Crypt Incursion

Crypt Incursion


Exile all creature cards from target player's graveyard. You gain 3 life for each card exiled this way.

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Crypt Incursion Discussion

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

1 month ago

FisterMantastic Yeah, 4 rips for sure. And couple of Soul-Guide Lanterns or Tormod's Crypt (whatever you like more) if you need more hate should do the trick. I don't think they are that consistent but FYI Ravenous Trap and Crypt Incursion might be fun/interesting SB cards that can also do the trick. Grafdigger's Cage can also stop living end.

If force of negation es a problem a card that I found works surprisingly well and is super fun to play is Mana Tithe. It works the first time at least xD, so I just sideboard it in game 2 and took it out if I had to play game 3. It also works quite well just against the Violent Outburst and the living end itself, since normally they tap out to cast it as soon as possible. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition...I mean, the white counterspell. Not the most consistent thing but a fun one to have in mind at least from time to time.

Yeah, chalice of the void could do the trick pretty nicely, but I feel the same as you. I want it for the side of another deck but man...that kind of money for a sideboard card hurts...

Glad to help! The more people play and test it the more feedback we will have and the better it could become. I am hoping for players better than me to give it a try, hahaha. I just hope most people that try it are at least a bit luckier than you with the matchups, xD.

zapyourtumor on Mono blue mill

2 months ago

I agree with hungry that Field of Ruin is generally better than Ghost Quarter because, even though it's more mana intensive, it forces your opp to search while also giving the crabs a landfall trigger. Even if your opponent suspects an archive trap, they will always search for a basic land unless it's mid game and their deck is running low. And if it's midgame then Field is clearly better anyways.

About the sideboard, why are there B spells ( Bloodchief's Thirst , Crypt Incursion , Fatal Push , Thoughtseize , Wishclaw Talisman ) when you have no B lands? It looks like you guys switched from a UB build to mono U with the addition of Demilich , Fractured Sanity , Counterspell , and Tasha's Hideous Laughter . Honestly, I think Drown in the Loch clearly outclasses both Spell Pierce and Counterspell mainboard. Vedalken Shackles doesn't look very useful either, and could be replaced with Push mainboard. If you update the sideboard to stay mono U, Profane Memento can sort of replace Crypt Incursion .

wallisface on Mill yo dck

2 months ago


  • you should defo get rid of both Mind Funeral and Fraying Sanity from your deck. Funeral is just too unreliable, and generally doesn’t do much at all for it’s mana cost. Fraying Sanity is bad, because oftentimes it’s doing the same amount of work as one mill spell. Also, drawing a second Fraying Sanity often means losing the game.

  • Assuming you ditch the above-mentioned cards, there are a lot of strong replacements. I’m surprised you’re not running Visions of Beyond , as that is normally a very strong card for mill. There’s also Fractured Sanity , if you’re just wanting more mill.

  • 24 lands feels a bit steep here. I think you can get away with 22.

  • outside of this, i’m surprised by your lack of interaction. Stuff like Drown in the Loch is really good for us to throw the opponent off-kilter. Also, running 1-2 copies of Crypt Incursion usually means winning the game on the spot (and will make you less dependant on Bridge & Darkness). I think in general, you’re running too many cards that mill and not enough disruption effects. Mill isn’t a deck that wins races well.

Have a gander at my build here. I’m not suggesting going down the same route, but it might help inspire some changes.

GangstaFranksta on Akuba's Offering

2 months ago

Might consider Victim of Night it's only 1 more mana and in almost all situations is a certain kill. If you're feeling kinda zainy you could even do Snuff Out .

I'm not sure how concerned you are with gaining life but because you have Gray Merchant I am going to also recommend Crypt Incursion and Gift of Orzhova and maybe even Rite of Consumption or Foul-Tongue Shriek .

I'm not sure how off the top of my head but you could probably do something kinda neat with Black Mana Battery and Wicked Akuba . Maybe nuke em when they are low enough.

Other than that I'm not super sure. I like the deck a lot!

wallisface on Modern Mill Deck Help

3 months ago

antacidbrn your option 1 of playing it as a control deck is certainly the way to go. It has indeed been the case that Mill got a LOT stronger since the printing of Ruin Crab , so don't give up hope on the archetype just yet! As far as the threats you mentioned, i'll give my thoughts:

  • Infect should be pretty straightforward. The goal is to have a hand with Fatal Push and Surgical Extraction . Kill the first infect boi they put into play and extract away any infect creature that hits the graveyard. They'll quickly run out of ways to hit you with infect damage, and you should be able to mill them out before they can kill you with Noble Hierarch . Ensnaring Bridge is pretty good for lasting into the late game. When sideboarding, you want to be going full killspell/hand disruption, and removing most of your mill spells - with the assumption that you win when once they can't play anything meaningful anymore.

  • Tribal decks such as Goblins, Elves and Spirits is a pretty wide basket. Between Ensnaring Bridge and Crypt Incursion these should largely be free-wins. Spirits and Humans will give you the most grief, and Humans in particular is considered a bad matchup in general - but the other tribal decks should be easy picking provided you keep the right hands and sideboard in all the beforementioned cards. I'll put Collected Company decks in this same bucket, as in general any creature based deck has a hard time getting through a resolved Crypt Incursion . Generally in these matchups we sideboard out our Surgical Extraction just because there's not a single-threat we can cut them off that shuts down the gameplan.

  • Dredge decks are possibly the easiest matchup we have. Mill often runs both Surgical Extraction and Crypt Incursion mainboard, as well as having 6ish graveyard hate cards sideboard in more Crypt Incursion , as well as Extirpate , Ravenous Trap , and sometimes Ashiok, Dream Render . The goal here is to not mill them, but wait till they mill themselves and then get rid of any value they may have put in their yards. Within a few turns of this, they'll have nothing left to threaten you with, and you can finish them off at your leisure.

  • In general, anything with a "grave resource" is easy pickings, because we have mainboard Surgical Extraction , and often a playset of it (or at least 3). We also have very strong matchups against any deck where we can ruin them by extracting a single card for this same reason - so matchups against Tron, Storm, and various Combo are generally considered almost free-wins.

Our bad matchups include Humans (but its certainly not an auto-lose, and the matchup still feels close), as well as Burn (its a race we often lose, but they also often sideboard wrong so there's hope), but otherwise I'd say we have good-to-great matchups versus most other decks I can think of right now.

If you're wanting me to have a look at your list and help you out versus matchups where you're struggling, let me know (PM me a list). It sounds like your control build was close-to-the-money, but perhaps lacked a bit of interaction and sideboard tech to get you competing well in your lcoal meta.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Competitive Dimir Mill

3 months ago

Probably drop Crypt Incursion and Ensnaring Bridge for 4 copies of Counterspell . It will say it is not legal, however it is now legal because of Modern Horizons 2.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Draining Pests

3 months ago

Very cool. Maybe consider Crypt Incursion ?

Apollo_Paladin on Wik's Dimir Mill deck

5 months ago

Nice Build!

Personally, I'd prefer Ashiok, Dream Render to Crypt Incursion . They have similar effects as far as graveyard exile in case that's a key concern, but she's free mills each turn she's in play.

A few other things you might try in here (though what you'd swap would be up to you) are:

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds (combos spectacularly with Ruin Crab; you could toss another copy or two in I think), Fraying Sanity (kind of a common find in Modern mill decks since it combos with everything; these I'd put in for SURE), Didn't Say Please since Counterspells are always good & this also doubles as a mill card ( Drown in the Loch actually plays pretty well in a Mill build too, and can double as creature destruction if need be), Bruvac the Grandiloquent (kind of a pseudo-Fraying Sanity), and lastly Mind Funeral as more often than not, this actually mills FAR more cards than Glimpse the Unthinkable (I'd actually run both though since they're so close and both so powerful).

Even if you don't end up making all of these swaps, at least it might give you some options to play around with. Either way, nice build! I really like the Archive Trap with Scheming Symmetry force-trigger! +1

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