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[Primer] Mogis' Slaughter House: Murder Made Tasty

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos) Burn Control Enchantment Group Slug Pillow Fort Primer



Welcome to Mogis' Slaughter House

He is your God Cow!

The overall theme of the deck is "Life is a resource", for everyone, including the one who pilots it.

It's main goal of the deck is to win by bleeding your opponents out with powerful card effects. Some are slow and steady, others are like a huge meat cleaver taking big chunks out of your opponents life.

Mogis is ideal for Commander for a deck like this. He slowly burns your opponents or sends one of their creatures to the chopping block. He's also indestructible, which is great seeing as we have quite some cards that cause dmg to creatures. Cards like Revel in Riches & Blood Artist make sure that we still get value when ppl choose to sac a creature rather than take the 2 dmg from Mogis.

This section is about bleeding our opponents dry. We achieve this by either slowly burning them to death chopping massive chunks out of them.

How to use a meat cleaver Show

Since we're not a creature heavy deck, we need to protect our selves so we're not open season for our opponents.

We achieve this through control and pillow fort.

Controlling the board state is crucial if we want to maintain presence, it helps us deter our opponents in attacking us or targeting our stuff.

I'm not really a control freak, but can I show you the right way to do that? Show

No crying during Tax season Show

Problems on the board are dealt with easier by enabling ourselves to acquire more cards.

Here we have card draw and tutors to make sure we're all set up.

Some all around goodstuff cards.

Here are our other win-cons, besides Mogis cleaving, to provide our opponents with a gruesome fate:

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Bonus points if you make a suggestion and mention what you would cut for it and why.

The deck has already been through several changes. These can be found in the "Update" section below, as well as the reason why said change was made.

The deck is made so to provide our opponents with as much "enjoyability" as possible. Granted they are snacks for the God Cow, but they can be so without having fear their lands or their hands will be blown up.

If the playgroup is filled with anti-fun decks, you can add the following:

Jokulhaups and Obliterate

Be sure to check out my other decks for even more funzies:

Leave an upvote as tribute to your God Cow. :)


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