Pulmonic Sliver


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Rare

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Pulmonic Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have flying.

All Slivers have "If this permanent would be put into a graveyard, you may put it on top of its owner's library instead."

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Pulmonic Sliver Discussion

studajew on Sweet and Low (Sliver EDH)

18 minutes ago

Lucky_Dutch thanks for the feed back! This is one of the 1st decks I created and it has been awhile since I updated it. I could move towards faster lands, although I have never been a fan of the fetches. I think you are right about Muddle the Mixture and Brainstorm. Rhystic Study and Sensei's Divining Top are solid replacements.

As for the play style of the deck. It focuses heavily on ramp so you can tutor for Sliver Hivelord, Crystalline Sliver and sometimes Root Sliver. With Sliver Hivelord coming into play, pretty much every game, it is a lot harder for your creatures to die. So the recursion doesn't have to be as extravagant. Volrath's Stronghold, Phyrexian Reclamation and Pulmonic Sliver usually get the job done. Also the deck doubles up on the slivers that have great effects. So if I lose one another is there to fill its place.

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

2 weeks ago

Delta-117 Wheel of Sun and Moon is an interesting card but I have the option of using Pulmonic Sliver for that. Sure, WoSaM is cheaper cmc wise, it's not tutorable and kind of one dimensional serving as ONLY a form of graveyard recursion for creatures. All of the recursion in this deck is multipurpose - allowing me to return multiple creatures at once, or letting me play anything I want in my graveyard. Volrath's Stronghold is interesting because it's also a manasource, but i'm only considering it. I think i'll get it later on down the road. For now, i'm going to start working on the deck page for Moskstraumen my new Yidris deck. Check it out when you get a chance. It's still in it's rough stages though.

staroceansurfer on Slivers - Multiplayer

1 month ago

I love slivers I have a deck of my own you should check it out and upvote it if you think it deserves it. suggestion you should have homing sliver in your deck along with Darkheart Sliver, Pulmonic Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Quick Sliver, Root Sliver and Telekinetic Sliver.

entheogeneral on (Super)Friends with Benefits

2 months ago

I like it, Slivers are friggin' terrifying. There's a few fun synergies within like your All Is Dust and Ghostflame Sliver and Pulmonic Sliver and Moat.Do you really have a Moat? But I totally love this deck! It's got the staples of the average Sliver deck and then some weird funky stuff. All the Sliver generals work well together, especially Sliver Queen and Sliver Hivelord. All in all, I would totally play this.

Fr0sty11 on Old Sliver deck found.. any ...

2 months ago

So I'm unearthing some cards when i used to play back 5-6 years ago.

I came across a sliver deck i was building but never remember finishing or playing with.

Looks like it's mostly green and white silvers.

Any advice on slimming it down to 60 cards.

Or any cards that would be a good addition. Never played with a deck without any instants or enchanments.. Is this how sliver decks are though. Hard to remember what i was doing 6 years ago when i started building this deck LOL

Not totally sure how this deck wins.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.


Forest creatures

4 Muscle Sliver

4 Gemhide Sliver

3 Spinneret Sliver

2 Virulent Sliver

3 Horned Sliver

Plains creatures

4 Sinew Sliver

4 Ward Sliver

3 Pulmonic Sliver

3 Plated Sliver

3 Sidewinder Sliver

3 Essence Sliver

3 Talon Sliver

Mountain creature

1 Homing Sliver

1 Battering Sliver

Multi colored creature

3 Necrotic Sliver

1 Crystalline Sliver

4 Sliver Overlord


4 Ancient Ziggurat

10 plains

10 forest

PookandPie on Another Sliver Deck drawing all the table hate

4 months ago

It might be a good idea to look into Intruder Alarm. It basically accomplishes the same goal as Primal Surge so long as you control your Commander and it doesn't cost 10 mana, nor can it whiff if you topdeck a sorcery after 8-12 cards, on average. It's also better than Wild Pair if you control your Commander, which isn't hard to do.

You need Sliver Overlord and at least 3-4 Slivers on the battlefield- you tutor Gemhide/Manaweft Sliver, windmill slam Intruder Alarm, and then cast the mana Sliver. This should give you access to 5 mana, which is conveniently just enough to tutor and cast Heart Sliver. Casting Heart untaps all creatures, giving you access to 6 mana. So then you tutor and cast every single Sliver from your library and have a mana surplus after the first couple casts. At the end of this cycle, you could have every single Sliver from your library on the battlefield, ready to swing, with something like +30/+30 with multiple forms of evasion, indestructible, vigilance, double strike, shroud, etc., so you could probably swing one or two at each opponent to end the game because they all have haste and are untapped.

Afraid of Fogs and an opponent taking advantage of your Intruder Alarm? Keep back 1 Sliver to destroy it at instant speed thanks to tons of available mana and Quick Sliver + Hivernation Sliver. Sweepers aren't an issue either- Pulmonic Sliver, an important third source of flying as well as recursion, and with Frenetic Sliver and Pulmonic, you can use your Intruder Alarm to basically start this cycle all over again once the sweeper has left the stack.

Intruder Alarm is really good with Sliver Overlord- I've never bothered with Wild Pair, Followed Footsteps, etc., because Alarm rewards you for getting a few Slivers on the board by letting you win almost immediately after its casting.

Also, check out Seedborn Muse. It's practically acceleration if you have your Commander on the board because you can tutor and cast Quick Sliver and then any Sliver on your opponent's turns- there's no better feeling than responding to a Wrath of God by tutoring out Hivelord at instant speed.

Herbenix on Sliver tribal deck

5 months ago

I've seen many sliver decks and i very often see a specific mistake.look at your silvers. Notice anything missing, before reading the rest, actually look. Noticed yet? Your slivers aren't threats. Sure, they may be practically unhitable, but they are still all 1/1 creatures. For example, your opponent may not be able to use cards like terminate on them because of crystalline sliver, but that doesn't mater, because they don't do any damage. How to fix this issue.-Use buffing slivers Sinew Sliver Muscle Sliver-Make them a problem Galerider Sliver Syphon Sliver Pulmonic Sliver-Make them Powerful Striking Sliver Venom Sliver Bonescythe Sliver

Let me know if I helped at all!

TheGodofNight on Xenomorphs

6 months ago


While Pulmonic Sliver is an interesting choice, 5 mana is just a tad bit too costly for modern. But turn 5, I'm hoping to be on the path to victory already. I can't deny the interaction that both Darkheart Sliver and Necrotic Sliver would have with it, but it is out of range of the Collected Company too. Everything else mainboard can be hit by the Collected Company. As for the 4 mainboard Galerider Slivers, yes I think people tend to underestimate the power of evasion such as flying, in fact, many times, I am able to just fly over my opponent's creatures and swing for lethal.

The reason for Manaweft Sliver over Gemhide Sliver is strictly a mirror call. True they can nail the Manaweft Sliver with a Slaughter Games, however, in response, I can Collected Company one onto the battlefield, AEther Vial one into play, or make it my turn 2 play, long before they get the chance to use Slaughter Games. My only issue with Domri Rade is that you can't count on his ultimate ability happening typically, modern is very fast, and Collected Company already lets me look at the top 6 cards and put two creatures of my choosing right onto the battlefield at instant speed, already better than Domri Rade.

I appreciate the ideas. They are interesting.

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