Pyromancer's Goggles


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Mythic Rare

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Pyromancer's Goggles

Legendary Artifact

: Add to your mana pool. When that mana is spent to cast a red instant or sorcery spell, copy that spell and you may choose new targets for the copy.

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Pyromancer's Goggles Discussion

Gidgetimer on Can Pyromancer's Goggles copy Flying ...

2 days ago

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking, so if I don't answer the question you are trying to ask please clarify the question so we can help you better.

Narset, Enlightened Master tells you that "you may cast noncreature cards exiled with Narset this turn without paying their mana costs". If you cast something without paying it's mana cost you do not get the option to pay any part of the mana cost, so you will not be able to use the mana from Pyromancer's Goggles to cast it and will therefore not be able to copy it that way.

isaelis on Radha, Butcher of Keld

2 days ago

Being that you want to do land hate here are some cheaper nasty land destruction cards that might interest you I don't know many green land hate cards so:

Orcish Settlers <-- would be really nasty with some ramp

Dwarven Miner

Seismic Spike



Feast of Worms

Price of Glory sadly this is a little pricey for a budget deck

Decree of Annihilation

Dwarven Blastminer

Keldon Firebombers

Stoneshaker Shaman

Pyromancer's Goggles <-- if you decide to throw some targeting land hate spells

MtgMaster02 on Zada's Big Bag of Tricks

1 week ago

Pyromancer's Goggles are insane in this deck

kobold_koenig on Rakdos the Defiler: The first cut is the deepest

1 month ago

Man, this deck is really cool. I've been a bit intimidated to try out the Defiler, but the more decks I see with him at the helm, the more I want to give it a go. I just wish my playgroup wouldn't be so anti-MLD.

At any rate, I'm curious if you've ever explored the use of tokens with Rakdos the Defiler. I tried to put Rakdos the Defiler in the context of my own "Demons & Devils" theme (I run Rakdos, Lord of Riots) and actually had what I think is a neat idea: make Devil tokens as sacrifice fodder for your Defiler swings. They get to deal 1 damage to a target creature or player each when they die, and there are some neat ways to make tons of devil tokens off of some of the devil-token spells such as Devils' Playground or Dance with Devils using stuff like Pyromancer's Goggles (saw a sick deck on MTG Goldfish that ran that). It's pretty clunky but I like the idea of Rakdos harvesting his devil servants in bloodlust as he charges toward the next hapless victim.

Just my own food for thought, but I figured I'd pick your brain regarding the idea.

COUGARMEAT on Arithmetic Lesson -- A New Frontier!

1 month ago

In your description you said that Natural State kills Pyromancer's Goggles. Solid deck! +1!

JaceArveduin on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 month ago

Na Swaggle, the best feeling in magic is casting a Devils' Playground off of a Pyromancer's Goggles, but that's probably the most satisfying thing you can do in Modern, since mine was more of a Standard thing.

I just realized I have no idea if you can link tokens.

accioali on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

Hey, twinsies! The Red Menace (Zada)

Our decks look super similar, but Zada is definitely a single-optimum-build style so I'd call that good. Few suggestions I've found work great for me:

Potential cuts:

  • Boiling Blood: drawing cards is super important, but I found there were times when I definitely didn't want to have to attack with the team to do so. It being 3 mana sealed the deal.

  • Pyromancer's Goggles don't work like we want them to. You only get one copy of the spell even if it's targeting Zada, since the copy isn't cast. At best it's a 5-mana rock that can draw you an extra card or give one thing an additional few power. I cut it pretty early, as I never found it worth the cost unless I was copying a token-producing spell.

  • Thought Vessel's colorless mana might be too situational, since we reeeeeeally need red due to sheer # of spells we're casting. The max hand size clause is useful but I'm not sure it's worth the deck slot (if you're really worried, can slot in an Expedition Map to grab Reliquary Tower).

+1 for Zada! She's a crazy fun deck to play~

hosshughes on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

I love Zada and your build looks very similar to mine. One thing to note, Pyromancer's Goggles unfortunately does not double your spells. Since you are copying with it and not casting it, Zada does not retrigger on the copy so you are basically getting one additional instance of the spell. That being the case, 5 mana to get the goggles out on the board is not worth it at all.

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