Pyromancer's Goggles


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Mythic Rare

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Pyromancer's Goggles

Legendary Artifact

: Add to your mana pool. When that mana is spent to cast a red instant or sorcery spell, copy that spell and you may choose new targets for the copy.

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Pyromancer's Goggles Discussion

ZtheGreat on Ishi-Ishi vs. The Universe

1 day ago

We're getting into the range of less-budgety things (assuming that's what you were going for) but Price of Glory, War's Toll, Crawlspace, Tangle Wire really slow opponents down.

Caged Sun and Doubling Cube if you want to win with big mana X spells. Also, Demonfire forces the damage through

Rite of the Raging Storm can help lower life totals.

Furnace of Rath, Dictate of the Twin Gods and Gratuitous Violence. I think these really help what you're trying to do here.

Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess, Cathartic Reunion, Staff of Nin, Loreseeker's Stone and Daretti, Scrap Savant. These are all card draw, and red generally needs all the help it can get. Bonus to Staff, Daretti and Stone for being repeatable. Plus, Staff pings. Daretti also does all the artifact goofiness, which generally gets you some value, even if you don't primarily use artifacts.

Divergent Transformations and Indomitable Creativity are spot removal that people won't hate you for, because it gives them something else.

Blasphemous Act is one of red's best sweepers. It always does work for me.

Journeyer's Kite is repeatable "ramp", and also, Deck Thinning is Deck Winning. Armillary Sphere can ramp you as well.

Isochron Scepter + Last Chance/Final Fortune + Sundial of the Infinite = Infinite turns

Chandra, the Firebrand and Pyromancer's Goggles copy instants and sorceries, which ties back into your "blow people out with X spells" subtheme. Mirari does this as well.

Cascading Cataracts and Darksteel Citadel are great in decks that destroy lands.

Mystifying Maze and Maze of Ith are good stall tactics for a creatureless deck. Glacial Chasm as well.

russianpandabear on Zada Chaos

5 days ago

For lands, you may want to consider Forgotten Cave and/or Smoldering Crater for some flexibility.

For artifacts, I'd highly consider Pyromancer's Goggles, Strionic Resonator, and Isochron Scepter.

bestryanever on Epic Experiment!

1 week ago

Hands down this is my favorite of all the decks you've done! I love playing Mizzix, but she can draw a lot of hate. Your deck takes all of the stuff I love from Mizzix and puts it in a less suspicious shell. I figured I'd throw out a few of my favorties from my own experiences, although not all of these are budget options.


  • Turnabout - helps power-up your experiment by untapping your lands
  • Past in Flames - why return Epic Exp to your hand when you can just cast it from the GY?
  • Capsize - spells with buyback work great with Epic Exp
  • Mizzix's Mastery - incredible useful as long as Epic Exp is NOT in your GY
  • Mystic Confluence - not budget, but fantastic utility card
  • Part the Waterveil - you can't awaken it off Epic Exp but it's still a free extra turn
  • Walk the Aeons - extra turn, and with all your fetching you might have the islands to buy it back
  • Firemind's Foresight - a severely underrated tutor, especially with the amount of ramp at your disposal. I'd recommend fetching Swan Song for protection, Epic Exp, and Reiterate for the payoff.
  • Snap - if you hit it with Epic Exp then you get free mana!
  • High Tide - I dont think there are enough islands in here to justify it, but it's really sweet with some of the untap effects

Papo on Please help with my mono-red ...

1 month ago

Some of the main questions I have are:

1: Is it even worth having the high mana cost cards like Pyromancer's Goggles, Fire Servant, and Dragon-Style Twins, or would the space be better served by lower cost burn spells or creatures?

2: How does my sideboard look? (Question 1 probably has a lot to do with this answer)

3: How are the burn spells I have in already? Are there some that can be swapped for better ones?

Caesar853 on Mono-Red Burn

1 month ago

Thanks so much for all of the input! I have considered all opinions and this, I think, will help the best for my set up:

-3x Flames of the Blood Hand for 4xSearing Blaze

and for creatures:-4x Chandra's Phoenix, -4x Fire Servant, -3x Guttersnipe for 4x Vexing Devil,4x Monastery Swiftspear, 4x Eidolon of the Great Revel, and 2x Goblin Guide

also taking out Flamebreak as well as both Pyromancer's Goggles and Torpor Orb.

How does that look in comparison from what I had? Hopefully this will be much faster and more effective.

Wurmlover on Mono-Red Burn

1 month ago

there should be a Guttersnipe in place of the mainboard Torpor Orb. Fire Servant is too expensive of a spell for burn. by the time you play it, it won't matter, because if you're doing it right, they will be dead. same with Pyromancer's Goggles. Searing Blaze should be mainboard. no matter what, it is a very good card. I think that your only creatures should be Monastery Mentor, Vexing Devil, and maybe Guttersnipe.

xyr0s on Mono-Red Burn

1 month ago

if a creature cost 3 mana or more, it has nothing to do in a modern burn deck. So, now you have 2 Satyr Firedancer left.

Guttersnipe is bad in this deck, because it would take up your whole turn 3, without having haste and without dealing damage - at best it deals damage the next turn. If and when your opponent doesn't kill it first - with 1-mana removal - and then go on to play something relevant for the last 2 mana they have available (yes, it's a worst-case scenario, but not particularly unrealistic).

Like others have said: Monastery Swiftspear is an auto-include 4-of in any version of modern burn.

You could exchange Flames of the Blood Hand for Searing Blaze. Faster and cheaper.

Pyromancer's Goggles. Just no. Something that cost 5 mana, and sometimes-sometimes enables other spells is not what you want to do in burn (at 5 mana you get to play it long after you've played your burn spells).

18 lands is probably not wrong for burn, but it's wrong for a deck with 5 cmc creatures and artifacts.

waaaiiiittt..... you play against Fastbond? what are you doing with a modern deck then? That thing (Fastbond) is even banned in legacy. And Dark Ritual is not a modern-legal card either.

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