Llanowar Tribe

Llanowar Tribe

Creature — Elf Druid

: Gain

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Llanowar Tribe Discussion

legendofa on Pursuing Perfection, Part 11: Simic …

1 month ago

I might revisit an Experiment Kraj idea I had some time ago. Basically, Kraj with a counter on Gilder Bairn and any creature that can produce or better as a tap effect instantly gives everything with a counter as many of those counters as it wants. With Llanowar Tribe, Canopy Tactician, some new planeswalkers, Sage of Hours, Strixhaven Stadium, and other fun bits and pieces, this might be doable.

abby315 on Weight of the Forest

1 month ago

Welcome to MTG! I'd start by getting down to a 60-card deck as you mention. Just increases the chances you draw your best cards. To get there you need to remove 9 cards, which should be non-lands IMO.

My suggestions:

  • 4x Feed the Clan (this is a good sideboard card but gaining life at the expense of a card is not where you want to be in most aggro decks)
  • 4x Harmonize (this is just not a great rate for 3 cards, there are better things to do)
  • 1x Llanowar Tribe

So that gets you down to 60 cards. I'd also make at least one further swap: to get more card draw back in there, I'd swap the remaining Llanowar Tribe for either 1x more Lifecrafter's Bestiary or Return of the Wildspeaker, which is a really neat modal spell that should net you a lot of cards with your big hydras, or it can close out the game.

There are also some upgrades you could make to the lands, if you'd like. I'd start by removing all the Radiant Fountains - again, gaining life isn't that important, and it's really bad to have a hand of 2x Radiant Fountain and a hand full of Llanowar Elves!

I'd swap them out for as many Lair of the Hydra you can afford. You could put in a few Treetop Village instead, but Hydra is better because it comes in untapped, eats up your extra mana, and is on theme!

Otherwise, looks like a fun and solid core for a deck. You've got a good manabase and ramp package, and you can just fill in the "top end" with cards that you like, as you've done. Have fun!

multimedia on Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait

3 months ago

Hey, well done for a first deck. You have good card sense on a budget and you've even included Rimewood for Farseek, nice. Sol Ring and Arcane Signet are staple budget mana rocks in Commander to consider adding.

I see Retreat to Coralhelm, but I don't see the missing piece to the Retreat landfall combo. Budget Llanowar Scout or Scaled Herbalist tap to put a land from your hand onto the battlefield thus you can untap one of them with Retreat and repeat. These creatures let you put a land from your hand onto the battlefield at instant speed to trigger Aesi on opponent's turn. The last piece of the combo is Simic Growth Chamber or Guildless Commons. The land can bounce itself back to your hand and repeat.

I see Kodama of the East Tree; if you add Meloku the Clouded Mirror then you have another landfall combo. Any basic land can be repeatedly bounced and played to create infinite 1/1 Spirits. Tap a basic land to make one mana, use that mana to pay for Meloku and bounce the basic land you just tapped. This creates a 1/1 Spirit which triggers Kodama, put the same basic land from your hand and repeat.

There's a secondary sea monster theme here which Ominous Seas would expand on. Seas has interaction with Aesi since you put a counter on it each time you draw a card including your first draw each of your turns. Combine Seas with Retreat combo to make infinite 8/8 Krakens. Whelming Wave can be a blowout since Aesi is a Serpent. Bounce all opponents creatures leaving just Aesi and any other sea monsters still on the battlefield. Wave is nice Fierce Empath to bounce it to then cast it again to tutor again.

Teferi's Ageless Insight lets you draw an additional card whenever you draw a card. For each card drawn means that if you have an effect that draws more than one card such as Brainstorm you instead draw six cards. Yavimaya Coast, Bant Panorama, Blighted Woodland are some budget land upgrades to consider.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

repets on Om Nom Trample

4 months ago

You can try the Umbral Mantle + Llanowar Tribe Result: Infinitely large creature, or same combo with Karametra's Acolyte at devotion to Green is at least Four Result: Infinitely large creature and Mana add this with trample and watch the game end XD

Jerryb2005 on Marwyn Elf Queen

5 months ago

It would be amazing if you also added Llanowar Tribe

slowsti on

6 months ago

jamochawoke Thanks for the recommendations. I actually hadn’t thought much about anything regarding Kogla’s third ability due to how this deck is designed to play out. The goal for this deck is to get Gruun, the Lonely King on the board on turn 5 with his kicker and have him attacking by himself on turn 6, which happens more often than I was expecting, So I haven’t put much effort into the rest of the board. I’ll take a look at these recommendations through out the day to see what plays out! I’ll likely end up keeping Llanowar Tribe for its ability to get big with Umbral Mantle when one of my mana doublers like Mana Reflection hits the board. Aside from that I’ll absolutely be looking at moving some humans in for Kogla to take advantage of when the inveitable happens and I can’t one shot opponents with Gruun.

Mechanon on Elves

7 months ago

Skull Raid , Llanowar Tribe and Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip might be useful cards.

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