Avatar of Slaughter

Avatar of Slaughter

Creature — Avatar

All creatures have double strike and attack each turn if able.

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Avatar of Slaughter occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Avatar of Slaughter Discussion

Jho_on on Group Goad Unblockable Tribal

1 month ago

I think Archangel of Strife and Avatar of Slaughter would be good inclusions here, to quicken even more things up.

slusken on OINK-OINK! The Rage Boar has Arrived

6 months ago

I'm glad you like the deck NV_1980 :)

Thank you for the suggestion as well. I've been thinking about including Hellkite Charger before, but have decided against it since the on-attack ability won't trigger if it's cheated out by Ilharg, the Raze-Boar 's ability. It is also quite a big blowout to throw out the Avatar of Slaughter on the board temporarily, since I get the full benefits of its attack-doubling power and my opponents get none of it, since it gets returned to my hand at end of turn :)

I do appreciate the suggestions though!

NV_1980 on OINK-OINK! The Rage Boar has Arrived

6 months ago

Hi there,

We like your deck; looks like fun to play which is what this wonderful game is all about. We would probably swap Avatar of Slaughter for Hellkite Charger though. Let us know how your brew functions when it's operational :)


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

Judge_Beard on Ilharg, Through the Pork

7 months ago

legendofa Its not bad but... I took out Inferno Titan for not having enough upfront impact for hitting the board (3 damage as I choose, doubled by Panharmonicon , same stats at 6/6) but it just doesn't feel like enough. I'd rather Avatar of Slaughter . But thank you for the suggestion! I do have a dragon deck that that could find a home in.

eliakimras on Huggles

7 months ago

You may play around Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis 's ability. Tatyova, Benthic Druid will give you extra card draw whenever you get a land on the field. Reliquary Tower is cheap now, and works wonders. You surely will have 5 lands on turn 4, so Temple of the False God is really good.

You should also consider Azorius Chancery , Boros Garrison , Gruul Turf , Selesnya Sanctuary , Simic Growth Chamber , Izzet Boilerworks . You play your untapped land for the turn normally, then play one of those with K&T's ability. You get ahead of mana since these lands tap for 2 mana.

Krosan Verge , Myriad Landscape and Blighted Woodland are good for ramping when you have nothing else to do.

I suggest removing Azorius Guildgate , Blossoming Sands , Boros Guildgate , Gruul Guildgate , Izzet Guildgate , Simic Guildgate , Tranquil Cove , Vivid Grove , Haunted Fengraf and Unstable Frontier for the lands above.

Do you want to see chaos happen? Hive Mind , Knowledge Pool , Thousand-Year Storm , Eye of the Storm , Shared Fate , Gate to the AEther , Possibility Storm , Ruhan of the Fomori , Perplexing Chimera , Dictate of the Twin Gods , Furnace of Rath , Gratuitous Violence , Mind's Dilation , Sunbird's Invocation .

Do you want to make people interact more with you? Fact or Fiction , Steam Augury , Avatar of Slaughter , Goblin Spymaster , the Tempt with Vengeance cycle.

Do you want to give more resources to them? Eladamri's Vineyard , Dictate of Karametra , Zhur-Taa Ancient , Heartbeat of Spring , Heartwood Storyteller , Intellectual Offering , Keeper of Progenitus , Well of Ideas , Rites of Flourishing , Ghirapur Orrery . Zendikar Resurgent and Mirari's Wake .

Oda-Jimbob on Mayael and Other-wordly Allies

7 months ago

Deck Edit 2:

Avatar of Slaughter out -> Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger in. I decided that the Avatar of Slaughter could backfire against me as much as help me as it gives ALL creatures double strike (including my opponents). As Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger very much benefits me, it seemed like an automatic replacement.

Skyshroud Elf out -> Conduit of Ruin in. Both of these cards are a form of ramp. Yes, the Elf can help me early on, but I felt the Eldrazi search capability of the Conduit of Ruin as well as making first creature spells I cast 2 cheaper was too good to ignore. In addition to this Conduit of Ruin is searchable by Mayael.

Vagrant Plowbeasts out -> Avenger of Zendikar in. Although the Vagrant Plowbeasts served a very good role in the deck, and one that I am not yet 100% sure that I want to loose, the effects of dropping an Avenger of Zendikar seemed too good to miss.

Worn Powerstone out -> Mirari's Wake in. In the few games that I have had with this deck, the card draw is great - the only thing that can hold it back is access to mana. With the addition of Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Mirari's Wake I hope to both drop creatures onto the battlefield with Mayael, as well as hard-cast should the need arise. In addition to the mana access, the +1/+1 will also help to boost the presence of the Plant tokens put onto the battlefield with Avenger of Zendikar .

Finally, to smooth out the mana a little bit more, I did the following changes (there seemed to be too much red, and sometimes not enough white).

Fertile Thicket out -> Rith's Grove in.

Inspiring Vantage out -> Naya Panorama in.

Vivid Crag out -> Jungle Shrine in.

Vivid Meadow out -> Tinder Farm in.

Dbiggs on Direction / Opinions for Thantis

8 months ago

I'm thinking some cards such as War's Toll , Avatar of Slaughter , Curse of the Nightly Hunt , Fumiko the Lowblood and Grand Melee would be good options fitting into the style of deck you are wanting. In black, No Mercy and Dread seem like excellent ways to punish attacks. Finally, maybe Angel's Trumpet , a weird card but makes people have to think twice about not attacking.

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