Stormfist Crusader

Stormfist Crusader

Creature — Human Knight


At the beginning of your upkeep, each player draws a card and loses 1 life.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Historic Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena Legal
Custom Legal
Gladiator Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Brawl Legal
Casual Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Unformat Legal

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Stormfist Crusader Discussion

Harbinger69 on New Tibalt- Sen triplets with horns

1 month ago

I see someone else has already started brewing the new commander. I really like where the deck is heading! Here are a couple suggestions I would give for the brew:


-1 Ashen Powder...Seems like a worse Reanimate at way too high a cmc

-1 Beacon of Unrest... In general I dont think you'll be getting enough cards in opponent's graveyards for this to matter very much

-1 Crux of Fate... No dragons in the deck, doesn't seem incredibly good at 5 mana, but you can keep this one in without a huge problem.

I'm noticing maybe too much emphasis on a theft style of play? I personally would go the route of controlling your opponents hand and board until you can ramp to Tibalt and pop off, though this is your choice.


-1 Grab the Reins...7 mana for getting a little value out of a creature the destroying it just isn't good enough when you could be devoting that slot to better ramp options (which this deck desperately needs)

Mana Base:

Nothing much to say here, maybe cut a mountain or two for some swamps for better mana? Maze of Ith seems good for protecting walker Tibalt in a pinch


-1 Stormfist Crusader... One extra card per opponent usually won't matter

-1 Zealous Conscripts... Too expensive and not impactful enough without a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo package


-1 Glasses of Urza... this card will never be relevant. Ever.


Nothing much to say here in terms of cutables.


-1 Angrath, the Flame-Chained... To expensive, too little payoff

-1 Ob Nixilis Reignited...inefficient card draw/removal engine

Cards to Consider

Note: Add more sacrifice outlets like Yawgmoth, Thran Physician or Phyrexian Altar to prevent your opponents from getting any creatures you stole back. Additionally, I would suggest to find a few more cards of removal and focus on making the deck play as smoothly as possible. Really love where the deck is headed. Good work =)

Apollo_Paladin on Mardu Knight Tribal

3 months ago

Hey I decided to peek around at a couple other of your decks just to see what you had going on.

I've got a devastating Mardu Knight build myself (on MTG Arena online, not a physical deck) but it easily took me all the way up to Mythic ranking (top rank) back when it was Standard Legal. I haven't played it a ton since then, but a couple of things

1) Worthy Knight is extremely powerful when combined with an array of 1 and 2-mana Knights 2) If you go the route I did with Worthy Knight above, you might consider Convoke mechanics to really play off the quick & cheap creature generation. Conclave Tribunal ends up being a free-to-cast spell at least 75% of the time in my deck; and then in my build I also use Venerated Loxodon who similarly is often a zero-mana spell even on Turn 3, and he's a reliable way to beef up all your creatures across the board while still leaving yourself a strong blocker (the Loxodon himself).

It looks like you've got a lot of similar base cards apart from missing (in my opinion) Worthy Knight. Also, I'm not much a fan of Stormfist Crusader because as a general rule I don't like giving my opponent extra cards unless my deck has some mechanic for targeted discard as well. There's just too much risk in a card like that in my opinion; it opens up opponent to a lot more possibility for removal and other things that can throw a wrench in your plans.

Take a peek at my Mardu Knight build here if you want some further inspiration and a bit of a breakdown on what I think is the most efficient Knight build (though on MTGA I don't have access to cards like Knight Exemplar so I suppose that's something to consider as well).

Here it is in case you want to have a peek, sir: Mardu Speed Knights (MTG Arena Build)

Monomanamaniac on Brain Getting Too Big

4 months ago

Cards to play: Psychosis Crawler which will reward you for drawing by dealing damage. Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted is the better ob nixilis for this deck. Whispering Madness, Dark Deal, Reforge the Soul, Magus of the Wheel, Incendiary Command, Wheel of Fate, Time Reversal, Echo of Eons are all wheel effects that make your opponents suddenly draw a ton of cards that will then let you deal damage to everyone. Prosperity Will have everyone drawing equally. Izzet Signet, Dimir Signet, Rakdos Signet, Arcane Signet are decent mana rocks you're missing. Arcane Denial counters a spell and lets them draw and replaces itself. Stormfist Crusader howling mine effect but punishes at the same time.

Cards to take out. Pillage Very inefficient. Quest for Ancient Secrets Very slow. Sadistic Sacrament not really what this deck is truly wanting to do. Shrieking Affliction 99/100 games your opponents will have more than 1 card in hand. Darksteel Plate just too expensive to be good for this deck. Ob Nixilis Reignited not as good as the other ob nixilis. Cerebral Vortex not usually going to deal massive damage and only damages 1 opponent. Painful Quandary I like this card and probably wouldn't get rid of it, but your opponents will usually have the card to discard. Crawlspace not really going with your overall game plan, it does slow your opponents down,but not by enough. Nin, the Pain Artist it's a lot of mana to sink into an effect like this. Curse of Fool's Wisdom only targets 1 player, it's really too limited. Torbran, Thane of Red Fell a lot of your debate sources are black, this is decent with your commander but not much else. Reverberate I didn't see a huge number of decent targets forthis spell and it doesn't do a whole lot of good. Darksteel Ingot I don't personally like seeing 3 cost mana ramp, I'd suggest replacing it with a signet.

I would like to say that I really like your deck, it's an interesting take on an interesting commander. This is meant to be constructive and all with the best intentions.

multimedia on rakdos, the showstopper/ chaos

5 months ago

Hey, nice start on a budget. Chaos can be a tricky theme to build.

The avg. CMC of your deck is very high at 4.3 with only Sol Ring as reliable ramp and only having 35 lands. This 4.3 number means you will consistently not be casting a card until earliest turn four, more like turn five. Not doing anything for the first four turns or more is not fun in Commander because you risk basically not having any board presence at all before turn five. My advice is add some ramp in place of a few high CMC cards (5 CMC or higher). Doing this will reduce the avg. CMC and ramp will make it easier to cast spells especially Showstopper.

Some cards for ramp to consider adding:

For the cards to consider cutting you want to make a choice of what are the best cards you want at the high end of the mana curve? Having lots of both high CMC Chaos cards and big creatures is too many high CMC cards. Showstopper is the six drop creature you want to cast. Cards to consider cutting to add more ramp:

Reanimation is a good secondary strategy when playing so many high CMC creatures. Reanimation needs enablers to get creatures into graveyard which is good with Patriarch's Bidding and Demons. Consider expanding on reanimation? Another reason to add enablers for reanimation is Anger. A haste enabler to give your high CMC creatures haste, attacking with them the turn you play them especially Showshopper.

Some card changes to consider:

Budget lands to consider adding to replace some basic lands: Graven Cairns, Ash Barrens, Grixis Panorama, Jund Panorama, Foreboding Ruins, Tainted Peak, Evolving Wilds.

Good luck with your deck.

StopShot on Which Card Should Replace Temple …

6 months ago

@Caerwyn, @DeinoStinkus, Group draw is a fickle subject that I think needs more analysis than it gets credit for. I've heard the argument that your opponents get more value out of it than you do, but I feel like this argument always presumes your opponents are always going to use whatever cards they draw against you. Even if you're running a non-group-hug deck I don't think that's the case. Let's say in our 4 player game I play Temple Bell. Yes, my opponents are now drawing more cards than me, but what about for my opponents? The opponent sitting across the table shares the same predicament now, his/her two opponents and I are now are collectively drawing more cards than they are and same for the other two opponents. If anything cards like Temple Bell increases the effectiveness that your playgroup can team up against any given player in the game.

There's also some nuance to this too. Cards like Temple Bell aren't played in 1-v-1 settings because it only increases the power gap of the two decks playing. If your deck is already expected to win a certain match-up why would you use up card slots for win-more cards if you're already expected to win? If your deck is expected to lose, then cards like Temple Bell means the number of advantageous cards your opponent draws is doubled which is not what you need when making a turn-around. Ironically though, cards like Temple Bell have the opposite effect when put into a multiplayer setting. If you're the weakest deck at the table you'll effectively be giving yourself and your opponents more options to take down the strongest player or the person who won last match. As for the top player, they'll have more resources to use to stop whoever is the second or third best deck at the table. If your opponents are busy using up all their resources on each other while your side floats under the radar, then you have effectively turned Temple Bell from a, "tap: each player draws a card" into a "tap: draw a card." By decreasing the win rate of the strongest players you are effectively increasing the win rate of the weakest players by shrinking the power gap, and if your deck is below the power curve, cards like Temple Bell are exactly what you want to be putting in your deck.

Of course this only makes Temple Bell a situational piece of card draw and it would be entirely fair to say that it would be far better to run cards that you only draw from as there will become times where you may end up becoming the biggest threat at the table, at which point cards like Temple Bell will only hurt you whereas self-oriented card draw will give you the edge. That said, do keep in mind however that in a multiplayer setting giving yourself card advantage isn't strictly better than giving everyone card advantage. If you and an opponent are drawing three cards each per turn and your two other opponents are drawing one card per turn, a lot of the cards you draw from your card draw resources are likely going to be spent trying to combat the opponent drawing the three cards per turn and that opponent will likely be spending a majority of their drawn cards trying to combat you as well. The card draw ratio at the table would be 3:3:1:1, but if we take the same scenario and change one of our card draw sources into a group draw card then the card draw ratio at the table changes to 3:4:2:2. In this scenario your main opponent has gone from drawing three times as many cards as either of your opponents to only drawing half as many as either opponent or to put it another way your other two opponents are now drawing just as many cards as your main opponent unlike in the previous scenario. What you have done is you're still drawing the same number of cards as before, but now you can rely more on your other opponents to deal with your main opponent meaning you don't have to use up as many of your resources as you did before.

Now, of course, its fair to argue that in this scenario you're still the second biggest threat at the table and giving your opponents more cards to draw can comeback as a double-edged sword as you may lose resources to what your opponents can play against you and you may have to split your resources by trying to deal with your other two opponents who are now drawing twice as many cards as they were before, but this is where politics in play groups matter so much even if you're not running a group hug deck. In the 3:4:2:2 scenario you absolutely have the case to make that if your other two opponents decide to take you out the scenario will become a 3:1:1 card draw ratio as your Temple Bell will no longer be in play and it will be harder for these two opponents to deal with the player drawing three cards whereas they have much more of the advantage now with you still in the game. Your opponents 9 times out of 10 I would also say are less likely to use their resources against you unless if you happen to be the biggest threat at the table. There can be a lot of power in shame and guilt when it comes to biting the hand that feeds you. Even if one of your opponents starts using their resources to hinder you, other players might find that in bad taste and gang up on that player due to the enemy of my friend is also my enemy mindset. (That is presuming if that opponent hinders you while you are not the biggest threat at the table of course.) This in turn makes all the bigger deterrent for your opponents not to go after you even though you're reaping a big advantage here as I see it.

I wouldn't argue group-hug draw is better than self-draw either. There are plenty of ways you could tweak the scenario to make it where group-hug draw is worse than self-draw, but the point I'm wanting to make here is group-hug draw can have just as much merit to it as self-draw so long as you're thinking critically about when and where to use it. I also want to say some group hug cards are far more superior than other group hug cards. Cards like Howling Mine and Font of Mythos makes it so all your opponents draw before you do whereas cards like Temple Bell and Stormfist Crusader let's everyone draw cards at the same time, and you can have it be drawn on your turn so that you're the first one to play your sorcery speed cards before anyone else can. There's a check-list I could make for if your deck would benefit from group-draw. Does your deck not run blue or green? Can your deck handle set-backs better than other decks? Does your deck not run certain cards over how much of a threat it will make you? Do you hate playing against stax decks? Is it hard for players to gauge how ahead of the game you are? Do you prefer to play more reactively than proactively? There may be a couple more that aren't coming to mind, but the more times you answered yes to any of those questions the better suited group-draw might be for your deck.

Tsal on Withering with you

7 months ago

Stormfist Crusader and Phyrexian Arena might be nice card draw.

If you're going political, there's always Xantcha, Sleeper Agent

Pheardemons on Menace or Insane?

8 months ago

I'll give you any and all suggestions I believe would work in this deck as I had thought about it when it was spoiled for Ikoria. Disclaimer, all of my suggestions would be for the Pioneer format. I'll most likely avoid suggestions for Modern as I believe this deck would be too slow there.

Since your deck wants to turn sideways to beat face, a card I GREATLY think would be amazing in this deck is Embercleave. Kari Zev, Skyship Raider gives you a second creature for free to reduce the cost which is powerful. Turn one Insolent Neonate, turn two Kari, to a turn three Embercleave can be back-breaking, especially with menace. Two I believe is enough to push the damage through. You can up Insolent Neonate to four copies and potentially add Archfiend's Vessel to ensure your one drop slot. He doesn't have menace, but you play Call of the Death-Dweller to get a 5/5 demon with flying. I believe it's worth it. I'm not a big fan of Frillscare Mentor since it has to tap. Also, Embercleave does what Frillscare Mentor does by pushing through against board stalls.

I'm not a fan of God-Eternal Bontu here. Stormfist Crusader draws you the cards you need, and it is unlikely you'll want to sacrifice your board later. This deck wants a big board to win quickly. Also, five mana is quite a bit when the rest of the deck is three and less. I understand he's a big menace beater, but I'm just not sure he's worthwhile here.

Revival / Revenge is redundancy with Call of the Death-Dweller. It can bring back every creature you play except Bontu. You'll need to be able to come back against board wipes since there are plenty in Standard and Pioneer alike.

Here's a list I'd probably start with to playtest then tune after playtesting:

Lands - 22

4x Blood Crypt

4x Dragonskull Summit

2x Castle Locthwain

4x Fabled Passage

4x Swamp

4x Mountain

Creatures - 27

4x Archfiend's Vessel

4x Insolent Neonate

4x Labyrinth Raptor

3x Kari Zev, Skyship Raider

4x Stormfist Crusader

3x Sonorous Howlbonder

2x Murderous Rider

2x Hunted Nightmare

1x Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger

Instants/Sorceries - 9

4x Call of the Death-Dweller

2x Revival / Revenge

3x Eliminate

Artifacts - 2

2x Embercleave

Here is my thinking on some of the cards I haven't already mentioned. I need to admit to my bias about Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. It is definitely pet card for me that is everything I love about Rakdos. Since that is out of the way, it is a good card for mid-to-late games to keep grinding if you get to that point. Your opponent discards and potentially loses life PER ATTACK is ridiculous on a card that can keep coming back. I think it is a powerful grindy card. I replaced Fatal Push with Eliminate since most of your creatures have some sort of evasion (namely menace but also flying with the demon from Archfiend's Vessel). Eliminate can hit problematic planeswalkers like Teferi, Time Raveler that can protect itself. You also have Murderous Rider to get rid of bigger creatures and/or planeswalkers.

I know you said you wanted to stay a bit budget friendly so if anything seems too expensive you can find budget replacements for them. You mentioned Blood Crypt may be too much so you could put in basics or Temple of Malice. Fabled Passage and Embercleave are both below ten as of this writing so I feel like those are going to be the most expensive things in this particular list.

I hope all of that made sense and wasn't too wordy. If you have any questions about the list or anything that you want to change I'm willing to help. Like I said, this would be the template I'd playtest to then tune depending on whats works and finding the weaknesses. Two things I have in my mind about the list as of now. You'd have problem against combo decks. Trying to fit in four Thoughtseizes would be beneficial as a maindeck option to combat this. Also, Call of the Death-Dweller and Revival / Revenge needs to be playtested to see which amount of numbers would work. Three each, or switch Revival / Revenge to four and Call of the Death-Dweller to two since it is three mana. Something I'd think about in playtesting.

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