Nether Void


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III (ME3) Rare
Legends (LEG) Rare

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Nether Void

World Enchantment

Whenever a player casts a spell, counter it unless its controller pays .

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Nether Void Discussion

SynergyBuild on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

5 days ago

Stax commanders aren't just anything, they have to help break parity under stax. Think Teferi, Temporal Archmage untapping lands when you have a Stasis, Krenko, Mob Boss pumping out tokens to kill under enough Sphere of Safety effects while not casting anything else for victory.

Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip is a great example of how to build stax in the opposite way of these previous examples. Stax in cEDH is commonly based around making casting spells impossible, because of them costing too much, or their lands being tapped, they are mana-based hate stax lists.

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf is a good example of the other side to that idea, in which you make their hands to shredded that they can't cast anything, whether or not they have mana. These have the downside of their opponents having the ability to top-deck out of a normal creature lock, but Liliana's +2 is on a walker, so not nearly as much removal hits it, and while Chain of Vapor or other bounce effects still hurt it, that is normally about it, with some minor exceptions.

These types of commanders are greatly important to supporting your gameplan of staxing out your opponents, but, like Krenko, Mob Boss, sometimes a way to win when you get a bunch of effects that stop everyone from winning normally, such as a grindy engine are required. Erebos, God of the Dead is a good example of that type of stax commander. Building a deck that can rely on an indestructible enchantment in the Command Zone is very freeing, and allows the deck to do things that are card inefficient, such as Dark Ritualling out a Trinisphere turn one, which the lost card advantage can be bought back later on in the game.

Both commanders have some level of stax synergy to them, whether or not that makes them high powered is up to interpretation and what list you are using. Black isn't the best mono-colored stax color (White or Blue are! Probably blue.) yet still give a lot of interesting synergy, such as Dark Confidant, Mindblade Render, Phyrexian Arena and other grind engines, as well as good stax cards, from the overbearing Nether Void to the classic Chains of Mephistopheles

DiscoBreaker on Lord Windgrace MLD

2 weeks ago

If you want to tune that list further, I would trim some of the ramp creatures for better mana rocks, tune the mana base for fetches and duals, and then pick up a few more tutors like Gamble and Demonic Tutor. Toxic Deluge, The Abyss, Nether Void, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, and other Stax pieces could also be viable if you wanted to push it in that direction. All of my stuff is in my CEDH deck so that's why it's not in here.

Lhurgyof on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

The goal is a Nether Void effect I guess. I've really liked quests and I feel like they match your challenge. If they do not, feel free to let me know though!

How about a creature that uses quest counters?

SynergyBuild on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

3 weeks ago

Nath is a popular discard-stax commander, that uses Necrogen Mists, Sadistic Hypnotist, Oppression, and Bottomless Pit along with a lot of general value cards like Root Maze, Manglehorn, Chains of Mephistopheles, Nether Void, The Abyss, Magus of the Abyss, green ramp like Birds of Paradise along with colorless rocks to pump its commander and other colorless stax options out onto the field.

The list can break parity with tap/stay-tapped effects using its massive tokens swarms and Earthcraft when under the effect of its own Winter Orb, Root Maze, Static Orb, etc.

Because the deck attempts to make each player discard lots of cards, Sylvan Library, Dark Confidant, Phyrexian Altar, Library of Leng, and other effects can synergies well to break parity.

Otherwise, the deck runs a normal Golgari-Stax deck, running black-tutors to fetch the colorless silver bullets like Sphere of Resistance against non-Prossh Food Chain lists like Tazri and green to make enough mana to still win.

Other notable cards sometimes run in this strategy are Mind Slash, Cryptolith Rite, Chord of Calling (with tokens it ends up decently), fast mana to cast Nath like Mana Vault, Lotus Petal, Grim Monolith, etc.

Ishkanah is the best golgari Food Chain list in the format, with Demonic Tutor, Grim Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, etc. to fetch the Chain, and to fetch Eternal Scourge there are a ton of green and black tutors.

With Delirium so easy to get between fetchlands, instants, sorceries, and Lotus Petals, Commune with the Gods and other self-mill cards milling over creatures and artifacts, etc. You can reasonably make infinite spiders with Food Chain, and if you can pay Ishkanah's cost you win.

DangoDaikazoku on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

4 weeks ago

SRJ26 I started playing MtG around the Theros block, and after I shifted from Standard play, to Modern play, to now Commander play, I have now been exposed to a massive array of older cards that I missed out on but would love to have. However, I just simply cannot afford as the college student I am.

I do not proxy, but my playgroup is very accepting of them. As long as you have at least one copy of an expensive card and you don't want to risk additional wear by playing it, proxies are good for that. In my playgroup, if you have a proxy, but don't have the actual card within the sub-$20 range nobody is going to say anything about you using them and they're also conversation pieces since they're not made (or rather shouldn't be made) to look like real Magic cards. It opens up another realm of customization in Magic which I very much welcome.

There are certain decks that I would love to build, but due to my financial limitations, I can't spend 5 figures on an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Pillow Fort/Stax deck for example, because I'd have to sell my soul to pay for cards like Nether Void, Moat, and heaven forbid the ungodly price on The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. I'm by no means recommending to proxy an entire Commander deck, but man is it a tempting alternative and cost-effective way to play the deck you want to play.

After all, Commander is a casual format. Most people don't care about proxies all that much as long as people are having fun and you're not taking an all-out cEDH proxied deck to a matchup when people have budget decks meant for casual play while your deck can combo off and win on turn 2 or something. I guess it just comes down to knowing your place. If your playgroup is competitive and doesn't demonize the use of proxies, then I don't see the harm in using them.

SynergyBuild on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 month ago

Actually, yeah, the definition fits that perfectly. Tuvasa is tier 3.

Tier 3

This is the middle tier. They can't usually compete against tier 1 decks, but might do fine with tier 2 decks. They usually have "the Aggro Problem," or they are wildly inconsistent. Most of the "pubstomp" decks that dominate casual meta go in here. They may have a bad reputation, but that doesn't make them tier 1.

Tuvasa can handle aggro swarm with propaganda/ghostly prison, aura of silence for artifact ramp, and stony silence for aggro voltron builds

It is wildly inconsistent, and slow. I play enchantress, and the most powerful combo and stax builds I have achieved over a year of trying has been tier 3 at best. Enchantress and enchantment-based stax is simply to inconsistent, relying on a draw engine, that is subpar in the command zone or not easily able to be put online with bad tutors like Summoner's Pact being needed when you just can't afford the tempo loss. Really, Tuvasa is bad against most tier 2 decks, and is way to slow and durdly for tier 1 to ever be affected by it.

Aura of Silence comes down after the artifact mana. Artifact mana, Sol Ring, Lotus Petal, Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Grim Monolith, Mox Opal, and the other similar effects come down on turns 1 and 2. Without some very incosistent ramp strategy, Aura of Silence doesn't come down until turn 2 or 3, which is averagely missing most of the artifact mana.

The aggro strategy that sees the most play is Edric Turns, a deck that can attack any other player to get the draws, and easily blow up all of your pillow fort over 40 turns before one shotting you.

Stony Silence is a great card, worse than Null Rod, but good in a stax build. It does help the deck be a good stax deck, however with only a handful of real stax cards, it falls short of making Tuvasa viable. Rest in Peace and Blind Obedience are other cards I have found help out with Tuvasa, and Rule of Law, Arcane Laboratory, Eidolon of Rhetoric, and ocasionally Spirit of the Labyrinth does as well. Blue has Mystic Remora, a card that sees extensive play in cEDH stax builds as well as many blue-based decks in the format, and Rhystic Study exists to help lock out some storm decks by drawing you until you can hit some 0 mana counterspells or a Flusterstorm if they are a Tendrils deck and are not going Aetherflux Reservoir.

Back to Basics and Mana Vortex are semi-efficient enchantment replacements for Winter Orb/Smokestack, but aren't too good unless in a dedicated deck, as is Stasis.

Outside of those 11 cards, of which 5 are generally only decent or bad unless in a dedicated deck, enchantment-based decks need red or black for cards like Nether Void, Blood Moon and Stranglehold, however five color enchantments isn't viable due to landbases being too stretched to run Blood Moon or Back to Basics, which leads the whole point to be undermined.

I'll check out your link and see if it has any potential, but I highly doubt it.

BMHKain on What Guild do you think ...

1 month ago

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Or... Maybe you don't need to... Lots of text though, so be warned... :(

NOTE: I'm using three sources for this. First is TolarianCollege's Guild Test you can find here:

The other two are on the official site here:

By searching all current parameters of three quizzes in one binge. This is what I got...

(NOTE: The first quiz was based on Y/N (Yes or No) for mentioned questions...

Selesnya Conclave facts to know:

  • N Hate Trees, Flowers, Basically plants in general...
  • N Omnivore (The only time I thrive on Vegetation is Alergen-Free Food (Why is it Vegan?).)
  • N Don't even have a Garden (Trees suround me though...).
  • N FACT: Marijuana is wrong and so is smoking, drinking, & substance abuse. (A BIG Hot Take.)
  • Y I work for a program, & is an aspiring 4K-6K 2D Fighting Game Maker, but alas, no job... :_:
  • N I write, but not about nature. :/
  • N Remember that one Vault ad? Crows are not the only thing that's not safe from a Scarecrow's Wrath; Hippies are the same in this case. Apologies BTW.

Gruul Clan facts to know:

  • Y You could refer me to an Acrofatic, Like Zeke from the original inFAMOUS games. XP
  • N If I hit someone, it's by false reaction; Freak Accident if you must.
  • N Nah, I'm a Basketball fan moreso, reason? You don't always have to root for the home team. PX
  • N My dad hates shaving now, but I have to do it on a regular basis. Expect a 5:00 Shadow Babyface! XP
  • N Again, no job.
  • N Not High School technically since I did graduate school eventually, even though it was past when I should've done it in 12th grade (I dunno what came to me...)
  • N I like the action, but as Beowulf of Skullgirls: 2nd Encore pointed out by Annie, it's not real.
  • N What did I say when talking about Legalizing Marijuana??? X/

Orzhov Syndicate facts to know:

  • N MTG Finance is only bad for cards either still in Standard/yet to rotate/Reserved List stuff, Stuff like Nether Void, Original Duals, & basically anything most budgeteer inept at affording $200+ for one card. A pet peeve of mine.
  • N With so many reprints of such cards now, I have a message to WotC: LET. IT. DIE. &... REPRINT. THEM. ALL!!! (Even Make World Enchantments just "Enchantment - World"; IT'S THAT SIMPLE!)
  • N What kind of Old School? Each era has great sets, so I'm neutral on this.
  • N I wasn't around when one Bitcoin would mean alot of dough in this day in age, so no.

Azorius Senate facts to know:

  • N I like being Accurate, & Up to date. Problem? I'm saying this for the third time now, I don't even have a job. Now I think about it though, maybe I should make one...
  • N Don't have a Checkbook, don't balance my list pricing well enough...
  • N If Jaywalking involves those in a Gridlock, go ahead. Such traffic is too slow to hit you anyway...
  • N Correct ones grammar? My grammar isn't correct most of the time. XP
  • N I have never used such a program, & I don't think I'll need it when working on a 4KUHD 2D Fighting Game either...

Boros Legion facts to know:

- N I'm a fan of Batman & Iron Man in every sense of the word as an Anti-Hero/AntiVillain Characeture. Captain America would lose to Iron Man anyway since even if an Armor Tony Stark Made was destroyed, another comes quicker than a moments' notice. A battle of Attrition, basically.

Golgari Swarm facts to know:

  • N I don't even have a Farm! XP
  • N Even the Calbasa I eat for breakfast long ago isn't this kind of Sausage...
  • N Compost or Worm Bin? Ehhh... No.
  • N Never dressed in Goth, nor do I see the Idea of Emo as a physical idea. I do have Teenage Angst in High School though... No. Not chatting...
  • N The Cure? Sorry, I was too busy listening to Visual Novel Music to give a damn. (Puts on Sunglasses.)
  • Y Yay! A plus! Anyways, Even Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything agrees with me on funerals in all ways possible! Formaldehyde though, is still legal. Let's just Rot.

Simic Combine facts to know:

  • Y Not Pokemon in particular, but yeah, I do Grind sometimes in games...
  • N Genetically modified? For me, what caused Genetic Modification in the first place is all foods were good, until some guy put some weird glop for stuff like bread grains, etc, causing food allergens I hope this answers Genetic modification of food, as I hate that.
  • N Sorry, hate Raising in-game creatures, & quite frankly, I'd rather play BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle instead (& even I think it's garbage for 2D...)
  • N Wanted to try 23 & me, but I'm still unsure...

Izzet League facts to know:

  • N I don't have the capability to lift that heavy of furnature...
  • N This would've been a plus as I'm thinking of what to put for my 2D Fighter, but for now, this is a no.
  • N Are drones really that popular? I don't have a DSLR Camera even... XP
  • Y (I hope this counts...) I use a GCW-ZERO Emulator based Handheld; which runs Linux, but Sad to Say, my PC is a Win10.

House of Dimir facts to know:

  • N I don't watch others as if I'm a stalker. For that, I'm a dead man walking.
  • N Even at my old house, I would never commit to such Heresy. XP
  • Y Yes, but it only seems to apply to twitter...
  • N With all the garbage I've had on my Twitter, I see no reason to do so...
  • N What is THE DARK WEB? All I know is it's Encrypted, & the darkest my computer can handle is Torrenting, which has no relavence.

Cult of Rakdos facts to know:

- N Dominatrixes? BDSM? WHAT?! NO! I would never condone such crap! I like a good Visual Novel Though...

Quiz 1 stats: - Chose Book # 1: EXQUISITE SECRETS (I think the art is cool...) - Chose Accepted (Already Honest, & (Mostly) Correct, so this would be the closest.) - Chose Dullness (What? We all probably don't like Boredom...) - Chose Freedom of Expression (I want to make a 2D 4KUHD Fighting game in the future... As a team of one...) - Chose Choice 2 (I barely have friends here in MA These days...)


Quiz 2 stats: - Chose Book # 1: PARADOXAL FINDINGS (Just the name in general sounds cool...) - Chose Brilliant (I want my decks to be brilliant in their own way. Dunno if any agree though...) - Chose Lack of Curiosity (I'm curious when planning what I want to make for starters...) - Chose Fairness (I believe rights for both genders can only be achieved if we just act normal, & not go rioting across places around the world. Sorry, but Protesting for your gender isn't good at all even for your ,gender... ,O_O.) - Chose Passionably debate insignifigant topics w/ other guests (I like talking about stuff nobody else will. Just my thing...)


BTW: I'm asking as My next deck will be based on this thematically. And will be made after my next deck (Which is BOROS BTW... ;/)

What are your thoughts? Explain in the comments below! :D I'd like all the help I can for what Guild I would belong in. :)

One last thing: Is the images coming out good? If not, let me know...

BMHKain on What WUB (Esper) Stax cEDH ...

2 months ago

Just checked. It's only under $200 at avg. Somewhat affordable at least. Can't do Nether Void though; the worst I can do is the Rocks (Secretly stating, I already have 10 Original Duals. ;d).

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