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Memnarch Control: What was yours is now mine

Commander / EDH* Artifact Combo Competitive Control Mono-Blue




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This Memnarch EDH Variant was designed with a heavy control emphasis. It aims to use a comprehensive suite of counterspells, removal, and penalties in order to control the table. The deck then aims to win by using one of its combos.

Gameplan and Strategy

Early game

The early focuses on building up and handling any hyper early threats. We will try to avoid getting ganged up on.

Mid Game

At this point, we are getting fully charged and ready for action. We will focus on stopping game ending threats and let the rest of the table deal with the others.

Late Game

At this point, we have been influencing the ebb and flow of the game and are ready to combo off.


The deck utilizes the following combos:


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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