Playtested this deck and it can win turn 4/5 against one person.

Any help is welcome!

I do enter the battlefield triggers to get damage and other shenanigans off multiple times then my commander gives me free mana.

I think all I need are a few more fetch mechanics for artifacts, but there are a couple in there already!

The mana base is still good because I get most of my mana from my commander anyways.

and the multiple low cost creatures dont screw me over.

Look at Purhuros + Myr Battlesphere + Conjures closet and Panharmonicon + Neheb the eternal Combos

Or any early malignus combo

it is a fun deck with some protection from people targeting you, you can start popping off right away, or you can scale up and do a sick combo in one turn with two combat phases ;)


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