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[Primer] The Land Before Time: Izzet Dino Tribal

Commander / EDH Casual Clone Dinosaurs Primer Suspend Theme/Gimmick UR (Izzet)



Life finds a way.
Remember. Return. Relive.

I've always wanted a Dinosaur themed deck that was different from the Naya Dino decks you always see. With The Doctor Who and The Lost Caverns of Ixalan sets came the possibility to create this deck.

The overall theme is "time travel Dino's" with Suspend and "Jurassic Park clone" theme using Blue's access to great cloning cards. The cards and cards art all fit the theme and "time"/"history" themes as much as possible. Which means that some cards are "sub-optimal" on-theme, but good enough to be used (Archaeological Dig). And doesn't include other wise good cards due to either not being on-theme or no on-theme-art (The One Ring: Awesome card draw, but doesn't fit the theme). The only exception to this self-enforced rule is the mana base as we want to get Jhoira out asap. If we don't include fast mana we'd be having Dino's on the field by turn 15 instead of turn 7-8 (on average). This is further strengthened by not including any extra-turn spells (which do speed you up, but are obnoxious to play against).

Jhoira is the ideal Commander for a deck like this. Early game is to get Jhoira out as fast as possible so we can start Suspending our Dino's. Late game we have The Tenth Doctorfoil and All of History, All at Once to speed up the Suspend, Hunting Velociraptor to cheap cast Dino's with Prowl or hard cast the Dino's as a last resort.

This deck notably doesn't include any Extra Turn cards. While they are on theme, it's obnoxious to play against someone who's basically playing Solitaire.

The main goal of the deck is to win by swinging with big Dino's, but thanks to Red's smash face effects we have some burn alt win cons like Flaming Tyrannosaurus.

The best available Dino's are pulled from history and we use several great ways to create (in)genetic clones.

We just need more teeth Show

Cloudpiercer tech:

Can mutate over (support) creatures to make them stronger and dinosaur type (which subsequently leads to type benefits; mutate over Dockside, get a copy trigger of Reflections and get new etb treasures / Mutate over legendary dino, get multiple non-legendary legendary dino).

Here we are ripping time and space apart and manipulating time itself. Which is a good idea since we know what we're doing. Time travel shenanigans amount is based on the the 8x8 theory. As we don't want too many "dead" cards late game and the right amount early/mid game.

Time-travelling academics Show

Timey-wimey Show

Paradox Haze is not included because: - It costs the same CMC as Jhoira early game. And you should always cast Jhoira. - Early turns you need to suspend stuff. This cards delays things further (specially since we don't run extra turn cards) - Duplicates any negative effects that happen during your upkeep (Mana Crypt, etc)

In order to make sure we can time warp our Dino's fast & consistently, we need ample ramp and card draw.

Some all around goodstuff cards that engineer value.

Here is our removal and other win-cons to provide our opponents with a gruesome fate.

Learning where you fit on the food chain Show

Extinction level event Show

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Given that they fit the theme (see "Welcome to The Land Before Time" topic above).

There should be no infinite combo's in the deck. It takes the strategy element out of the game and any nitwit can win with a 2 card combo.

Be sure to check out my other decks for even more funzies:

Leave an upvote for Dino supremacy. :)


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