Avatar of Slaughter


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Avatar of Slaughter

Creature — Avatar

All creatures have double strike and attack each turn if able.

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Avatar of Slaughter Discussion

legendofa on YUGO SHOKAN!

1 month ago

I approve of this. I also see no trace of Avatar of Slaughter to spread the love. Cairn Wanderer might also be interesting.

HeretekAuger on The Usual; Rape and Pillage, Terrorize and Destroy

2 months ago


Also, you need Avatar of Slaughter

legendofa on Our Community deck

2 months ago

Avatar of Slaughter ensures Karona, False God stays active.

cdkime on Help with Forced Attack Deck

3 months ago

Avatar of Slaughter is another card which forces opponents to attack. Giving your opponents double strike might be a tad problematic though.

Angel's Trumpet punishes an opponent for not attacking, though it is rendered obsolete by other forced attack cards.

Stuffy Doll is another viable punishment card, as it is an indestructible blocker who reflects damage.

Delaying Shield is a strong punishment card alongside Zedruu--you can force your opponents to attack you, put a significant number of delay counters on Delaying Shield, then promptly donate it to an enemy (preferably one who cannot easily generate White mana).

Lightmine Field works wonders against decks that go wide, and can easily destroy an enemy's entire force.

Aurification will neuter their creatures after they attack, though this would not prove useful if you want to repeatedly force attacks. Might be a tad fun alongside Angel's Trumpet though.

Isperia, Supreme Judge is probably too costly to cast, but it turns their attacks into card advantage. That might be more punishing than reflected damage.

Riddlekeeper mills them when they attack. Not significant against Voltron or other decks focusing on large creatures, but might be nifty against wide token decks.

Slumbering Dragon is a one-drop that can very quickly become a large, evasive creature.

DrukenReaps on Jhoira's Time Quake

3 months ago

I saw apocalypse and obliterate in your maybe board. I would add Jokulhaups and then actually put them in the deck. It isn't a particularly nice or friend winning strategy but it really pushes Jhoira to a level of her own when you get these things set up with a few big things coming in behind them. Very few people can recover fast enough to deal with the incoming beating and anyone that does cast something to deal with it you can throw a counter spell at.

Avatar of Slaughter is a good one after an obliterate with a few eldrazi.

You have Omniscience which is good because your deck falls apart if you can't cheat costs but I might add Quicksilver Amulet too. Maybe more protection like Swiftfoot Boots? The deck really is a glass canon...

SkulduggeryP on Mary and the Killbots: A Jazz Band

5 months ago

How to play:

It's fairly simple: Tutor for Conspiracy, naming killbot, and then you can use Mary O'Kill to "sub out" any of your creatures.

On the bench, ready to sub in!:

Phage the Untouchable: I feel like I should explain this one first. I know that it looks like you should be grabbing Phage every time, but I encourage you to think again. First off, by the time any of you who are inspired to make this deck actually do so, unstable will no longer be legal in commander (unless you're ultra-quick and super-cool). Therefore, the only way you'd be able to play this within your playgroup is by Rule 13, which essentially states that you can use banned cards in a casual setting only if all members of your playgroup agree to it. And if you slam down Phage every time, they're gonna start to not like you. Sorry if this section went on too long, but it had to be said.

Ashling, the Extinguisher: This is mostly for if your opponents have a troublesome indestructible creature. Or also if you think that the art looks great.

Avatar of Slaughter: This one is for if you need straight damage, as it deals the most of any creature at 16. Maybe you're low on life and it has Loxodon Warhammer. Maybe you want to deal a ton of damage without killing them. I'm not judging.

Blightsteel Colossus: This one follows the same rules as Phage the Untouchable, only this one also protects against milling. Using this product may put at risk of winning, overzealous gloating and being banned. Administer at own risk.

Dragon Mage: Maybe you're secretly a group hug player. Maybe you're just low on cards in hand. Either way, this is a great all-around option.

Greater Harvester: It's like eldrazi, only you don't have to actually attack with it to trigger annihilator, meaning you also get some damage through.

Hellcarver Demon: An opponent is comboing out and you need to make one last defiant stand without actually winning. That's when you break out this boy.

Lightning Reaver: Why on earth did you sub in this! It's just in here because I like the art!

Lord of the Void: This is my go to benchwarmer. It makes you highly likely to win the game without actually guaranteeing it. My kind of card.

Necropolis Regent: This one actually works because +1/+1 counters stay between switches.

Rakdos the Defiler: Be sure to sub him in after declare attackers and blockers so that his attacking trigger won't activate, but his damage trigger will.

Raving Dead: If you want to do something but you don't want the game to end yet, this is a good choice.

Scion of Darkness: Because Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni is more expensive.

Enemy forces and how to ignore them!

Now, subbing out is most effective if whatever you're replacing can get past the declare blockers step. Unfortunately, this is rakdos colors, so we don't have much in that respect. What little that's available is below.

Whispersilk Cloak: Definitely the best option we have. With evasion in both aspects, and the fact that equipment stays equipped makes this a favorable option.

Trailblazer's Boots: In commander, you can scribble out the existing text and say, unblockable. It saves time.

Prowler's Helm: If any of you frequenly go toe-to-toe with a wall tribal deck, please let me know, that sounds awesome. And if you want to make them happy, play this. They will be so proud of their soulless, empty defenders. They need the pick-me-up.

Panic Spellbomb: Yeah, it's not the greatest. Moving on.

Key to the City: Card filtering and unblockable? Please tell me the downside.

Hot Soup: Do not, I repeat, Not play this against a ping deck. It'll be like christmas came early for them.

Glaring Spotlight: I would tell you how great and good this option is, only I can't see the text from all this brightness.

Last random notes:

Gamble: Please don't use this to find Conspiracy. Just don't. It's not worth it.

Command Beacon: Activating this on turn 3 is actually not a bad idea if you put down a Despondent Killbot turn 2, you can switch it out for early pressure.

Sly Spy C: If you just want to mess around or really punish a player, sub this one out with Avatar of Slaughter.

Planar Portal: This is the one case where it's superior to Planar Bridge. You see, Mary switches things in your hand, not on the battlefield, so with the bridge, they get affected by summoning sickness.

Bxbx on Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, Blood in, Blood out!

6 months ago

Hi, I like your deck!

Here are some suggestions:

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