Try to get out Ghalta in OK time with ulity creatures that have decent power-to-MV-ratio, then take advantage of Ghalta for more purposes than just commander beatdown.

  • Omnath, Locus of Mana effectively doubles your green mana for the purpose of casting Ghalta. (You first declare the (reduced) cost of a spell, then you actually pay for casting it. This is also relevant if you got Urza's Saga Karnstruct tokens and want to sac Jeweled Lotus.) Do note that use-restriction mana from e.g. Cavern of Souls don't lose their restriction from turn to turn while preserved by Omnath, so make sure to keep track of that.
  • Sylvan Awakening basically works as a ritual, giving you per land for Ghalta. It can also works fine as a finisher, esp. with Overwhelming Stampede & Dragon Throne of Tarkir.
  • Be mindful with Collector Ouphe; while it has an OK power-to-MV ratio, it can in some cases hamper your rock-based ramp too much, and also stop you from crewing Vehicles so that they can contribute with their power.
  • Attacking with Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma makes her contribute a whole to Ghalta's casting.

Keep in mind that you don't need to cast your g(h)al for just every time. (Get good at subtracting from 12.)

While you probably already know it, deathtouch + trample means that you can just assign 1 damage per blocker and let the rest go trough.

For Green Sun's Zenith candidates, check here and select "Creatures" on the deck's pie (Dryad Arbor is also present and accessible at X=0). Note that Zenith can't get Tormod's Cryptkeeper or Steel Hellkite, nor the two Vehicles.

The deck's average MV is a bit deceptive, as it got Ghalta, The Great Henge, and Not of This World, none of which you are likely to ever hardcast, plus three MDFC lands.


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