Springjack Pasture


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Eventide (EVE) Rare

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Springjack Pasture


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Put a 0/1 white Goat creature token into play.

, Sacrifice X Goats: Add X mana of any one color to your mana pool. You gain X life.

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Springjack Pasture Discussion

Byvci on Tribal Tech (Every Single Tribe in Magic! Part 1)

6 months ago

assassin: Scarblade Elite

assembly worker: Mishra's Factory Self-Assembler (only works with changelings and itself

atog: Atogatog

aurochs: Aurochs Herd Bull Aurochs Rimehorn Aurochs

bat: Skeletal Vampire

beast: Vitality Charm

cephalid: Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

chimera: Brass-Talon Chimera Iron-Heart Chimera Lead-Belly Chimera Tin-Wing Chimera

druid: Gilt-Leaf Archdruid Seton, Krosan Protector

dwarf: Depala, Pilot Exemplar Dwarven Bloodboiler Dwarven Lieutenant Dwarven Pony Dwarven Recruiter Heart Wolf

eldrazi spawn: Brood Birthing

eye: Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Evil Eye of Urborg

fox: Patron of the Kitsune

giant: Hearthcage Giant

goat: Springjack Pasture

gorgon: Hythonia the Cruel

kavu: Coastal Drake Alpha Kavu Kavu Howler Kavu Mauler Kavu Monarch

kithkin: Goldmeadow Stalwart

knight: Knight of the Mists is sort of tribal. Also War Falcon

kobold: Kobold Drill Sergeant Kobold Overlord Kobold Taskmaster

minion: Balthor the Defiled

moonfolk: Patron of the Moon

nightstalker: Return of the Nightstalkers

ogre: (don't really work in an ogre deck, but I guess they sort of count?) Gutwrencher Oni Painwracker Oni Scourge of Numai Yukora, the Prisoner

orc: Raiding Party Orcish Captain

pegasus: Sacred Mesa

pentavite: Pentavus only card with pentavite, but sort of works with changelings

plant: Avenger of Zendikar

rigger: Steamflogger Boss

scarecrow: Scarecrone Reaper King

wall: Fortified Area Glyph of Life Rolling Stones Wall of Caltrops Animate Wall Total War Mob Mentality Glyph of Destruction Wall of Mulch Glyph of Reincarnation Glyph of Delusion Glyph of Doom

There's also the flagbearers: Coalition Flag Coalition Honor Guard Standard Bearer But they don't really have synergy with each other. You might be able to pull some shenanigans if you give a flagbearer hexproof or protection with a changeling out though.

Thelon of Havenwood, Fungal Bloom, Sporesower Thallid, Savage Thallid and Pallid Mycoderm are all listed as saprolings. I don't know if you merged fungus and saproling intentionally, but if you did it might make sense to change saproling tech to saproling/fungus tech.

thumbs14 on Cromat: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

9 months ago

I haven't played 5 colors much, so maybe someone who has can offer better advice, but given how much more difficult a deck can be when it adds more colors, I feel like these would help more consistently than the dual/bounce lands, which also means more emphasis on green and colorless cards. However, that is strictly my opinion.

Lastly, here's a shenanigan:

SoggyGecko on Token Rush

11 months ago

Springjack Pasture, Spawning Bed, Urza's Factory, Mirrorpool, Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai, Gargoyle Castle, Cradle of the Accursed and Foundry of the Consuls are the ones that I know of that are legal in Modern. Choose which ones are useful for you.

Probably should mention, all of these add tokens. I read you OP wrong. I'll look for more.

Iamme10000 on No.

1 year ago

This is awful. Why would you do this to anyone. +1 from me.

On a more constructive note, I observe you have an incomplete set of dual lands. I highly recommend finishing out the shockland and fetchland sets (budget permitting, of course). I'd also recommend Mystic Gate, Sunken Ruins, and Fetid Heath for mana fixing. They're all great. Springjack Pasture fixes mana much less, but is a mana sink and can also make instant-speed tokens for sacrificing.

ArmorEuro on Bontu the Glorified

1 year ago

Thank you for the suggestions LittleBluehero, I like the direction you want to take your Bontu with by winning with commander damage. Unfortunately that is not my goal for this deck I would rather play the more controlling version where I punish my opponent with sacrificing. I did consider Never//Return but I decided that having the instant speed removal is better since the return part creates 1 zombie which for 4 mana I have plenty of other cards that make tokens more efficiently. Lands like Springjack Pasture suffer from the same issue. I will say I am interested in some cards like Ascendant Evincar I will play around with it and see how it does.

LittleBlueHero on Bontu the Glorified

1 year ago

Yahenni, Undying Partisan is not better at everything.

Sure he is a much easier sac engine than Bontu, but Bontu is much better at hitting with commander damage thanks to menace.

I'm kinda stuggling with the best way to build Bontu myself. I am currently going the zombie route simply because the token production is more prevalent for that tribe in Black. My hope is that I can clog the baord with deadites and swing in when I can for commander damage.

That being said Bontu is probably your strongest wincon and it couldn't hurt to run a few more ways to help him get the job done quicker. Things like Fireshrieker and Loxodon Warhammer are solid equipment you could run as well as buffs like Ascendant Evincar and Bad Moon. The buffs also make your tokens more useful for things other than sacrificing.

I would take out a few of your more expensive spells 5 and up. Despite a few good ways to get more mana in black its hard to do it with any consistency. You also aren't running any combos really so running a ton of tutors may not be needed. You could probably cut at least Diabolic Revelation.

Lastly Hero's Downfall is nice cuz its an instant but you might want to consider Never//Return since its aftermath gets you a token. You can also benefit from token producing lands like Springjack Pasture. Its expensive to make a token but helps in a pinch.

gramoride on Goat-mageddon

1 year ago

that what the Springjack Shepherd, Springjack Pasture, and the Trading Post where for my girlfriend really like making huge goats and punching people but if you wanted to see a goat tribal deck its as close as I get to Goat tribal http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/naya-goats/

Uncanny_Ghoul on Goats fo' Days

1 year ago


You have too many creature type to make good use of Coat of Arms & Obelisk of Urd

Overall mana cost of the deck is way too high. keep in mind that modern is usually a turn 4 win format. if you want to start playing creatures only by turn 3-4, you need alot of control in the deck.

Since you're using Springjack Pasture spells like: Nobilis of War & Godhead of Awe are going to be really really hard to cast.

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