Epiphany.

    Hurkyl's Recall and Retract could also be beneficial.

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