Drat, Double Drat & Triple Drat!

Muttley, do something!

Enter the dastardly duo of Dick and his sidekick Muttley. They offer good utility in card draw and politics. A big plus is that the deck doesn't rely on it's Commanders to work.

Main goal of this political group hug deck is to play wacky cards like Chaosphere, Hive Mind, Goblin Game, etc. making sure no two games are alike and that everyone has a good time. Opponents get conditional benefits like Bladegriff Prototype, Frontier Warmonger, etc. We also aim to boost the player who's most behind with Victory Chimes, Humble Defector, Witch's Clinic etc. styled effects. Next to the general hug cards like Howling Mine & Dictate of Kruphix, etc.

Amidst all the mischief we do plan to come out on top with cards like Insurrection and political maneuvering (Goad, Monarch, etc).

Goal is to keep it fun so no infinite combo's, extra turns or mass land destruction type effects.

Regarding Hive Mind: This card is in it for fun (You play a tutor? Great, now we all tutor). That means no dull instant win combo's like pairing it with the Pact cards (Pact of the Titan), etc.

While reading some MTG articles I found out this type of deck is qualified as an "Adrenaline Timmy deck":

"This final subgroup embraces the joy of variance in the game. They enjoy playing cards and decks that don't have a predictable outcome. To them, the fun of the game is to see all the different kinds of things that could happen. This is the group, for example, that loves things like coin flip cards and cards that work differently each time you play them. For Timmy, the entire reason to play is having a good time

Adrenalin Gamer Timmy likes flying by the seat of his pants. He enjoys the rush of adapting to the unpredictable. As a result, Adrenalin Gamer Timmy is drawn to decks and formats that allow every game to be as different from the last as possible."

Source: Play Type

The more you know. :D

Our do-badders Dick and Muttley need the proper tools for their mischief.

Like their rocket-powered car, we come with an abundance of concealed weapons.

Below you can find their arsenal, split up in rule bending and freebies.

Not a thru road Show

Free Koo Koo Kola Show

Just like the Convert-A-Car, we come equipped with a multitude of gadgets.

Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley stop their competitors with the Bubblegum Cannon and propel themselves to victory with Land Mines. So too must we remove problematic cards and aim for victory.

Bubblegum Cannon Show

Land Mine Power Show

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Bonus points if you make a suggestion and mention what you would cut for it and why.

Be sure to check out my other decks for even more funzies:

Leave an upvote for your favorite racing duo. :)


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