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[Primer] Fight at the Breastriary in Nippopolis!

Commander / EDH Artifact Equip Primer Sacrifice Tokens UBR (Grixis) Voltron



Fight for the Loc-Nar throphy

Lord of Tresserhorn takes the stage in Nippopolis, where your wildest dreams come true. He looks very interesting to build around: a whopping 10 ATK stat on a 4cmc body that has Regenerate build in. When he enters the battlefield you have to pay 2 life, sac 2 creatures and have an opponent draw 2 cards. At first glance this looks like a major drawback, yet we aim to turn that into our advantage by giving the deck a token sub theme, next to its Voltron style main theme.

How do we achieve this:

Because the deck needs to be really tight in order for everything to work, we can't just shove a bunch of equips in it and call it a day. We only have a key number of Equipments and in order to find we use several Tutors.

Torpor Orb seems like a good fit disabling the cast trigger cost of our Commander. Yet it disables the rest of the deck; all creatures that enter with additional bodies are etbs. This would set us back rather than help the deck be more consistent. Therefore it's not included.

We need to set up correctly before we enter the arena.

Bathe in the fountain of Varnov and appease the gods by lathering the bazooms with soapy suds Show

In order to fondle our way to victory we need the correct set of equipment and removal tools to penetrate the opposition's defences.

There is... another suitor Show

What? Get out of here, kid! Show

In order to make sure we have enough stamina and endurance to not roll over and fall asleep after 60 seconds, we need ample ramp and card draw.

McNuggets' ramp Show

McNuggets' draw Show

The more the merrier so we have some support and tutor cards that help spread the love.

Vitamin Cheese Show

Gazongas Cave's riches Show

In order to achieve that luscious victory we win by dealing 21 Commander dmg. Besides that there is an backup plan in Ormendahl, Profane Prince and Purphoros, God of the Forge.

Major Boobage Show

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Bonus points if you make a suggestion and mention what you would cut for it and why.

Be sure to check out my other decks for even more funzies:

Leave an upvote for Major Boobage. :)


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