Vexing Devil


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Vexing Devil

Creature — Devil

When Vexing Devil enters the battlefield, any opponent may have it deal 4 damage to him or her. If a player does, sacrifice Vexing Devil.

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Vexing Devil Discussion

ZorrosRage on Budget Modern: Temur Midrange ((Reworked))

2 days ago

Heir of the Wilds i think would work well. Combat Celebrant could help be aggressive

Vexing Devil could be fun

lagotripha on stomping scales

6 days ago

I've run Tezzeret's Gambit in similar lists. Have you looked at splashing red or blue instead of white?

Red gets you Vexing Devil and Devastating Summons alongside haste enablers. Blue gets you Cloudfin Raptor and Pongify alongside the usual blue stuff.

With a fetch base you can even start looking at even wilder cards- Bloodhall Ooze and Slitherhead, Thought Gorger and more. Just depends on where you want to look for synergies- +1 counters have been printed on a lot of good cards over the years.

Grubbernaut on Boros 8-Whack

1 week ago

Browbeat suffers an unfortunate fate similar to Dash Hopes or Vexing Devil; your opponent always gets to choose whatever's better for them.

You might consider anthem effects instead, Lightning Helix, etc. Also: Boros Elite is a reasonable card, but does suffer a drawback in that it's not red for Denizen. Goblin Guide is a really good alternative, or even Mogg Fanatic.

Some SB ideas: Alpine Moon, Abrade, Boros Charm (or another indestructible effect).


mistarilledawn on Sarkhan & Co.

1 week ago

Vexing Devil, and, maybe even Demanding Dragon? Not hasty but can damage or work as removal.

vorpalaxe on The Perfect Kill it with Fire

1 week ago

I dont wanna be an ass either... but my deck is the best for just a little more:lava spike, vorpalaxe. Vexing Devil is great as a two of because he falls off in power after the first turn anyway.

DragonKing90 on Red, Black, White Modern Burn???

2 weeks ago

Gonti's Machinations only gain you an energy counter the first time you lose life in a turn, and only 1 energy regardless of the amount of life lost. so even if you play Gonti's Machinations turn 1, you won't be activating it until turn 3 if the only damage you take is self inflicted. you'd only be able to activate it sooner than that if your opponent attacks you within their first 2 turns. the biggest reason for adding black to burn is to use Claim with Vexing Devil.

forneyt on Vexing Devil Burn

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure if you have any specific budget, but Deathmark should definitely be switched out for Fatal Push if you are going to keep removal in your sideboard, as it hits a much larger percent of Modern creatures and is an instant. My first suggestion would be to remove all the basic swamps from your deck and replace them with 4 spells. Since your average cmc is about 1, 24 lands is way too many and you will most likely flood every match. I would replace them with Abbot of Keral Keep because it fits well with your reanimator theme and helps you dig through your deck for more damage, plus it has prowess so he can be a decent beatstick as well if your opponents don't keep an eye on it. A fun card could be the newish Olivia, Mobilized for War, as she can give Vexing Devil +1/+1 and haste for the small price of a discarded card AFTER your opponent decides whether or not to take the damage. However, she does cost 3, so it may be awkward to play her. Instead of Spike Jester, I would put in either Shattering Spree (against Affinity), and instead of Rain of Gore I would put in Skullcracks because they aren't dead cards if your opponents end up not gaining life. That's all I can think of right now, otherwise this deck looks really fun to play!

darksuffrage21 on Burn baby burn

1 month ago

I suggest taking out Bomat Courier and removing one Hellspark Elemental for 4 Vexing Devil. 4 damage on turn 1 is amazing and it will focus more on the burn aspect of your deck.

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