Bend or Break


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Invasion Rare

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Bend or Break


Each player separates all lands he or she controls into two piles. For each player, an opponent chooses a pile. Destroy all lands in the chosen piles. Tap all lands in the other piles.

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Bend or Break Discussion

iAzire on Zurgo MLD Competitive

3 months ago

What about Armageddon?

Decree of Annihilation is roughly the same price as your other LD cards. Just pay the Cycle cost.

Catastrophe is another option. Boom/Bust is available as well. Bend or Break isn't as good, but you are looking at destroying half of your opponents lands, but for a bit cheaper.

There are more specialized cards than those, but those hit the widest range.

Sorry, I love Land Destruction lol.

Adamaro on Zo-Zu Hates Your Lands

4 months ago

Thanks for the compliment Suaz14! Here are some more. Please excuse my need to recommend creature spells... It's my favorite card type. I'll be sure to include some non-creatures as well!

You'll probably want to be drawing cards while your opponents are forced to discard cards because they're missing land drops or just barely making the cut at 7 cards in hand. In any case Sandstone Oracle is a budget friendly draw spell. There are plenty of other better options too, but it was just a thought.

I'm not going to be cruel and "suggest" the cards above, that's a lot of clicking around for you to do. So I'll just leave the list here. Hopefully you see something that sparks some interest!

Sicktoid on

5 months ago

First of all: welcome to the format. Right of the bat, I'd like to take out my "old mentor"-glasses and say that you indeed have too few land. Tsk, tsk. A general rule of thumb with Commander manabases, that I've found effective, is to start out with something like 40-42 lands, then cut one land for every two ramp cards or mana rocks/elves that you include. The starting number may vary depending on your deck and it's curve (and the amount of card draw, but I'll get to that later). Another thing about your manabase is that you seem to be running lots of artifact mana even when you have access to green. Artifacts tend to be a lot more fragile than lands, so I would try to replace those with some green land ramp like Explosive Vegetation or Cultivate. Even ones that make sure you got lands in hand aren't all that bad. For example: Sprouting Vines, Borderland Ranger and Krosan Tusker.

Another thing I noticed is that you're really low on card draw and thus very likely to run out of gas in a long game (which commander games tend to be, thanks to 40 starting life and multiple players). Nissa's Revelation isn't even all that great in a deck with a bunch of werewolves, which tend to have pretty mediocre stats before transforming. Green and red, fortunately, have some great card draw options: Greater Good, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Hunter's Insight, Reforge the Soul, Knollspine Dragon. You might wanna give few of those a try.

Now, one last thing about the werewolf/flip-mechanic: I've generally found it to be pretty crappy in commander. You just can't seem to keep your dudes transformed sometimes and sometimes you can't even get them to transform without basically skipping your own turn to do it. Now, there's two things that make the werewolves really good: mass discard and land destruction. Given your colors, mass discard isn't really an option so that leaves land destruction, which people generally hate playing against (and for a good reason). If you decide to go that route, be mindful that people might gang up on you or even refuse to play against your deck. This all depends on your playgroup. My playgroup is usually fine with me blowing up their lands from time to time, but I've restricted those kinds of effects to just one of my many decks and I very rarely play that deck. I'm guessing this is your only commander deck so you would be playing it a lot, so people might get kinda annoyed. Now, with all that in mind, if you decide to take the LD-route, here are some card suggestions: Boom/Bust, Decree of Annihilation, Thoughts of Ruin are the nuclear options. Bend or Break, Ruination and Keldon Firebombers are interesting cards, which can cripple people but usually still allow them to keep playing the game with you. Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are great if they fit into your budget. If you go LD, you can also ignore my former comment about cutting the artifact ramp :P

There. I hope at least some of these advices were helpful.

gonki on Elemental Fireworks

6 months ago

Makes sense, I was going to suggest maybe playing Insurrection as the "Don't steal my general and btw I win" card but I just couldn't remember the name. As for Praetor's Counsel and Splendid Reclamation they're definitely situational. However if you build a land sacrifice engine to use Titania regularly as well then I would run it. And if you do that I'm really curious how this deck would run. Bend or Break and Wildfire would be cute in something like that and your elementals would survive the latter. Obviously those are pretty harsh cards to play so it depends on your meta.

PookandPie on What Da Fudge is going on - Mono Chaos

10 months ago

I have a friend with a similar deck and similar philosophy- he even plays it against the more, "Cutthroat" decks in our meta just to have fun. To make things even more chaotic, though, he runs a good number of copy effects. Things like Reverberate, Increasing Vengeance, Fork, Dual Casting, Dualcaster Mage, Howl of the Horde, things like that.

Why does he run these and a bunch of mana rocks/accelerators? (he even runs Chaos Moon for lols)

Because if you cast Warp World and copy it three times, people just quit lol because it takes like 10-20 minutes to resolve it if a token deck is on the table. Whims of the Fates, Scrambleverse, etc., are other ones that are amusing to do this with, too. Bend or Break, I think, is one he wanted to try as well.

Alternatively, if you're not married to mono red, Melek, Izzet Paragon or Jhoira of the Ghitu make absolutely hilarious Commanders for this type of deck because the former allows you to Mystical Tutor and put Scrambleverse on top of your library and then copy it, and Jhoira reduces the costs of these kind of big, splashy spells significantly, allowing you to load up on Twincasts and Forks to copy them so many times that people won't know what to do at the expense of seeing it coming ahead of time.

Flagellum on Eye of the Storm

11 months ago

In that case...

Thoughts of Ruin

Destructive Force

Impending Disaster

Devastation Not really a budget option


Tectonic Break


Bend or Break

Borrowing from ideas I had with my Tajic deck, but this was all I could think of. Your options for MLD would expand a lot more by splashing .

Flagellum on Punish for tapping mana and ...

1 year ago

Stoneshaker Shaman: makes it so everyone has to tap their lands unless they want them sacrificed.

War's Toll: can stop counters and it forces everyone to tap out.

Genesis Chamber: Norin shenanigans 101 lol. Just a special mention.

Impact Tremors: Backup to Purphorous. With a lot of artifacts Myr Incubator can be an alternate win con with this or Purphy.

Heat Stroke: Chaos, and Norin has no problems with this. Grand Melee is in a similar vein with this and War's Toll forming a neat little combo.

Bend or Break: MLD chaos and seems hilarious.